Ex Factor Program Complete With Jay Abraham

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Ex Factor Program Complete With Jay Abraham



Ex Factor Program Complete With Jay Abraham
Ex Factor Program Complete With Jay Abraham


What is the eX! Factor?
It is the set of distinctions (strategies, mindset, etc.) that can propel you or your business to the next level.
It is, in Jay’s words, it is the “Strategy of Preeminence”. The strategy, the distinctions, that lead to exponential growth. It is literally the combination that unlocks the safe. This is the strategies, the distinctions, that Jay learned from some of the most successful businesses on earth.
This tape set, recorded live is really a capstone course because Jay integrates many of his most powerful concepts into one advanced workshop – and then combines them with his “Strategy of Preeminence”
Because of this, this seminar was only open for participants of one of his powerful Mastermind Marketing seminars.
This tape set is NOT intended for those who are new to Jay’s concepts. This is an ADVANCED course. If you are not familiar with Jay’s basic ideas please do not bid on this tape set unless you are willing to take extra effort to understand what is discussed.
Because this is an advanced seminar Jay includes numerous extremely in depth “hot seats” – each one where Jay and his cohorts brainstorm some of the toughest problems in business and how to find and apply the eX! factors for a host of businesses.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:
10 Strategic Planning Questions you MUST ask to discover your own eX! factors
New ways of leveraging customer base
Some subtleties in properly setting up Host Beneficiary Relationships
25 Strategies to Outsmart Your Competition
Legendary Leadership
25 Strategies to Out market Your Competition
eX! Factors
34 eX! Factor catapultors
The Strategy of Preeminence – the Strategy and the (equally important) mindset

What’s included in this package:
eX! Factor Program Preparatory Materials
Volume 1
Volume 2

Speakers Include:
Barney Zick
Mac Ross
Dr. Denis Waitley
Tom Phillips
Scott Demoulin
Kevin McEneely
Audri and Jim Lanford

PLUS Interviews with:
Tony Robbins
Drew Kaplan
Fran Tarkenton




Ex Factor Program Complete With Jay Abraham


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