Email Income Experts – Jason Capital

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Email Income Experts – Jason Capital



Email Income Experts – Jason Capital
Email Income Experts – Jason Capital


What we can learn from Email Income Experts?

In this 7-week online certification program Jason Capital will mentor us and show us his secrets to writing emails that make millions. This is NOT some B.S. online training program with a bunch of ebooks and some videos.

  • Week One – How to dominate in life and influence people with my email experts mindset.
  • Week Two – The science of mind-reading the reader that turns cold prospects into raving customers.
  • Week Three – The psychology of email sales and making millions with email.
  • Week Four – The email experts methodology to write daily emails like a god especially if you suck at writing.
  • Week Five – My deadliest scripts to make your readers buy everything without selling.
  • Week Six – The email experts bootcamp week: the practice week where we write emails together then put them to the test.
  • Week Seven – The moment of truth – this is when you man up and start closing your first few high-paying clients as a certified email expert.





Email Income Experts – Jason Capital


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