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 Gary Halbert – Fusion Seminar
Gary Halbert – Fusion Seminar

Dear Friend & Subscriber,

Something has happened recently that will cause me the loss of an enormous amount of money.

And no, it wasn’t the IRS, any other governmental agency, or somebody sneaking into my house and stealing the family jewels. Actually, I don’t really have any family jewels for somebody to steal. What I have been robbed of is a chance I had to make a small fortune.

However, as you shall see before you finish reading this letter, what is my loss is going to turn out to be…

Very Decidedly YOUR Gain!

I’ll get back to this later in this letter. But right now I want to talk with you about something else. I want to talk with you about…


Over the course of my career, I have generated for myself and/or my clients billions of dollars in revenue. I don’t know exactly how much I have generated but, for the sake of simplification, let’s assume it was only one billion dollars. A billion is a difficult number to comprehend. But the next time you hear a politician casually using the word “billion” think about whether you want the politician spending your tax money. And when I tell you I have generated more than a billion dollars, I want to give you a few details which will help you think about what that really means.

* A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

* A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

* A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.

* A billion days ago no one walked on two feet on earth.

* A billion dollars ago was only 8-hours and 20-minutes, at the rate our government spends it.

If you are a man and you had a billion wives all nagging you at the same time, your brain would explode and you would die in a fraction of a second. And, at any given time (like right now for instance) there are more than a billion humans and other animals having sex. Stop and think about that statement: At this very moment, there are billions of creatures having sex and yet here you are… sitting in front of a computer reading a newsletter written by a shitweasel. Just think what that says about you and what a loser you are. (Come to think of it, just think what that says about me and how much of a loser I am.)

Whatever. If you wanted to drive around the Equator, you would have to do it 4,000 times before you had driven a billion miles. (Let’s hope your car has air conditioning.)

And so on. A billion is a bunch. A serious bunch. Well, as all of you know, I recently had what I called my “Fusion Seminar” which taught the attendees how to multiply their online profitability by using offline marketing secrets… and… how to improve their offline profitability by using newly discovered online secrets.

Now I’m going to tell you something you don’t know. There are marketing secrets which are very valuable that, as a general rule, I have not taught to my newsletter readers, seminar attendees, or clients. But, at my “Fusion Seminar” (for some reason) I decided to reveal ALL these secrets. The “real-behind-the-scenes-secrets” I have personally used (many of them I created) which have generated billions of dollars in sales. These secrets are, without any shred of doubt…

The Most Powerful, Most Effective, And

Most Profit-Generating Response Boosting Secrets

Ever Discovered!

For example, there is one secret I’ve been reluctant to reveal which is unquestionably the biggest secret I have ever uncovered in 35-years of marketing. This secret is so powerful, it instantly doubles or triples the profit of almost any sales message selling any product in any market.

In fact, my friend and student, Caleb O’Dowd, personally tested this amazing secret in a promotion he is running right now. He did an A/B split test where one letter (“Letter A”) was NOT using the little secret but where the second letter (“Letter B”) WAS using this amazing secret.

“Letter A” (the one NOT using the little secret) pulled in a 1.5% conversion rate. “Letter B” (the one USING the amazing secret) pulled in almost 3.5%. That may not seem like much of a difference… until you do the math. Just look at what the difference was in this little 5,000 piece test mailing.

Letter A pulled in exactly $10,869 in sales. But Letter B pulled in a whopping $25,361 in sales! It’s the difference between night and day. And the best part is…

It Took Caleb

All Of 30-Seconds

To Use That Little Secret!

Just imagine what kind of “extra” profits this would mean for you… if… you knew this one amazing secret.

Caleb told me after spending six months “under my wing” and being shoulder-to-shoulder with me (and with some of the smartest minds in marketing) he had pretty much learned almost all of the tight-lipped secrets we had to offer.

But, after attending my “Fusion Seminar”, Caleb had to admit he had been wrong! There were a LOT of secrets he learned for the first time at my seminar.

At my “Fusion Seminar” three of the world’s most legendary online and offline marketers and myself took the stage and began revealing some of the most powerful secrets in the world today for increasing sales and multiplying bottom-line profits… overnight!

For three solid days, my marketing “Dream Team” and myself revealed secret after secret… “golden nuggets of information”… for dramatically increasing response and super-charging the effectiveness of every piece of marketing anyone does.

