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What is FB Ads Cracked 2.0 (Reloaded) by Don Wilson?

It is a training course in the form of videos and private community to teach the different strategies of using Facebook ads to promote different products, services or events. This release is the new improved version of Ads Cracked 1.0 that launched last year with tens of success stories of people who applied what they learned. This one is different as the market always change, so even those who purchased the 1.0 version will buy the 2.0 version.

I have gone through the videos of the training, and I’m impressed with the value they have. The members area is very organized in a way that makes it easy to go step by step and never lose your way. The training starts with a welcome video where Don tells you the best way to go through the course to digest it properly.

Let’s talk in more details about different modules…

Module 1 – Ads Foundation

This module is dedicated to people who know nothing about Facebook ads. It consists of 5 videos that teach different types of ads as Right Hand Side Ads, Newsfeed Ads, Promoted posts and more in addition to a video about the basics of the power editor (which is a very powerful tool that most people neglect).

Module 2 – Advanced Ads Foundation

This module covers the more advanced features of FB ads program as interests (which in my opinion is the difference between success and failure in any campaign), custom audiences, split testing your ads, different campaign types and more. The best thing I learned from this module is a powerful strategy called retargeting that can increase ROI by 500%!!

Module 3 – Traffic Inside Facebook

Here comes the real work!! Don started covering what anybody needs to start creating successful campaigns using FB ads. This module is about finding niches, and he has a different approach here by dividing niches into 2 groups and how to deal with each group. This is a crucial learning as what works with one group doesn’t work with the other.

Module 4 – Traffic External

This short module covers the direct PPC campaigns to both niche groups discussed in the previous module.

Module 5 – Affiliate

This very powerful module deals with affiliates (those who promote other people’s products and don’t have their own products). There’s a big difference between promoting your own product and promoting other people’s products. Here don teaches different types of affiliate offers and how to advertise them on Facebook.

So in this 5 videos module, You learn about advertising CPA offers, Digital products then how to track sales and how to scale the successful campaigns. The module covers also the different strategies for promoting evergreen products and the short period products. After those 5 videos, the module is ended with 2 case studies that Don reveals 2 different campaigns where he successfully promoted products as an affiliate.

Module 6 – List Building

As you know, one of the best methods to use FB ads is to use it to build your list. This module deal with this issue in details where Don shows different tactics he uses to build lists in different niches. Some of these methods are normal, but some are unique. You will learn 6 different methods that are great except one I didn’t like (petition method) which I feel non reasonable. On the other hand, building a list in a physical niche is very powerful strategy, and I didn’t think about that method before. The module ends with a case study showing Don using FB ads to build one list.

Module 7 – Physical Products

This module is about selling YOUR OWN physical products. Even if you don’t have your own product or even don’t know how to get one to sell, you are covered. Don teaches what you can sell online and where to get these items (of course; there are more possibilities but this is beyond the scope of this training).

You learn also different ad types to promote these products then how to leverage and scale your business. One of the videos here covers again how to build your list for selling physical products. The main concern of Don here is Teespring shirts, but there are other items, as well. The module ends with 4 different case studies of different ad campaigns to sell physical items.

Additional Modules

The above 7 modules are what you will find immediately after you access Ads Cracked Reloaded membership area, but there are many other modules that I had access to (check the screen shot above). The reason these modules are not revealed now is because Don wants members to focus and apply what they learn and never get distracted. So these modules will be revealed one after one soon.

Of course, I can’t talk much about these modules here but a little hint about them is that they cover different types of promotions as promoting your own digital products (with the exact blueprint Don uses), promoting events and more.





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