eCom Accelerator Live Coaching Program

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eCom Accelerator Live Coaching Program



eCom Accelerator Live Coaching Program
eCom Accelerator Live Coaching Program


From ZERO to $4,848 in Sales and 2,839 RED HOT Subscribers in 7 Days
Would You Like to Get Over $4,000 in sales and 2,839 RED HOT Subscribers in the Next 4 Days?

Update: 10/5/15 – Over 3,543 active subscribers and $10,085.15 in sales!

Incredible New eCommerce System IGNITES Your Business Like a
Rocket Ship into Space With ZERO
up-front Investment, and a System
that PAYS You to Build Your
List and Revenue…
Dear Friend,

Did you know that companies make more money with eCommerce stores online than EVERY other industry on the Internet?

And while there have been a ton of new courses coming out teaching people how to build their own eCommerce business, most of them require a considerable investment in time and money to make it work.

Listen, if you’ve tried to follow along with some of the current courses, but just couldn’t get over the huge, required upfront costs, then this is critically important to you.

You’re about to learn how to…

Get Paid to Build Your Own eCommerce Business in ANY Niche, Investing Just a Few Hours a Day
You can do this in one niche or 100, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that with a simple, repeatable system, you’ll be able to set up an income stream that immediately replaces every dollar you put into it with money back in your accounts.

You’ll discover how to create jaw-dropping, professional stores filled with proven, highly-desirable products with zero upfront cost in stock or inventory. And even better, you’ll never have to ship a single product yourself or pay for one BEFORE your customer pays you.

You’ll see how to get these products for anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars each, meaning maximum profit potential per sale. You’ll be amazed at how MUCH you can make by sourcing products directly and cheaply without all the usual hassle, using this crazy good secret.

And on top of all that, I’ll reveal how we have been successfully siphoning off 100% FREE leads from Facebook ads, back to our eCommerce stores, building lists into the thousands in just a few days while never having to pay a dime for it out of pocket.

How? Using our secret method, these highly targeted leads get multiplied for FREE, driving sales and offsetting the cost of your Facebook ads entirely.

That means, as you spend money on ads, you make double, triple and quadruple that back – earnings that go straight into your accounts and are 100% accessible to reinvest back into your growing business.

Sounds like a dream, right?
The thing about this is, even though it’s by far the lowest risk system that I’ve ever seen, with the smallest investment required, it still produces results far superior to most everything that’s being taught out there right now.

Just check out how one of our lucky beta testers poured some high octane fuel on their store and started making over $484 a day, with our eCom Accelerator Strategies.

Introducing: The eCom Accelerator Live Coaching Program
The thing about this is, even though it’s by far the lowest risk system that I’ve ever seen, with the smallest investment required, it still produces results far superior to most everything that’s being taught out there right now.

Session 1: Full System Immersion

In the first live session we’ll reveal the entire system with real live examples so that you’ll know exactly where you’re going from day 1. Once you see the entire system in action, you’ll immediately see why it’s superior to any other course or method on the market today.

Inside this fully charged live training session 1, you’ll learn:

How to pick your niches for maximum guaranteed success.
How to build jaw-dropping, professional stores in a fraction of the time it normally takes.
How to source proven, best-selling products for any niche with actual sales data so that you’re 100% sure that your products will sell.
How to never pay a single penny for any of these products until your customers pay you – NO up front investment required.
How to replace every dollar you invest immediately with cash on hand profits so that you NEVER risk more than $100.
The ONLY method that you’ll ever need to drive four and five figure a month sales to any store in any niche.
How to syphon 100% free, highly targeted leads from Facebook ads. It’s the “secret sauce” that gives you a massive advantage and accelerates your results.
Session 2: Niches, Branding & Product Mastery

What if you never had to worry about whether you were picking the right niche or the right products to sell again?

It doesn’t matter the experience level of the student, we’re constantly told that this is the one of the hardest things to get right. Well now you can forget the second-guessing and inaction, you’re about to breeze through this once you see how easy it really is.

In this live training session, you’ll learn…

How to pick a guaranteed winning niche with just a few minutes of research required.
The 3 things you need to verify (and this takes about 10 minutes) so that you can be certain that there’s money waiting to be made.
How to guarantee that there’s buyer traffic in your niche and get an idea for it’s TOTAL potential before ever even attempting to conquer it.
How create a brand that sticks out in your customer’s mind and makes your store stand out above the rest.
An easy formula for getting brand names and logos without spending a fortune (actually you only need a few free online tools)
How to find the guaranteed, best-selling products that you can sell yourself with ZERO upfront investment, without keeping inventory or handling shipping and fulfillment yourself.
How to find items that cost less than a dollar that you can sell for $15-$20, or items at $5-$10 that you can sell in the $30-40 range. Best of all, you don’t pay for the item until you have the money from your customer!
You’ll see how to build an entire store filled with top-notch products, that looks just as good or BETTER than top brand manufacturers like SONY, WalMart, or Sears.
How to make your store virtually indistinguishable from the companies investing billions, building trust and familiarity to drive maximum sales.
Live Session 3: Free Lead & Sales Facebook Ad Mastery

Imagine if every business that you built from now on, was built on the premise that every dollar you invest in it, gets doubled and sent immediately back to your account to drive even further growth and sales. Well with what you’ll learn in session 3 that’ll be an absolute reality for you.

