Email Dynamite 2.0 LIVE Bootcamp

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Email Dynamite 2.0 LIVE Bootcamp + Email Dynamite 3-Week Masterclass (Advanced) + All PHP/jQuery Automation Scripts Demonstrated In Training




Email Dynamite 2.0 LIVE Bootcamp
Email Dynamite 2.0 LIVE Bootcamp


My name is Joe Lavery and I’m a Conversion Engineer™. When company’s can’t convert and all else fails, they call me.

Today I’ve come up with a training of email marketing and sales conversion strategies that’s going to sendshock waves of thunder and lightning through the heart of any competitor foolish enough to try and mess with you.

And everything in this training is big-time effective, yet, at the same time, easy-as-easy-gets to IMPLEMENT. Email Marketing, Done Right shouldn’t be a constant struggle that drains your soul and steals your smile!

Email marketing is a complicated, constantly evolving practice.

If you use Confusionsoft or other email automation software companies and are sick and tired of (Fill In The Blank)…

Then pay attention, because you deserve to have options.

If you use 3rd party tool like Aweber and GetResponse (both of which have their place), you should also listen up.

If you currently use your own self-hosted email software like ARP Reach, Interspire, OCTeth, Sendy, IM Rapid Mailer, ListMailPro and the like, you should probably fall in line with the rest.

Here’s something else you should know up front:

Marketing Pros, Gurus and Millionaires from all over the world have been using my advertising, testing and conversion strategies for years.

And they are not alone.

Plenty of total beginners attempting to start a business and replace their full time income have read my guides, devoured my trainings and hundreds of the smartest have flew in from across the globe to attend my workshops.

One of my close friends said it best, “You’re the guy gurus call when they need help and… the same guy, entrepreneurs call when the gurus have let them down and it’s time for results.”

Yet, never before have I held a training of the nitty-gritty strategies you need in today’s world of email marketing – much less offered them at a fraction of the price they should cost.

The truth is this: I’m not here to get you pumped up so you buy my bullshit course and forget about it just like all the dust collectors before it.

I’m here to Teach You Stuff That Will Make An Immediate Impact

We all remember what it was like to finally crack the email code… the smile on our faces as we hit send and the orders piled in.

I can remember the first sale I ever got.

It was June of 2003, 3 months after being discharged from the NAVY and I had just came home from the beach. Since I had placed my first “ezine ad” to build my email list on via an “exit popup” I jetted straight for my computer to check my inbox…

…AND THERE SHE WAS! A sale notification for my first ever Internet sale. I won’t lie, I just about leaped through the ceiling with excitement!




Email Dynamite 2.0 LIVE Bootcamp


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