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Harlan Kilstein – Beach Millions



Harlan Kilstein – Beach Millions
Harlan Kilstein – Beach Millions


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Dr. Harlan Kilstein Presents…


This Man is Running A Seven Figure Business –

While Taking A Stroll On The Beach!


4 DVDs walking you through the system.  Filmed in front of a live audience – most of whom never even dreamed of owning an online business – these DVDs can be understood by anyone!

In fact, Dr. Kilstein’s 13 year old son was in attendance and he’s currently following the “no work” model.

And if a 13 year old can do it, anyone can.

You’ll also get a bonus disk with all the slides and a resource guide you’ll need so you can get other people to do the work for you.  No kidding.

The entire system is guaranteed for a FULL YEAR.  Use what you learn for a full year and if you aren’t completely satisfied, just send it back and we’ll cheerfully refund your money.

The price of the entire Beach Millions system is $97.  The value is priceless.

Now hurry up and get your sun screen out.  You’re about to become a Beach Millions Member.

You would never guess he’s busy at work.  He’s taking an hour to relax and read his favorite novel that he’s been meaning to get to – and at the same time his websites are making deposits like clockwork into his bank account.  And he promises, he can show you how to get the same results – without you doing the work.

In the past year, he has “not worked” but made money while visiting beaches in California, Florida, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Israel, and Dubai.

The difference between now and the last five years is that he’s not slaving away for a paycheck. He’s not trying to work his way up a corporate ladder – in fact, he’s doing even better than the “fat cats” at the top who’ve put in their whole lives (and sanity) to get up there!

He’s not counting the hours until quitting time. He’s not glued to a computer monitor. And he’s not wondering if he can pay the bills this month. The only time he checks his iPhone is to see how much money is effortlessly coming in from his latest promotion.

He’s reading a half hour with his phone on silent. He glances down at the iPhone. $2100 that day. Not bad. Flips the page to the next chapter.

Life Is Completely Different Now!

In fact, since he personally developed the secrets of Beach Millions program, his life seems like a chapter from a completely different book. He now has plans to start new projects, goals that were fantasies a few short years ago, and friends that are really curious about his business all of a sudden.

And when they ask him what he does, he looks at them and replies naturally, “I go to the beach, put my feet up, open a book, and the money comes in”.

He’s more fit than he’s been in more than ten years; he has time to run and time to work out.  And he gives generously to his favorite charities – more than he ever dreamed.

And he’s more relaxed than ever. With all this free time, he can take the time to learn about what fascinates him, think about what’s important in life. Money is no longer the central goal – as it’s coming in whether he goes to work or not!

But he’s not satisfied with making an easy living leaning back on a chaise lounge; he wants to show his friends….they can do it too.

Perhaps the easiest way to get to earn a living is the Beach Millions system.

A proven program, that can give you a new standard of living and a new peace of mind if you put in less than an hour every day – even on the beach.

To reiterate, this man spends less than an hour generating income (most days it’s about 20 minutes), and then hops in his car to park himself at the beach. The rest of the day is his. And not only are those few minutes effective, they’re making him more than the most doctors and lawyers are making – even in “this economy.”

Be Your Own Boss And Work From Wherever You Want

No high-paying, cushy job could compare to being your own boss, making your own hours (or half-hours), and having the serenity that you’re in control of your life.

And no work-‘round-the-clock job could give you the exciting new energy that financial freedom can afford you in as little as minutes a day.

Quite simply, he’s never found a program that could make so much money with such little time and money invested.

How can you yourself do this? Just like this…

This man has developed perhaps the most straightforward program on making money online in existence. And he doesn’t know where he’d be now if he didn’t actually do it himself.

The top names in the field of Internet Marketing regularly consult with Dr. Kilstein to help them grow their business.  And they pay dearly for his time.  His clients include multi-million dollar companies.  But he’s not looking for more corporate clients.  He wants to teach regular folks – even those who don’t have a background in online business  – how to start generating substantial revenue for themselves…to gain financial freedom…to easily learn to be competent in a new business…to start living easier.

Hundreds Have Already Learned From Him

Hundreds of people have already benefited from the techniques and programs Dr. Kilstein has already released.  But he’s most proud of his latest discovery.

The name of this incredible program is Beach Millions. To sum up, it’s a straightforward, simple to understand and put into practice program – intended to automatically generate an income with minimal effort and background.

It is NOT an MLM or Network marketing program.  It about building your own successful online business WITHOUT doing the actual work.

The secret to the success of the business is Outsourcing.  For less than a cup of coffee, you can have someone on the other side of the world do the work for you.