We’ve cracked the code on Facebook ads and driving eCommerce store leads and sales and have opened a floodgate of possibilities that have students raving about their success.

Ever wondered how to drive thousands of FREE leads and sales using Facebook ads? You’re about to gain that very superpower.

Our proven system for syphoning thousands of free leads from Facebook, building huge lists in just days and getting PAID to do it.
Yes, we’ll teach you how to get paid to build your eCom business instead of the other way around.
How to generate thousands of dollars in revenue by giving products away, in an evergreen manner so that the sales well never dries up.
How to launch these mini profit streams in as little as just a few hours, and potentially add a four figure a month revenue generator to your eCom store. You can have 10 or 100 of these running simultaneously – the more you run, the more money your store will earn. It’s proven and we have it down to science.
How to turn every 1 lead you pay for on Facebook into 6 additional free and highly targeted leads.
How to gain a massive list of people that will earn you an average of $1 per subscriber, per month. This is the ultimate way to guarantee yourself sustained, predictable, and ever-growing monthly profits.
Session 4: Shopify Ninja Optimization Secrets

Once you’ve got all the basics, down and you’re able to get a store up with awesome products, and drive unlimited traffic to it, it’s time to take it to the next level.

This is where we’ll be revealing all the secret techniques, method, conversion elements, apps and themes we use to make your store a selling machine and further push your profits.

In session 4, you’ll learn…

The 3 Shopify apps that you must install if you want to double the amount of sales that your store does.
How just ONE of these apps we use accounts for over 90% of the sales on one of our stores.
How to structure your store for maximum profit. We have this down to an exact science.
How to use categories and place your products so that they have the best shot at being easily found by your customer (this is critical) and so that they can see related items and add them directly to their cart from the same page!
The simple popup that causes customers to spend up to 40% more than they originally intended on average. Without using this, you’re willing leaving money on the table with each purchase.
How to offer special deals and discounts on any product, how to set up free shipping, and how to execute proven and time-test methods. With the right list (which you’ll have) and the right promotion, you can drive thousands in sales with just a few emails!
All the tiny little tweaks that you can make to your store over all, in order to build trust with your customers, making it look like you’re a top-notch pro, and drive conversions that rival your competitors.
Bonus 1: Insight Hero FB Research & Ads Tool

This currently sells every day for $67 and is one of our best selling pieces of software ever. It takes a single keyword and uncovers every single available and targetable interest, job title, school, and major in Facebook, with just about 3 clicks and 15 seconds.

It turns research that would take you weeks to achieve, for niches, audiences and ads into a process that takes just minutes. It’s our ULTIMATE Facebook ads tool, and it’s yours FREE for life, should you be one of the first 100 to join this private coaching group.

Bonus 2: Facebook Funnel Hacker Tool

Did you know that there are secret “codes” that you can enter into Google, Facebook and Twitter to uncover hundreds of profitable marketing funnels in thousands of proven niches?

With this tool, you’ll be able to create these secret “funnel hacker” codes on the fly, complete with a pre-filled list of over 1560 proven niches. The sheer amount of marketing goodness, tactics and funnels that this tool uncovers is amazing!

With just a few clicks, you’ll never be short of ideas for niches, ideas for products to sell, with thousands real live examples of marketers making money out in the wild to learn from, implement and model.

The value this tool provides is PRICELESS, and we have never sold this, but you get it as a fast mover if you decide to join eCom Accelerator today!

Bonus 3: Our Magic Tee Formula Case Study

eCom Accelerator is NOT about selling tees. It’s about building physical product stores in any niche and earning a consistent, predictable and ever-growing income.

That said, a while ago we applied the methods we teach to a t-shirt campaign and the results will absolutely BLOW you away. Once you’ve got these methods down by following the live coaching sessions, you may very well want to see if you can duplicate these results in other ways, like selling t-shirts on Teespring and Viral Style.

Well you can! And as a special bonus, you’ll receive a detailed case study of us tying these methods together to run a 100 sales t-shirt campaign that brought in 6,738 leads. We’ll show you exactly how we did it and the “secret balance” formula that makes it all happen.

Again, yours just for joining eCom Accelerator today.




eCom Accelerator Live Coaching Program


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