Gauhar Chaudhry – Pay Per Click Formula 3

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Gauhar Chaudhry – Pay Per Click Formula 3




Gauhar Chaudhry – Pay Per Click Formula 3
Gauhar Chaudhry – Pay Per Click Formula 3



Welcome To Pay Per Click Formula 3.0
A brief introduction from Gauher Chaudhry welcoming you to the Pay Per Click Formula 3.0 course including what you need to have in order to start making money with pay per click marketing.

Module 1: Introduction To Pay Per Click Marketing
An introduction to the pay per click model including the different types of revenue models (CPA, CPC and CPS). Also covered are the standard pay per click terms and how you can build a lucrative traffic brokering business.

Module 2: Market Research and Offer Selection
Proper market research saves time and increases the chances of finding winning combinations quickly. This module covers various market research tools and resources that can help you find profitable markets.

Module 3: Keyword Research
Keyword research is the foundation to pay per click marketing and a lot of emphasis should be placed on keyword research. Included in this module are tutorials on using various keywords tools and generating massive targeted keyword lists.

Module 4: Silo Site Building, Landing Pages and Great Ad Copy
This module covers building silo structured web sites to generate a better quality score for pay per click search engines such as Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter. Landing page tutorials are included to help you get optimal conversions. You will also learn how to create compelling pay per click ads that create an avalanche of clicks.

Module 5: Google Adwords
Google Adwords is the largest pay per click search engine and offers advertisers two networks to reach prospects, which are search and content.  The traffic on the content network dwarfs the search network with much lower bids giving you the chance to make great money as a traffic broker. This module goes further into detail on how placement targeting works on the Google content network.  If you understand how to master placement targeting, you can literally dominate targeted web sites with your ad and increase the amount of money you make.

Module 6: MSN Adcenter
MSN Adcenter has merged with Yahoo Search Marketing increasing its reach to 30% of the search market. This module covers how to dominate both the search and content platforms in MSN Adcenter.

Module 7: Facebook Ads
Facebook has a user base of close to 600 million users and also has a self-serving pay per click platform.  This module covers how to set up pay per click campaigns on Facebook using their demographic targeting features..

Module 8: Other PPC Search Engines
There are dozens of other sources outside of Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter where advertisers can buy pay per click traffic. This module covers these sources in detail so that you can continue to get cheap converting traffic.

Module 9: Inline Text Ads
Inline text ads are a powerful form of pay per click advertising. Inline text ads are advertisements that appear over keywords that are embeded in content. This module covers various inline text ad networks and how you can get a lot of targeted prospects from this form of pay per click advertising.

Module 10: Testing, Tracking And Optimization
Testing and tracking is the foundation to determining what keywords work for your campaigns.  This module covers the different mechanisms of tracking your pay per click campaigns and also provides a list of tools to help you track right down to the keyword level.

Module 11: Regeneration of Lost Traffic
The reality of pay per click marketing is that as much as 80-90% of the traffic you pay for will never result in revenue. This module will help you learn how you can recapture this lost traffic with different monization paths.

Module 12: Expanding Your PPC Empire
Pay per click marketing over a long period of time will provide you with very valuable data. You can determine easily what keywords are money makers and build other forms of free traffic to these keywords. This module covers building an organic SEO empire and using domain marketing to build up free traffic to your campaigns.

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Gauhar Chaudhry – Pay Per Click Formula 3


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