Dr. Gary Dayton – Trend Trading

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Dr. Gary Dayton – Trend Trading




Dr. Gary Dayton – Trend Trading
Dr. Gary Dayton – Trend Trading




The Trend Is Your Friend … But Only When You Know How to Trade it

Over 4 hours live teach­ing of trad­ing the trend for big­ger prof­its!

It’s no secret that trend­ing mar­kets are the ‘sweet-spot’ in trad­ing. The biggest prof­its come from trends, but few traders know how to trade them. They jump the gun or get in way too late when the trend is nearly over.  Even when a good entry is made, most get out too soon and miss the large profit potential.

What would it be like for you to clearly see the mar­ket early in the trend … to know where to enter … and to know where to take profit?  Where would your con­fi­dence be if you know in advance that the trend was about to change – that you could really read this in your charts?  How would you feel if you could do this with any mar­ket on any timeframe?

Well, all of this is very possible.

What We Will Teach You

This spe­cial webi­nar will include:

Up and down trends
Things that indi­cate a trend is likely – impor­tant cues to pay atten­tion to in advance of the market’s open
Con­firm­ing indi­ca­tions that the trend remains intact and that you shouldn’t exit pre­ma­turely – these are usu­ally very clear and will help keep you in the trade
Dis­con­firm­ing indi­ca­tions that sig­nal a trend is likely com­ing to an end – these tell you it is time to lighten up on your posi­tion or exit entirely
Appli­ca­tion of read­ing the waves dur­ing a trend
Exclu­sive: How to use the Weis Wave in trad­ing a trend!
Impor­tant indi­ca­tions that sig­nal a change in the trend – know­ing these helps you pre­pare for the next trend
How to tell the dif­fer­ence between a pull­back and a trend change
The best entry strate­gies – we will go over several
How to enter the trend early using a straight­for­ward, ‘bread & but­ter’ trade setup
Where to exit
How to add to your position
Where to set stops
How to inte­grate higher time frames for a pow­er­ful trend trad­ing system
Power trade setups in a trend­ing market
And more.


Dr. Gary Dayton – Trend Trading


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