Gemba Academy – Complete Productivity Training + Bonus

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Gemba Academy – Complete Productivity Training + Bonus



Gemba Academy – Complete Productivity Training + Bonus
Gemba Academy – Complete Productivity Training + Bonus


The Complete Lean Package currently consists of the following:

252 video modules
89 quizzes
159 downloads, lean templates, and calculators

New online content is added monthly and is available at no extra cost to online subscribers creating an extremely dynamic Lean Enterprise learning experience!

Lean Starter Package
8 Video Modules
Introduce lean to your organization with our popular Introduction to Lean and Ten Commandments of Continuous Improvement modules, as well as the overview modules to the Kaizen Way, 5S, Quick Changeover, Seven Wastes, Transforming Your Value Streams, and The Seven Quality Control Tools courses. Sign up for a free account to try Gemba Academy! More information »

The Hoshin Planning Course
11 Video Modules
Hoshin Planning, often referred to as Hoshin Kanri or Policy Deployment, helps lean thinking organization’s ensure objectives are synchronized from top to the bottom while also creating a strong sense of buy in regarding what the objective is as well as how it will be achieved. More information »

The Kaizen Leadership Course
6 Video Modules
In this series of videos the original Lean Guru, Mr. Masaaki Imai, discusses the topic of Kaizen Leadership. More information »

5S Workplace Productivity Course
9 Video Modules
They say, “If you can’t do 5S, you can forget the rest.” Learn why 5S is far more than a housekeeping initiative as we teach you step by step how to implement and sustain 5S. More information »

Dealing with the 7 Deadly Wastes Course
9 Video Modules
You may already know what the 7 deadly wastes are… but do you know how to defeat them? We’ll show you how as we take our cameras inside Ram Technologies, a custom foam fabricator located in Mukilteo, Washington. More information »

The Kaizen Way Course
13 Video Modules
Translated the word kaizen means to change for the better. In this course you’ll learn exactly what kaizen is and how it’s helping organizations in industries such as manufacturing, office environments, and healthcare reduce costs and increase profits without resorting to massive layoffs. More information »

Practical Problem Solving Course
20 Video Modules
The Practical Problem Solving course explains the exact 8 step problem solving process used by lean exemplars around the world. No matter if you work in a factory making “widgets” or in a transactional or service related environment, the concepts taught in this course will forever change the way you attack problems. More information »

Standard Work Course
19 Video Modules
In this course we cover the 4 types of Standard Work that apply to any type of work or industry. Standard Work applies to any type of activity no matter if you produce widgets in a factory or do so-called creative work in an office environment. More information »

Leader Standard Work Course
7 Video Modules
The concept of Leader Standard Work is not new yet many organizations struggle with it. During this live training seminar Mike Wroblewski explains what Leader Standard Work is, how to successfully implement it, and most importantly how to maintain it. More information »

Transforming Your Value Streams Course
16 Video Modules
Learn how to transform your value streams using lean tools and principles such as value stream mapping, takt time, kanban, error proofing, and heijunka/production leveling. More information »

The Seven Quality Control Tools Course
27 Video Modules
Learn about the seven quality control tools and how to apply them to both manufacturing and transactional environments. More information »

Quick Changeover: The SMED System Course
12 Video Modules
Learn how to radically reduce machine changeovers using the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) system while watching Ram Technologies work through an actual SMED kaizen event that results in a 66% reduction in changeover time! More information »

Total Productive Maintenance
7 Video Modules
Learn what TPM is, and isn’t, while also covering important topics such as the 6 Big Losses and how to measure them using the extremely powerful Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metric. More information »

Just in Time
12 Video Modules
Gemba Academy is proud to present this “Just in Time” video series which was originally produced by our consulting partners at the Kaizen Institute.

3P Production Preparation Process
11 Video Modules
In this course, which was filmed in front of a live audience, Mike Wroblewski discusses 3P (Production Preparation Process) as it relates to the design of a new healthcare facility such as a hospital.

Built in Quality
12 Video Modules
In this course focused on Built in Quality (BIQ) Chris Schrandt – a senior consultant for the Kaizen Institute and former Quality Engineering Manager at the Toyota Georgetown, KY plant – delivers a live workshop to a room full of lean thinkers at the Peterbilt Manufacturing Facility.

7 Video Modules
In this course focused on introducing the powerful topic of kanban, Ron Pereira explains what kanban are and how to implement some of the most popular kanban systems into a production environment.

Lean Lingo Explained Course
12 Video Modules
Brad Schmidt, Managing Partner of Gemba Japan, explains the roots of several of the most popular lean terms. As you’ll soon realize, Brad loves to talk, smile, and have fun. More information »

Lean Leader Interviews
4 Video Modules
Watch lean leaders/managers tell their stories of how they successfully introduced lean to their organization. More information »

Lean Thinker Interviews
6 Video Modules
Watch experts explain their lean experiences working at lean exemplars such as the Toyota Motor Corporation. More information »

Interview with Masaaki Imai
5 Video Modules
In this series of videos, Ron Pereira sits down for more than 40 minutes and talks with Mr. Masaaki Imai who is known the world over as the original “Lean Guru” and the father of Continuous Improvement. More information »

Gemba Academy sponsors webinars with experts on a wide range of lean enterprise topics. These webinars are recorded and made available to Gemba Academy subscribers. More information »

(1) Open index.html and use the cool blue button to navigate to the course. You can view the index of the course there.
(2) Find the corresponding folder for all the files for that course.
(3) All files with the Video, PDF, Excel icon can be downloaded. Those that only have a Q (quiz) in the icon could NOT be downloaded.

This torrent is MASSIVE work. They structure the site in a way that would make downloading difficult (3 clicks to get a video to download, and I’m already using a downloader to speed things up). Like that wasn’t enough, every file was arbitrarily named, in NO RUNNING ORDER.

Let me know if you find some files are wrongly numbered or named. It might have been very late when I was doing it. I will re-up with the rectified names, ratio-free for all contributors of course.

Look at the work that went into organizing the files. Put yourself in my shoes. Imagine how angry you would be if it got leaked.




Gemba Academy – Complete Productivity Training + Bonus


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