Frank Kern – State Of The Internet 2012 “RIA” Webinar

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Frank Kern
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Frank Kern – State Of The Internet 2012 “RIA” Webinar



Frank Kern – State Of The Internet 2012 “RIA” Webinar
Frank Kern – State Of The Internet 2012 “RIA” Webinar


Frank Kern – State Of The Internet 2012 “RIA” Webinar [1 Video (MOV & MP4) – 1 Audio (MP3)]


This is the new Frank Kern two and a half hour webinar that just wrapped up about two hours ago. He had people opt in from his 2012 “State of the Internet” address and this webinar was basically a proof of concept and a sales pitch for his newest program which is $10,000 (after the $3K fast mover discount, mind you!)

I personally think I’ll forego the $10K investment, because you can glean almost the entire course – soup to nuts – just from watching this webinar and really paying attention to what is going on.

The long and short of it: It’s really, really good stuff, especially if you haven’t heard any of Kern’s stuff with Kevin Nations or followed any “marketing to the affluent” type courses.

Basically you focus your products and service offerings on results, not fluff/filler/”more, more, more” etc. Then you get targeted traffic via Facebook PPC or direct response snail mail and you hook just a small portion of your prospects – via high value webinars –  on very high end 8 week or less courses. The prices force the prospect to stay involved, which is one thing that is VERY hard to accomplish, I assure you. Then you deliver both the sizzle AND the steak, and you take a hefty fee for your expertise.

This is all I’ve been focusing on lately and so a lot of this was not new information, but it was still well worth my time. I’ve been moving in this general direction and all the gems that I pulled from this was an affirmation of everything I’m learning and seeing right now across all kinds of markets – both online and offline. The brass tacks, in the words of the legendary Dan Kennedy: Focus on those that are effected LEAST and LAST by any economic recession/depression/downturn “we” may be experiencing.

Kern has simply repacked this and spruced it up, as is his way.

Keep in mind that a good portion of the bottom half of this webinar is a pitch fest, though cleverly veiled in Kern’s unmistakable “no sales pitch” sales pitch methods.

I titled it the “RIA” webinar because his whole new method revolves around creating webinars – just like this one – that deliver “Results In Advance” and get people sold on your really high priced stuff.

I’ve included two versions of the video: one stupid large – because it seems like that is becoming a popular trend here – and one smaller MP4, and I’ve also included an MP3 version.

My personal advice is grab the MP4 and/or the MP3 and you’re not gonna miss a thing – we’re here for the content after all, not the bitrate.

I’d post a ratio free link if there was one, but it looks like ol’ Kerny didn’t record the thing, as indicated by this email I just got moments ago as part of the follow up cycle:

****** Begin Kern email and marketing “kung-fu” …

“Tonight’s webinar was a BLAST. We had several
thousand people on and went for almost 3 hours.

If you missed it, IT WAS NOT RECORDED!

I didn’t record it because I was using GoTo
Webinar’s new fancy “Premier” service
and I was certain that I’d screw it up
if I tried to record it. (CBG Note: And, as he tells it, “live” works better for sales)


Why not, right? These things are fun.

I’ll send you the details in a few days.


P.S. If you were on til the end, please
know I didn’t mean to end it so abruptly.

I accidentally signed off in mid sentence
before I could tell everyone good night

Just figured I’d clarify so you know
I’ve got good manners :-)

**** End of email!

Anyway, I think it’s great stuff – otherwise I wouldn’t have burned all this time to record, encode and share it.

My personal thoughts – above and beyond what you’ve already been subjected to:

I just finished up selling out a $500 per customer training class: created my own product, did the whole “stuff = value” thing that he talks about in this webinar, totally nailed it, raised the bar in my market for both quality and production value, and… SURPRISE SURPRISE: I realize now that I want to scrap the whole thing! Take all 20+ hours of training and throw it out – redo it all as high priced, zero “stuff”, results ONLY training – all at a premium price.

I had already been thinking this way and moving in this direction, but this webinar sealed the deal for me.

There you have it, the description and my review, plus a fair amount of my random musings.

Sorry if it was a total clock gobbler for some of you, but I hope you enjoy the content all the same.



Frank Kern – State Of The Internet 2012 “RIA” Webinar


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