EzeeTrader – Ezee Day Trading

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EzeeTrader – Ezee Day Trading




EzeeTrader – Ezee Day Trading
EzeeTrader – Ezee Day Trading


Ezee Day Trading- Our brand new day trading package has been launched!

Come and join us in our on-line trading room as we trade the forex market and US indices throughout the day and into the evening.
Bringing trading education into the 2010’s
Spending time on a course is great, but what happens when you get home and want to trade? You are all alone with a glossy workbook with your additional notes scribbled all over it. This is when you want to ask someone what you should be doing next. Well our answer to this is to provide you with a set of CD’s which you can go over time and time again and more importantly, we provide you with an on-line trading room where you can ask as many questions as you like. You will have them answered by professional traders there and then.
Whether you are relatively new,or been trading for some time you will be wanting….
An understanding of price behaviour
A mix of specific strategies you can apply to different markets during different cycle phases
Consistency in your results.
To be able to cope with the emotional side of trading
The key benefits to joining our on-line trading community are…
We teach all our methods to you on CD-ROM so you can watch them over and over again
Learn how we approach the markets and the essential tools we use to do so.
We give you 10 different setups/strategies that we use to trade FX and indices.
We show you how you can test a setup in order for you to have full confidence in it.
We hold your hand by giving you 6 months free access to our live online trading room.
Interact with our community of traders who are in our trading room.
Watch our charts and listen to us on the microphone as we give you guidance through the day.
Traders start going into the room from as early as 6.30am UK time and there will still be traders there until the US close. You are free to come and go as you please.
See other traders taking their trades so it helps you with your own trading.
We have additional webinars and private content we deliver for you when needs arise.

We are not interested in giving you hype, just quality learning and a progressive environment for getting you to your goals.
We always say that we have done our job when a trader says they no longer need us.
In the mean time, we give you all the tools you need to get you profitable.
What our clients say…
“I couldn’t be more satisfied with Ezeetrader, they are exceptional. The CD’s, webinars and especially the trading room are all outstanding. I’ve learnt more in the last few weeks than I could possibly have hope for and they’re friendly too!” – R Bennett
“I believe that the combination of the cd’s and on-going support offered in the trading forum each day have enabled me to achieve real consistenvy within my own trading. Any questions I have are answered by real-time traders using the same strategies as me!” – I Miller
“I have been on 5 courses now and can honestly say this is the best product I have seen out there!” – S Ball
“I have found the forum to be an exceptional aid. It provides daily comprehension and support. Mutual respect and comradeship blossoms beyond the realms of a normal work environment. A truly magnificent vehicle.” – A Sanders
So what’s the deal?
Our full CD-ROM set has over 5 hours of material showing you how to day trade the FX and index markets. Added to this is 6 months free access to the live online trading room –




EzeeTrader – Ezee Day Trading


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