Frank Kern – The Magic Model

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Frank Kern – The Magic Model



Frank Kern – The Magic Model
Frank Kern – The Magic Model


Frank Kern – The Magic Model AKA High Paid Advisor

Design, Create and Implement
The Ultimate Lifestyle Business
In Six Weeks or Less!

«If you’re interested in bumping up your consulting fees – elegantly. Targeting only people that are ready to implement your product or service, right now. Finally getting PAID what you are worth… this training package, is for you.»

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A Note from Frank:

“I’m looking forward to teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to position yourself, market yourself, and attract paying customers to your Consulting practice. I also look forward to helping you make sure your customers quickly and efficiently get the results they want – so they will stay with you and refer you for years to come.”

— Frank

Week 1 – Charting The Course
Week 2 – Creating Your Magic Bullet
Week 3 – Identifying Your Perfect Market
Week 4 – Creating Your Ria Webinar
Week 5 – Pre-Webinar Indoctrination
Week 6 – Building Your Funnel
Week 7 – Ultra Targeted Traffic And Getting The Money
Week 8 – Advanced Stealth Money-Getting


Frank Kern – The Magic Model


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