Delegate and Done by Ramit Sethi

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Delegate and Done by Ramit Sethi



Delegate and Done by Ramit Sethi
Delegate and Done by Ramit Sethi


Delegate and Done by Ramit Sethi – Discover the magic of buying back your time

Delegate and Done is our brand-new, online course that gives you the systems, tactics, and tricks you need to find and work with a trustworthy assistant.

The Delegate and Done course includes 5 videos that SHOW you our complete system for finding and partnering with an assistant. You’ll also get a full collection of bonus word-for-word scripts, turnkey templates, and easy-to-use guides to make implementing the strategies and tactics in this course fast and simple.

This is not a PDF on how to hire an anonymous VA who just creates more work for you. Not all assistants are created equal – and hiring the wrong one can cost you.

This course is a behind-the-scenes look at how the busiest people – and their experienced assistants – get more done than anyone else, save hours every day, and still have more time to relax, hang with friends, and have more fun than anyone else.

The One-Day Audit: What can I actually hand off to a VA?

What you’ll learn in Delegate and Done:

  • How to find hours of tasks in your day that could – even should – be delegated to your VA
  • Many tasks you could give to an assistant today
  • The surprising secret of how much time those hidden tasks actually add up to
  • Ramit’s 3-step system for hiring the right assistant

Name of Course: Delegate and Done by Ramit Sethi | Release Date: 2019





Delegate and Done by Ramit Sethi


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