If the idea of doing work on a website makes you break into a cold sweat, the beauty of this system is – YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT.  Let someone else do it.  (Remember how Tom Sawyer got all of his friends to whitewash the fence?)

Three Reasons People Don’t Succeed

Dr. Kilstein discovered three main reasons people don’t grow successful online businesses or succeed at work-at-home jobs:

1. There are a lot of scams out there.  People are just downright lying about what works and what doesn’t work.  ”Make Money On Ebay”.  ”Make Money Taking Surveys.”  ”Join our Automatic Profit Matrix System.” The only people making money with these systems are the ones selling them.

2. Most make money online systems are incredibly complex.  They require a steep learning curve most people don’t have time for and so they give up.  People get frustrated and blame themselves. They should be upset at the people peddling these systems that required an advanced degree in computer systems to understand.

3. People are getting out of date material.  Why?  Because that’s what these people have to sell.  They are advocating techniques that haven’t worked online in years.  So people sometimes invest hours to learn something that just doesn’t work anymore.  Look, the Internet changes every time you log on.  You need to have a system that works now – and in the future.

Beach Millions Is Now Accepting A Limited Number of Beta Test Clients

Beach Millions is now ready and set up to be used by every person who can click a mouse. The lessons learned by successful business entrepreneurs are at the fingertips of someone ready to really succeed.

Here is what Beach Millions can give you. It starts with step-by-step instructions to get started generating income right away.


Even money-from home money making schemes usually put people into debt. I’ve seen these online schemes and their victims first-hand. They’ve invested their time and money, and haven’t seen the rewards. It’s not what you want.

What you do want is this: the ability to be financially free and do what you want with your life. It is possible. You can do it. You’re going to learn step-by-step how to do it in a way that ensures your success.

Here’s a sample of what you’re going to be learning to do on the beach:

The first thing you’re going to learn is how to pick a business that will be most effective (i.e. profitable) for you. You’re creating something out of nothing and we show you how to make it a reality.  It’s a simple 3-step formula that can be done in about 25-30 minutes.

Then you’re going to learn about relationships. Not the romantic kind, but the business kind that make you able to put your feet up because your customers trust you. You’re going to learn about creating value for your clients and why their satisfaction spells out your retirement fund.

You’re going to get the tools you need to start automatically building wealth for yourself. Industry secrets that may seem “old-school”, but they still work remarkably well. And they’re even more effective today, because no one else is doing them.

Dr. Kilstein is going to take you by the hand and show you where to find people to do the work for you so the job gets done, you build  a business, and you maintain your sanity.

The last step is the hardest part – how to gain the confidence and mindset you’re going to need to be able to succeed at this level. Donald Trump certainly has a can’t-fail mindset and you need one as well. This isn’t some feel-good mumbo-jumbo you can pick up at Barnes and Noble. These are real changes you’re going to imbed within your mind and soul that will enable you to succeed beyond what you thought possible.

More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible

Beach Millions is guaranteed to be the easiest and most satisfying way you’ve made an incredible amount of money. More than you thought possible for yourself to be earning without twelve degrees or a silver spoon in your mouth.

And that’s because…


The main idea of Beach Millions is that anyone – even someone with no background – can create a successful Internet marketing business – all from the comfort of the beach – or wherever your place of peace and relaxation is.

Dr. Kilstein, who first developed the system, had to stumble upon the steps of success through trial and (lots of) error. It wasn’t even a program but they realized the keys to success across a wide array of markets and put them together into a working, cohesive, easy-to-get-started-with system.

In fact, Dr. Kilstein – the creator of Beach Millions – barely knew what a domain name was. Didn’t know websites needed hosting and that websites were written in HTML. The experience of writing websites was so frustrating, he was thinking of throwing in the towel at a few points.

And yet, today he runs a business that pulls in over $1,000,000 a year without doing the actual “work”.

Missteps and frustrations were on the path that eventually led to his success. But you won’t have to make mistakes and wander around in the dark because he’s going to be the guide that avoids the mistakes and shows you exactly what to do.

Not only that, but there are real people behind Beach Millions, who’s job it is to help show you exactly what to do. If you’re not accomplishing what you set out to, they’re here to catch you and help you.

You may find creating a six or seven figure business in the first year difficult. A favorite quote comes to mind on that note: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”  A six-figure income ain’t a bad start.

And it’s really, really not hard.  Especially if you don’t do the work.

This isn’t a promise to make millions by next Thursday. It’s a proven method that has a track record of success that can work for you.



Harlan Kilstein – Beach Millions


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