Each speaker revealed the secrets which made each of us successful. We revealed the secrets which created breakthrough successes… and… put millions and millions of dollars in sales and profits into our pockets (or our clients’ pockets). Then, we revealed the powerful tactics which will make you…

Super Successful At Selling

Any Product, Service Or Business,

In Any In Any Offline Or Online Market!

Who were these speakers who made up my “Dream Team”? What were their secrets? How can you use them to multiply your response? How can you use them to dramatically increase your profits?

The first man on my “Marketing Dream Team” is a guy who, even though he is still a relatively young man, is considered to be…

The Father Of Internet Marketing!

Some even credit him for being the very first person to create an ebook. He modestly denies this. He says the technology was already available for downloading files from the Internet. Whether this is true or not, this genius was still the very first guy to popularize the ebook format.

His name is Mark Joyner and he has personally authored many print books. One of those is “Mind Control Marketing”. Mark’s book became a best seller and even outsold Rudolf Giuliani’s book at the heighth of the mayor’s popularity (after September 11). Mark accomplished this even though Giuliani’s book was receiving national coverage on CNN, CNBC and other national broadcast stations, as well as the many different talk shows Giuliani appeared on across the country.

As well as print books, Mark has authored many ebooks, one of which is called “Search Engine Optimization”. The last time anybody counted (and that was back in 1998), this particular book had been downloaded well over one million times!

Not many know it but, Mark also pioneered some of the most widely-used marketing software on the Internet today. And, he was the very first guy to invent software to track the results of each and almost every marketing online campaign. This led to the growth of an entire industry on the web.

Mark also developed the second-ever Pay-Per-Click search engine, which he later sold for millions of dollars.

Back in 1994, when the Internet was at its early stages of development, this guy was one of the very first people to start earning money online. He began to grow a small, one man company which would later become the most famous and respected Internet marketing business online, before he finally sold it in 2002. This company was “Aesop Marketing”. At the heighth of Aesop’s success, it was turning over multiple-millions of dollars in yearly profits.

Apart from all this, Mark has been the genius behind many of the most successful websites online. Many of his websites have broken into the top 100 most visited websites on the Internet… competing with industry giants like Google, Yahoo, and many others. One of Mark’s websites reached the 36th top-place ranking in the entire world.

Mark’s viral marketing strategies, marketing methods, and traffic-generating techniques have earned him the respected title as being…

One Of Marketing’s Most Influential Leaders…

And… A Legendary Master Of Online Marketing!

The next expert to “spill his guts” at my “Fusion Seminar” is a guy who some of the biggest advertising companies in America rely on to produce groundbreaking successes. Companies like Phillips Publishing, Agora Publishing, Boardroom Reports, Rodale Press, and dozens more of a similar nature and stature.

It’s commonly known when “conventional” marketing or advertising methods don’t work, this guy is the person huge companies literally sneak in the back door to “take over”. He pulls them out of the mud when a record-breaking success is needed.

Of course, I’m talking about John Carlton.

Some of his ads have run for as long as eight years. And some of them have never been beaten despite repeated attempts by some of the best copywriters. His particular “edgy” style of writing, and the potent effectiveness of his copy, have earned him the reputation of being…

One Of The Greatest Copywriters

Of All Time!

Then there is Michel Fortin who is the “secret weapon” some of the biggest names in online marketing use religiously to create the most powerful and compelling online sales copy in the world today. He’s created promotions for Yanik Silver, John Reese, Jay Abraham, Ted Ciuba, Frank Kern, Terry Dean, Shawn Casey, Jason Potash, Neil Shearing, Mark Joyner, Jeff Mulligan, Michael Kimble, to name but a few.

In the last decade alone, Michel has generated over $35,000,000 in sales for numerous employers and clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, China, Russia… in other words… all over the globe. And he was the top sales producer for a Fortune 500 company.

Michel knows more tricks for boosting website profits than any person I’ve ever met. In a very short time, he has become…

The Number One Copywriter

On The Internet Today!

For three entire days, each of us “let rip” some of the most simplistic… yet dramatically effective… concepts and secrets. These concepts and secrets will not only boost the response of your marketing… but also… your bottom-line profits… whether you market online or offline.

In most cases, you’ll be able to dramatically explode your response… overnight… using these powerful secrets. All it takes is a few simple changes. Matter of fact, most of these changes don’t take any longer than 30-seconds to do!

It doesn’t matter how inexperienced you are in marketing. These secrets are so easy to use, you don’t need to be a world-class copywriter, or an expert marketer, or even a savvy business person. What my “Dream Team” revealed at the seminar was so simple… even a child could do it!

