GKIC – The No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team

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GKIC – The No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team



GKIC – The No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team
GKIC – The No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team



“Discover The #1 Step You Can Take Right Now To Get More Sales And Make More Money As Soon As Tomorrow…Even If You’ve NEVER Hired A Salesperson, Don’t Know Where To Start, Or
Think It’ll Be Too Much Of A Hassle.”

This Cut-and-Paste System Is Truly The FASTEST Way To Close A Higher Percentage Of Sales If You’re Already Over-Worked And Your Revenue Has Plateaued.

Dear Renegade Marketer,

The majority of businesses fail the first five years. Not because of their product or service, and not because of poor accounting practices.

It’s lack of sales.

The bottom line is this:  the more sales you generate, the more income you produce. Yet you’re probably wearing too many hats in your business to concentrate on the “sales” part of your business.

That’s why you need to hire a salesperson…or a sales team. Because the more salespeople you have, the more sales you will generate—all things being equal.

Now you may think hiring a salesperson is a “hassle” and “you’d rather do the work yourself so it gets done right”…or you “don’t have time”…

Hiring salespeople is the first specialization you need to hire if you want to grow your business. And we’re going to show you our quick and painless system for:

  • Finding salespeople that doesn’t require you to waste time with “duds” (we’ll show you how to attract hungry salespeople that’ll give you an unfair advantage over your competitors)
  • Motivating salespeople so they’ll want to keep working for you—and you won’t have to waste time micromanaging so they’ll keep producing for you—while you focus on other areas of your business
  • Compensating them so they’ll keep giving you sales, yet doesn’t eat too much into your bottom line

So if you’re a “one person show” and find yourself working 60-80 hour weeks because you’re the sales manager, marketing director and lone sales person all-in-one, then keep reading.

And if you currently have a sales team, you’ll discover multiple “a-ha” moments that’ll literally “wake you up” and point out the multiple mistakes you’re probably making with your sales force.

If You’re Frustrated With Your Current Sales Team, Looking For “New Blood In Your Sales Force, Or Are Looking To Grow Your Company, Then Keep Reading…

Perhaps you love copywriting, coaching, consulting or working with patients but hate the “sales” part. Or you have a sales team that’s constantly missing their quotas and aren’t raking in the sales like they used to.

Hiring a sales team is the #1 thing you can do today to get an “unfair advantage” in your marketplace so you can focus on what you’re good at and you love doing…and let everyone else do the “grunt work” of selling.

Sure, you can advertise to get more leads, write the next winning sales letter, create the next breakthrough product, and recruit an army of affiliates to drive traffic to your website or storefront.

But all that stuff takes time. Whereas hiring a sales person or a sales team can happen as soon as tomorrow —that is, if you’re using the right system.

Your sales superstars could be out in the field making sales on your behalf and doing outbound calls you hate doing…while you focus on the high value $500 to $1,000 per hour tasks critical to your business.

Or they could help you take the afternoon off and spend time with your family and friends for a change. More free time, less hassle and less stress in your business. You can’t beat that.

But You Can’t Just Hire Any Salesperson Or Sales Team…You Need To Know Where To Find Them And How To Motivate Them

Most businesses make the mistake of posting on Craigslist ads looking for salespeople and “hope and pray” they’ll work out.

This is a true recipe for failure.

Hiring salespeople without using a proven system could lead you toward the wrong candidates that could hurt sales, erode profits, damage customer relationships, and destroy your image in the marketplace.

A sales team isn’t just responsible for building your bottom line. They’re your “front line army” who has the most contact with your customers.

So not only do you need to grow your sales team, but you need to grow it properly.

This is critical, because we live in uncertain times. The threat of higher and new taxes, Obamacare, and an increasing federal debt could put your business at risk…even if you think things are going great right now.

You may feel like you’re vulnerable because you’re spreading yourself too thin. You may also realize that sales is a weakness in your business that could easily be shored up by hiring and training a competent sales team.

You may even worry that your business will never be valuable enough for you to retire—where you could be forced to work a minimum-wage job well into your 70’s…instead of enjoying your Golden Years.

So if you, in honest appraisal, feel that there are weakness and vulnerabilities in your business…if you feel anxious about not making enough sales in your business, then listen to what you’re inner-mind is telling you.

It’s telling you that you need to invest in your business by hiring a sales team to do the selling on your behalf so you can focus on the high-value tasks in your business by investing in GKIC’s New Program:

“The Ultimate No B.S. Renegade
Guide To Putting Together A Highly
Effective Sales Team”


The Ultimate No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team” is GKIC’s blueprint for attracting, motivating, and compensating a sales team.

