Glen Allsopp (ViperChill) – Marketing Inc

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Glen Allsopp (ViperChill) – Marketing Inc



Glen Allsopp (ViperChill) – Marketing Inc
Glen Allsopp (ViperChill) – Marketing Inc


robin-pJust got access to Marketing Inc this morning. I had a long “to do” list to plough through today but that’s gone out the window ..thought I’d have a quick peak, and spent the last few hours glued to my PC going through it from start to finish.

I just couldn’t put it down!

Now I am no novice in this field, and I was already implementing some of the strategies you detail. But I have learnt so many extra things from you – little tweaks here and there that will have a huge impact on my bottom line. I’ve taken 14 pages of notes – a record for any course!

The content is immense. Even as a seasoned pro I learnt a ton. But for anyone wanting to learn how to build a thriving client based internet marketing business, this is the bomb – a complete roadmap, a blueprint. You show how to select niches, how to market yourself to them, and how to deliver results.

Love the fact that most of the information is in the written word – with videos added where necessary. Being a fast reader, I hate logging into membership areas to be confronted with nothing but video so full marks there.

I believe a decent franchise can cost upward of tens of thousands of dollars. In terms of profit potential and entry cost, Marketing Inc blows them all out of the water.” – Rob Porter, London, UK




To Recap What Marketing Inc. Covers…




  • Part 1: Which amazing niches are totally up for grabs
  • Part 2: How to sell like an expert, even if you aren’t one
  • Part 3: The ultimate guide to SEO. Stuff that NOBODY is talking about
  • Part 4: The entire system blueprint, laid out for you step-by-step

50,000 Words of Content & Over 3 Hours of Video
+ Private Forum Access
+ $1500 Monthly Cash Prizes For Best Case Study



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PART 1:- Strategy Potential (9,866 words)

$60,000 in Year One to $2.4 Million Just 24 Months Later / Word Count: 1,989
Get Paid Like An Expert (Without Being One) / Word Count: 1,116
How to Decide Which Industry You’re Going to Dominate With Your Marketing Inc. / Word Count: 1,983
The Huge List of Lucrative Niche Ideas
Our Business is About to Reach Six Figures / Word Count: 1,148
How Daryl Built a Local SEO Business Making Thousands Per Month / Word Count: 1,130

PART 2:- Action (1 hour 26 minutes and 16,840 words)

Strategies for Finding & Closing Clients / Video Length: 1 hour+ / Word Count: 3,973
A $21,000 Launch: The John Sonmez Case Study / Word Count: 2,284
My Favourite Ad Platform and How It Can Make You Rich / Word Count: 2,165
The Secret Reddit Strategy That Gets Me Leads / Word Count: 2,387
The Final Strategy: Glen Part I / Video Length: 33 minutes 41 seconds
The Final Strategy: Glen Part II / Video Length: 37 minutes 44 seconds
The Final Strategy: Diggy / Word Count: 2,983
The Robin Kassner Interview / Word Count: 3,048

PART 3:- SEO (1 hour 34 minutes & 21,056 words)

An Introduction to SEO & The Power of Links / Word Count: 1,631
Which Colour Hat Should You Wear / Word Count: 1,587
Understanding & Building Link Networks / Word Count: 3,279
An Introduction to Local SEO / Video Length: 16 minutes 16 seconds / Word Count: 1,864
Local SEO On-Site Optimisation / Video Length: 20 minutes 49 seconds / Word Count: 2,934
Local SEO Off-Site Optimisation / Video Length: 24 minutes 5 seconds / Word Count: 2,423
Pricing Models for Your SEO Clients / Word Count: 1,388
Setting Up Private Blog Networks: A Blueprint / Video Length: 22 minutes 57 seconds / Word Count: 3,752
Case Studies with Local SEO / Video Length: 8 minutes 25 seconds / Word Count: 1,652
Lead Generation and Pay Per Call / Word Count: 546




Glen Allsopp (ViperChill) – Marketing Inc


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