So, for the first time in marketing history, four of the world’s top “A-List” marketers were able to cram together over 100 years of combined, tested, proven, and super-successful marketing experience. Each speaker revealed every secret they knew for dramatically increasing response and multiplying your profits.

These secrets were boiled down into what can only be described as…

The Best Marketing Seminar Ever Given

For Dramatically Improving Response And

Multiplying Your Bottom-Line Profits!

Let’s take it all apart and break down what each speaker revealed. Let’s start with the “Prince of Print” himself (that’s me, you dummy). Here’s but a few of the powerful secrets I gave up:

u The #1 biggest mistake made by marketers using Google ad-words! This mistake is costing you a small fortune in lost profits.

u Discover the #1 best way to grab any reader by the jugular… and… drag him down into your sales message… and… almost force him to buy! This is one of my biggest and most powerful secrets. (Even some of the biggest mailers in the world don’t know this little trick.)

u The #1 thing you need to TAKE OUT of every offer you make! Follow my advice on this and I promise you will experience an avalanche of sales and profits in each and every one of your promotions.

u How anybody (even a complete novice) can write a world-class sales letter for any product, in any market! This method is so incredibly simple, you don’t even need to do any research. Or in many cases, you don’t even need to know anything about the topic you’re going to write about.

u One simple method anybody can use, online or offline, to build huge amounts of credibility and trust in the mind of your prospect! Building this kind of trust and respect is the key to any successful promotion. It’s also one of the biggest factors savvy marketers use to dramatically improve response… by double digit numbers!

u Discover the one and only true secret you need to become super-successful in everything you do! Every successful marketer and entrepreneur has mastered this one simple thing.

u 3 of the most vital resources every “top notch” marketer uses to effortlessly find red-hot passionate markets to make huge amounts of cash! I personally have used each one of these resources to discover some of the biggest successes of my career.

u How to find out the average person’s biggest motivating reason for buying your product! If you use this to your advantage, it will make you thousands… even MILLIONS of dollars in profits.

u How to effectively research a profitable market! Many people just blindly stumble into markets which don’t have a chance of being profitable. Then, after their promotions crash, they wonder what went wrong.

u Discover the exact types of markets you should be marketing to! These are the types of red-hot markets which almost guarantee to make YOU A LOT OF SERIOUS CASH.

u My secret for creating a million dollar product in as little as one weekend! You’ll love this.

u How anybody can mail out 1,000,000 sales messages for as little as $1,000!

u How to find investors with huge bundles of cash who will almost beg you to take their money and invest it in your business!

u How to “advertise your advertising”! This is a very powerful method for boosting the response of your ads… by double digit percentages.

u Discover what the absolute best kind of product to sell is! This specific product is the most sought-after product in the world today.

u How to almost “kill” your refund rate… by offering… a “double your money back guarantee”! (This is a “sneaky” but legal and ethical trick.)

u Why getting somebody else to take your mail to the post office could be costing you millions of dollars a year in lost earnings!

u Discover one of my most tightly kept secrets for making as much as 10-times more profit from any online list of names!

u Find out how one specific law… which was passed to catch drug dealers and smugglers… can literally cripple your business in less than 24-hours! (And how you can avoid being tripped up by this law.)

u And much, much more!

Mark Joyner was next up to the bat. He revealed some of the most powerful concepts and marketing techniques I’ve ever heard of. In fact, some of the things he talked about were so good, one of the attendees stood up and shouted,
“Mark’s presentation was red hot!”

Here are some examples of what Mark had to offer:

P His famous “Source of the Nile” technique: How it’s costing you a fortune in lost sales, business and profits… and why… using it will (at the very least) double the amount of money you are making… almost overnight! (Mark personally uses this technique in every direct response website he has.)

P The single-biggest mistake rookie marketers make online… and how… a simple change in the way you format your site will dramatically increase response… almost immediately!

P How to make maximum money from weak and unprofitable traffic!

P When, where and how to successfully up-sell a product to your customers! This clever little tactic will increase your website profits by 50% or more. This little “shift” will take you about 3-minutes to do… and… you will begin to see results… IMMEDIATELY.

P Discover what the absolute best form of marketing in the entire world is… and… the one simple technique for perfecting it! (Mark told me at a private lunch we shared that if I used nothing more than this one technique alone, no matter what I’m selling, I would never have to work again for the rest of my life.)

P How and where to “develop” the most extremely-targeted traffic for your business! Almost every top marketer online is using this… but… most people don’t see the power of its use.