It consists of 4 CDs where GKIC’s Chief Marketing Officer Dave Dee grilled GKIC’s Director Of Sales Nick Loise on how he hires, motivates and compensates GKIC’s sales force in Chicago.

The best part is we kept everything simple. Nick literally takes you by the hand and leads you through every single step from attracting salespeople to transforming them into “hunters” that’ll make tons of sales on your behalf…

…whereas most books and courses will cover just one aspect…such as finding and recruiting salespeople—but never get into the meat of how to train them, nurture them, and compensate them so they’ll go “to bat” for you every day.

In other words, when you go through “The Ultimate No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team” and implement everything we teach, you’ll not only make more money, but….

You’ll Transform Your Business From Just An Income Generator
Into A Saleable Asset That’s Attractive To Investors

That’s right…building a stellar sales team is one step toward building an asset you’d be able to sell at some point…if you choose.

And, with the right system, you can get started as soon as tomorrow without spending time writing a sales letter, creating a whole new product, finding affiliates, joint venture partners, etc.

Because, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re probably leaving a ton of sales on the table because you have too many “irons in the fire” in your business to concentrate on sales…

…Or you’re leaving the success of your business up to mediocre salespeople that barely meet their quotas and benchmarks.

Perhaps you have plenty of time to make sales but cannot seem to close a good percentage of leads—something an experienced salesperson can remedy.

The Ultimate No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team” will give you certainty and confidence thanks to the 4 CD modules.

We’ll also give you word-for-word transcripts of these CDs and every exhibit Dave and Nick discusses on the audios…including how to find people on social media, compensation plans, and lead sources.

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll
Discover When You Take Action Today:

  • Where to find “barracuda” closers online and offline—including our “top secret” website we use to find candidates (sure beats paying a recruiter.)
  • How to predict whether a salesperson is going to make the cut…even before you hire him/her (this will save you tons of time and frustration.)
  • The traits and appearance factors you need to look for in a salesperson (If they do this in an interview, then show them the door.)
  • How to interview for top-notch sales superstars so you can load your sales force with top producers. Imagine filling your sales force with sales people who constantly exceed their annual goals and generate new business for you.
  • The optimal number of salespeople you should hire so they’ll stay motivated and competitive (the number will SHOCK you!)
  • How to overcome “sticker shock” when it comes to paying your top producers (this is what keeps most businesses from experiencing more growth.)
  • How to motivate your salespeople to perform…even if they have bad months (nope, you don’t have to buy them a Jaguar…it’s the little things that count.)
  • The #1 trick you can use to keep your salespeople producing on the sales floor (this only takes one second!)
  • A daily sales ritual you need to be employing right now to rev up your sales team and ensure they keep moving deals forward (this takes place of the typical 4-hour monthly sales meeting.)
  • The secret to quickly and easily training your sales people on your products and services so they can sell them for you (it’s not just giving your salespeople the product and expecting them to go through it…)
  • How to hold your salespeople accountable by tracking their production every day, week, month and year (this is how you build a true asset that’ll keep producing for you again and again.)
  • How to “weed out” the salespeople who aren’t cutting it (this goes deeper than just figuring out if they’re hitting their numbers or not.)
  • The secret to planning sales meetings that don’t require hours and hours putting together (this allows you to focus on the important stuff that’ll help you build your business.)
  • How to marry marketing with sales so you’re always feeding qualified leads to your prospects…not “looky-loos.”
  • The secret to selling to multiple generations, and how to marry both phone and email when it comes to raking in sales.
  • “Underground” lead sources your competitors will NEVER know that’ll allow you to find the sales superstars that’ll remove the worries from your business.
  • How to set up the sale that separates you from your competitors and gets you closer to “Yes” (They could be customers for life when you employ this strategy.)
  • …and a whole lot more.

The best part is this:

This Sales Blueprint Can Be “Cut And Pasted”
Into Any Business, Whether You’re A Coach, Consultant,
Chiropractor, Or Candlestick-Maker

The old excuse, “But My Business Is Different” doesn’t apply here. Any business can benefit from hiring a sales team.

A first class sales team can make the difference between a company’s success and failure…even if you’re a plumber, financial advisor, or copywriter.

You can also use this blueprint for inside sales (remote sales), face-to-face sales, outgoing inquiries (cold calling) and incoming sales leads.

This training is vitally important for you now because sales is the lifeblood for your business.

