Guerrilla Rockstar – Local Consultant Blueprint

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Guerrilla Rockstar – Local Consultant Blueprint


Guerrilla Rockstar – Local Consultant Blueprint
Guerrilla Rockstar – Local Consultant Blueprint



Attention: Serious Offline Consultants Only!
I’ll keep this very short, because I know you’ve probably already heard about this program on one of our training sessions and you are probably as excited about this as we are!

Roger and I have put together the complete guerrilla package…

You’re about to discover Roger’s 6 figure in 12 week blueprint as well as rub shoulders with some of the most successful sales experts and consultants around.

What’s more, if you move quick, you will be able to participate in the LIVE sessions and have them answer your most pressing questions!

Here’s a taste of what you’re going to get…

Step by Step Blueprint to Building a 6 Figure Consulting Business

Discover in this module…

  • These 3 Daily Guerrilla Offline Tactics done every day for 90 days and you will easily help you sign on 20 clients or more.
  • Hate cold calling? Use these 2 Guerrilla offline tactics to have referrals POOORING in like rain even if you have 0 consulting clients
  • Use this guerrilla Offline secret to signing 10 businesses in one weekend (This could make you $5000- $10000 easily in 1 weekend with no freaking cold calling!)
  • How to become a LOCAL ROCKSTAR in the offline consulting world and have newspapers and your local television talking about your services!
  • These 3 alliances with local businesses in your local area will have you full of referrals in NO timeYou will literally have no shortage of red hot prospects coming your way, desperate for your services.

    But, how do you get the best possible deal serving them? Introducing…

    MODULE #2
    “Guerrilla Sales Strategies Using the Power of SPIN”

    In this training session, you will discover…

  • How to use spin selling to close sales 80% of the time
  • How to make a customer tell YOU the benefits of your own product (leading to more sales)
  • How to make a prospect close himself time and time again…
  • The secrets only top sales people know about  Spinning and not selling.If you haven’t yet achieved your offline goals, you absolutely have to go through this module, step by step!

    MODULE #3
    “7 Steps to Wildly Increasing Your Sales”
    With Spike Humer, Business Acceleration LEGEND

    In this session, Spike Humer reveals…

  • The simple steps you need to take to achieve business acceleration
  • The single biggest reason why most offliners fail and how to prepare yourself so it doesn’t happen to you…
  • Who you should be selling to and who you must avoid…
  • How to leverage other people to multiply your consulting sales…
  • The exact way you MUST run your appointment with your prospect if you are going to get the deal (95% of consultants do the complete opposite and ruin any chance of landing a deal)
  • The steps you must take to make it easy for your prospect to say yes to the deal…
  • a lot moreMODULE #4
    “The Fastest Way to Land Consulting Deals”
    Guerrilla Consulting Superstar Michael Mclaughlin

    Having sold and delivered more than $300 million in professional services, McLaughlin knows the market-tested elements every marketing strategy must have to maximize the chances of winning work.

    This is your opportunity to discover what practically no other consultant knows about landing clients!

    Literally, by the end of these powerful training sessions, you will have everything you need to…

  • Attract business to you in floods
  • Close business almost at will using sales techniques only the most successful sales people are using
  • Get paid more for doing less, by positioning yourself as the go to person in your local area.…And to make this a complete no brainer, we are adding…

    Implementation Session With Barry and Roger

    On this call, Barry and Roger answered every imaginable question from fellow offline consultants.

    …And as a Guerrilla Rockstar, you will receive access to ongoing sessions and live implementation calls at no further cost!
    Guerrilla Rockstar is a one off opportunity to discover a proven 6 figure offline blueprint and sales training from some of the most successful consultants in the world!



Guerrilla Rockstar – Local Consultant Blueprint


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