P One crucial resource for finding a complete volume of the top 100,000 search terms on the entire Internet! Just think how valuable this product would be to you in your business.

P How to sell any business online or offline! Mark has personally sold many of his own businesses for massive amounts of cash.

P How to convert your non-responsive online list into quick and easy cash… in less than 10-minutes!

P The one and only difference between a bad, unprofitable website… and… a super-effective, super-responsive one!

P 3 crazy exercises which will immediately kick-start your marketing brain into action and start pumping out those million dollar ideas! Mark does these exercises every time he needs a breakthrough solution or a million dollar idea.

P What exactly the “Zeigernic Effect” is and why it is one of the most powerful techniques you can use online to get your emails opened, your sales message read, and explode your website response! Mark shows you EXACTLY how (IN DETAIL) to use this method.

P The one and only true key to success on the Internet! This is the exact secret which makes John Reese and every other online marketer super-successful at almost everything they do. Mark said…

“If You Leave Here With Only This Simple Little Secret

Etched Into Your Mind, You Will Have Everything

You Need For Incredible Success!”

P Discover what Mark’s “trump cards” are and how he uses them in every online promotion or business he does!

P Discover how to make any testimonial 10-times more effective… by simply making a 5-second change!

P Find out why “viral marketing” is one of the very best methods on earth for marketing your product!

P Discover how to create, track and profit from your very own viral marketing strategy!

P Find out the #1 main contributing factor of massive success with viral marketing! Get this right… and… you will have just found the “golden goose” when it comes to making money online.

P And much, much more!

Next to “spill his guts” was the infamous…

John Carlton!

John revealed his secrets for success… the same secrets which made him and his clients untold millions of dollars. Secrets like:

t How to find the head-turning hook which reels customers into your ad like crazy! John is considered to be the master of finding “grab-’em-by-the-jugular” type hooks that won’t allow the reader to stop until he has finished reading the entire ad.

t How to write a “killer” headline which stops your intended audience cold! (John even reveals the kinds of “trigger” words which really grab your readers by the throat and forces them to drop everything while they read your ad.)

t How to find out EXACTLY what your customers really want… and then… how to make them take action!

t Discover how to use power words to emotionalize your sales message… drag your reader into the drama… and… make them take out their wallets and buy what you’re selling!

t Find out what the most violated copywriting lesson is and why it could be killing the response of your sales letter!

t Why you must find your very own Unique Selling Proposition if you plan on entering a market that has any kind of competition! Failing to do this almost guarantees you will lose your shirt. And John tells you EXACTLY how to find your Unique Selling Proposition.

t How to know when you are completely finished writing a sales message! This is very important… because… there is an exact spot you must stop at for your message to reach its maximum effectiveness.

t Discover John’s secret for becoming a master copywriter!

t Discover the only thing you need to become a truly world-class writer! Master this one little thing… and… everything else will simply become gravy.

t How to know the exact perfect amount of money to charge your customers for your product!

t Find out the absolute best way for any person to succeed in writing a world-class piece of copy… and… in making huge amounts of “cash in hand” profits!

t And much, much more!

And last but certainly not least, there’s…

Michel Fortin!

Michel also revealed the secrets which made him the most effective and most sought after copywriter on the web today. He revealed some of the most powerful secrets, as well as proven tested results for dramatically increasing the results from your online marketing. Secrets like:

a Michel’s 3 laws for writing “killer” online sales copy… and… how to use them as a template for every online sales message you write!

a Find out why the more targeted your marketing is, the more money you make! (And exactly how to target your market.)

a The 3 C’s every marketer must AVOID if they want their sales copy to rake in huge amounts of bottom-line profits!

a Find out the #1 secret behind the success of almost every marketer in the world today!

a Discover Michel’s “QUEST” formula for writing “killer” online sales copy which almost forces the reader to buy whatever you are selling!

a Why scarcity is one of the most powerful reasons people buy your product or service!

a 3 simple (yet highly effective) methods of increasing scarcity in your sales copy!

a The one specific color to boost your copy’s readership by 27%… and… your conversion rate by a whopping 72%!

a 3 ways to reverse the risk involved for your customers in purchasing your product! Doing this will send your sales through the roof.

a How one little change in color in your order form can double your sales response!

a 4 simple formatting tricks which can balloon your sales or signups from 13%… to as much as… a massive 340%!

a How to create scarcity for an ebook which sells 24-hours a day!