Maybe you’re balking at this message because you’d like to keep things “simple.” But the truth is this:  no business stays simple for long if it succeeds.

Look at McDonalds. They used to serve one hamburger, one size of fries, and one milkshake. Now they’re a huge franchise that has to deal with the FDA, FTC, and Wall Street.

Warren Buffet invests money in banking, insurance, Netjets, and jewelry stores. He needs to know a lot about these businesses before he invests. No simplicity there.

Watch Peyton Manning quarterback a game. The NFL used to consist of a handful of running and passing plays.  Now there are audibles, different defenses to read, and playbooks as thick as your arm.

So if you’re balking at this message because you think hiring salespeople will complicate things in your business, or if you heard from some “guru” that a business should be simple, then realize this:

There is no equity in simplicity. There is only equity in complexity.


If You Want To Build A Strong Business That Has Equity, You’re Going To Have To Hand Over The Sales Reins To A Sales Team

Now here’s the part of the letter where I talk about how much I “tossed and turned” in bed when trying to determine the investment in “The Ultimate No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team.

I’ll just say that investment in this training could be recouped in as little as 30 days (at least) if I set the price at $997…which is par for the course for GKIC’s other products.

But you won’t have to pay that. When you take action today, you’ll only have to invest ONLY $297.

That’s a fraction of 1% of a $100,000/year income…yet the training is worth 10-100X that considering your new sales force needs to make just a handful of sales (even just one!)…depending on your business.

Not to mention the time and energy you’d spend futzing around with out-of-date strategies and “hip” and trendy advice by “instant experts” who have never managed a sales force.

Isn’t a mere $297…which is equal to several months of cable or satellite television or a cellphone bill…worth how to discover the FASTEST way to get more sales, make more money, grow your business, and build a saleable asset that could solidify your legacy?

If that’s not enough to convince you…


Special Limited-Time Bonus (Worth $297)

Only Through Monday Get Bill Glazer’s Interview with Dan Kennedy:  

“8 Factors That Control Closing Percentages In Face-To-Face Selling, Or Response Percentages In Distance Selling”

You can have the ultimate sales team and an excellent product. But if you botch things up when closing, all that effort you’ve spent attracting leads, training your salespeople will go down the tubes.

That’s why I decided to dig up one of my “vintage Dan” download of an interview I did with Bill Glazer where I explicate 8 factors that control closing percentages in face-to-face selling, or response percentages in distance selling.

Because let’s face it. Customers are more sophisticated these days.  They have multiple choices when it comes to buying what you’re selling…and cannot “get by” with a schlocky closing process.

That’s why this audio is critical for you to listen to and digest. You’ll be able to listen to this audio, think about your current product and service, and easily pinpoint the mistakes you’re making selling your product/ service…either by yourself or with your sales team.

This is something I implement with every 1-on-1 consulting client that pays me up to $20,000 for a consultation day, or up to $100,000 for a single sales letter. Most people make dire mistakes when it comes to closing, and you’ll get a large representation of this advice when you take action today and listen to this interview.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover on this mp3 download:

  • How to pre-position leads for your salespeople so the close is a piece of cake (get this right, and you could close 100% of your prospects.)
  • How to absolve disbelief in your prospects so they’ll immediately trust you, and buy from you (This is one barrier you or your sales team needs to overcome.)
  • The #1 factor most marketers miss out on when closing a prospect (sometimes testimonials, celebrity endorsements and demonstrations isn’t good enough to convince people to buy!)
  • How to properly structure your offer so it’s easy to understand and easy for people to take action (this eliminates the “I need to think about it” excuse for not buying that can derail a close.)
  • How to take away risk what goes way beyond offering a 100% guarantee. This is something I teach all my private consulting clients, but I’ll share it with you in this audio.
  • How to extract unexpressed objections, or “elephants in the room” during your closing process (Many objections are not verbally expressed by your process, and this is how you tap into the mind of your prospect, absolve these objections, and get them closer to “Yes.”)
  • …and a whole LOT more!

Believe me, implementing everything in this audio will forever affect the products/services you create, how to market to your prospects and customers, and which “hot buttons” to touch upon when closing a sale.

This is the perfect compliment to “The Ultimate No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team”…so take action today.

This Special Bonus Disappears Immediately Monday, December 15th At Midnight So Take Action Right Now To Get This “Must-Have” Bonus Worth $297!

You Can Try Out “The Ultimate No B.S. Renegade
Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team”
For FREE If You Choose Thanks To Our Ironclad 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee




GKIC – The No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team


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