a How, by using a certain type of text, you can increase the profits you receive from your email marketing by as much as 950%!

a Discover how one particular type of headline out-pulls any other by as much as 76.92%! Think how much added profit this would mean to every sales letter you have for any website… or… direct mail promotion you run.

a How, by simply REMOVING a small piece of text from     your sales copy, you can increase profits by as much as 48.81%!

a Find out what the best color headline to use is… and… how it can increase profits by 26.58%!

a Discover what the 10-biggest things to test in any sales message are!

a How to triple response by using a particular sized font in your order links!

a Discover one place you can put your name in your copy which will boost its response by 43.76%! (And trust me, it’s NOT where you think it might be.)

a How one extremely common online formatting mistake is costing you a 26.26% loss in profits!

a Discover how to use pictures to increase your profits by 38.84%!

a Find out exactly where in your copy you should place pictures in order to the get the maximum results!

a Discover how a simple box, placed in a simple place in your letter, will boost your sales by 33% or more!

a Find out how to increase your website profits by as much as 350%! Michel recently discovered this little trick and has never publicly before revealed it… until now.

a How to increase sales by 250% by simply ADDING half a line of text to the bottom of each of your sales messages!

a And much, much more!

I could go on and on for pages with more secrets revealed at my “Fusion Seminar”. But what you have just read is a pretty good idea of the kind of hard-hitting, no BS marketing methods you can use to dramatically increase your bottom-line profits… whether your market is offline or online.

These are the kind of “behind-the-scenes” secrets most marketers don’t ever reveal. Why? Simply because…

These Secrets Work Like Crazy!

And the simple truth is, most guys don’t want the competition finding out about them. These kinds of tips, tricks and secret techniques are simply too valuable for most other marketers to reveal. And besides… hardly any of them even know about these secrets.

Now listen up: Do you want to continue marketing your product, service or business without the benefit of using these secrets? Secrets which will literally multiply and magnify your sales and bottom-line profits by as much as 400%… 800%… even 1200%… or more?

The truth is, it will cost you more (much more) to not know about these secrets… than… it will to spend years to find out about them and use them for yourself. That’s why I decided to record the entire seminar… from start to finish. There’s a full 18-hours of footage recorded onto an 11-part DVD course.

That sounds like it was one hell of a seminar, doesn’t it? The truth is it was one hell of a seminar. In fact, at the end of the seminar, I asked the audience,
“Well, folks, how did you like the seminar?” And every attendee stood up and…

Applauded And Hooted And Hollered And

Jumped Up And Down And Stamped Their Feet

To Make The Loudest And Longest Thundering Of Applause

I Have Ever Experienced In My Entire Life!

I was ecstatic. I knew then I was going to make an enormous amount of money by selling the DVD’s of my “Fusion Seminar” by online affiliate marketing and other forms of Internet and offline marketing.

But something went wrong. The guys who were taping this seminar set up their video camera at the back of the room and focused in on the podium where each speaker would stand to make their presentation. Then, the cameraman went to sleep. Let’s say we have a speaker (like me) who likes to prowl the stage as he talks. Well, since the cameraman was asleep and the speaker moved away from the podium, all you’ll be seeing on the DVD is a damn podium. Fortunately, you WILL HEAR what the speaker is saying… you just won’t see him at the time.

In addition, some of the speakers used overhead slides or a PowerPoint presentation. Did the cameraman move the camera to capture the information on the screen? Nooooooooooooo. When the cameraman should have moved the camera to focus on the slide being shown on the screen, he just stayed dead on target on that podium. As a consequence, someone watching the DVD’s cannot see the slides the speaker was using to illustrate his point.

Another bad thing is there were some humorous moments of the seminar I would have LOVED to have seen captured on camera. For example, one time when my assistant, Theresa, was outside the room, quite a few people commented on how efficient and beautiful and helpful she is. I replied, “You got that right.” And then I jokingly added,
“And I think she’s really horny too. So if any of you guys are interested, get the URL of her website from her and go to it right away.

Well, it turned out while the audience and I first started talking about the outstanding qualities of Theresa, someone went out in the hallway and told her,
“Gary’s talking about you.” Just as I finished speaking the words, “So if any of you guys are interested, get the URL of her website from her and go to it right away.” Theresa burst into the room with a big smile on her face and her arms waving in the air saying…

“Here I Am!”

I would give almost anything to have had that moment captured on film. But alas, it was not since the cameraman never moved his camera.

In any case, I’ve done the best I can to salvage this situation.

First of all, I would say 90% of the time the speakers WERE standing at the podium so you can see and hear them deliver their important information.

If a speaker prowled out of camera range, you CAN HEAR what they were saying. You’ll just be staring in fascination at the empty podium. But you won’t miss any of the valuable secrets they were revealing.

As for what was on the screen, I don’t use any overheads. Neither did Mark Joyner. And John Carlton left his overheads on the screen only for a few seconds. It was just long enough for the audience to read the headline. On the DVD’s you’ll hear John reading each headline.

However, Michel Fortin’s slide presentation was different and it is important to see his slides. So even though you won’t be able to see the slides on the DVD’s… Michel has sent me the printed version of them. This printed version is included with my “Fusion Seminar Package”.

Anyway, whenever I have a seminar I believe in charging the exact same price to sell the tapes and/or the DVD’s as I charged the people who attended live. That’s because I don’t want people not to attend a live seminar… because… they believe they might be able to get the tapes of it for less money. The price to attend my “Fusion Seminar” was $3,750 plus everybody had to pay their own travel and hotel expenses. Many of the attendees traveled a really long distance to attend (for example, one man came from Singapore, a couple others from Australia, Germany, and quite a few from England). These people probably paid upwards of $10,000 to attend my seminar.

I cannot sell the DVD’s of my “Fusion Seminar” by affiliate marketing. And that’s a real shame. Because I think if I had been able to, I just might have broken John Reese’s million dollar day record.

I also can’t sell the DVD’s of my “Fusion Seminar” in good conscience at the price I should charge for them. Which is $3,750 plus shipping and handling.

So what I’ve decided to do is to offer all of my readers a chance to buy these DVD’s…

At A Very Significant Discount!

Again, I want to say this package is rich in content and billion-dollar information. But the way it was videotaped makes me think of someone trying to sell diamonds he keeps in a dirty burlap sack. It was so unprofessionally captured by the camera crew, I wonder if they were the people who did the photography for the film “Blair Witch Project”.

In any case, although it pains me to no end, if you want to buy the DVD’s of my “Fusion Seminar”, I will give you a full $500 discount, which means you’ll only have to pay $3,250.

Ah shit. I hate this. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Forget the $500 discount. I’m going to give you a full $1,000 discount. Which means now you can get all this valuable information for only $2,750.

You know what? I have a headache. My stomach hurts. I can’t even hardly write the words you are about to read. But damn it to hell, I’m so upset about this situation I’m going to give you a $2,000 discount. Which means, all you have to pay is $1,750 to get all this priceless information.

You know what? I am beginning to hate all of my subscribers. I hate every single one of you reading this newsletter. Because I’m about to say something which makes my blood boil. And that wouldn’t be true if it weren’t for all of the telepathic pressure you are sending me through invisible thought waves. So okay, you win. I’m going to give you, believe it or not…

A $3,000 Discount!

That’s the end of it. Don’t expect no more. If you want these DVD’s and all the written materials and you order the package right away, all you have to pay is a lousy $750 plus a $30 shipping and handling fee to get this package sent to you by rush emergency delivery.

Just so you know, here’s what you will get when you receive this package:

0 First, you’ll receive 11 DVD’s.

0 Secondly, you’ll also receive a printed study guide about what you’ll be learning on each DVD.

0 Third, you’ll also receive in printed format the complete text and graphics of the slide presentation used by Michel Fortin.

Okay, since I have been financially sodomized here, I may as well go all out and just accept the advice I was given many years ago which is…

“If Rape Is Inevitable…

You Might As Well Lay Back And Enjoy It.”

So therefore, if you buy these DVD’s… and this only applies to those of you who buy them immediately… if you have any marketing problems, I will give you one free personal consultation and help you solve that problem.

There’s three things you need to know about this offer:

1) I will deliver my help by either email or I will call you directly to give you the free consultation.

2) I won’t give anybody a free consultation until they have watched all the DVD’s and studied all the written materials. The reason should be obvious. Many of the questions you’d like to ask me right now will be answered for you in the “Fusion Seminar Package”.

3) The last thing I want to say is, this offer for your one free consultation expires at the end of 2005.

Do you have any idea how valuable a free marketing consultation from me might be to you? I can tell you this: Many people have paid me LOTS of money for such a consultation… and… they then made millions of dollars from the information I gave them.

Let’s Get Down To How You Can Order

My “Fusion Seminar Package”!





 Gary Halbert – Fusion Seminar


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