Hector DeVille – HectorTrader.com – Forex Trading Course

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Hector DeVille – HectorTrader.com – Forex Trading Course




Hector DeVille – HectorTrader.com – Forex Trading Course
Hector DeVille – HectorTrader.com – Forex Trading Course


My name is Hector DeVille and I am a full-time Forex trader. Not a guru, not a market wizard nor a published author – just a trader who trades Forex for a living.Dear Forex Trader,

One of the main struggles every new trader faces is to weed out the useful information from the ocean of promises, uneducated statements and all around miss-information that floats around the internet.
Luckily you’ve come to the right place…

Have you spent hundreds on dollars on “magic” systems that look promising on cherry-picked historical charts but that didn’t quite deliver when applied in real time?

Have you tried dozens of so-called holy grail systems and indicators yet nothing has brought home consistent results?

Are you fed up of buying a course and receiving no update or support whatsoever, being left alone in front of the charts with a system you don’t really understand?

Are you suspicious about all those so-called mentors touting their wonderful systems but never seeing them trading live?

HectorTrader.com is not offering you yet another black-box trading system – we’re offering you a full Forex training program so you actually learn how to trade as opposed to blindly follow the signals generated by a black box system.

There’s an important difference! When you simply follow a system you don’t quite understand the trading decisions you’re taking… you just follow the signals generated by a combination of indicators that may or may not be right at that precise time.

In the order hand, when you actually learn how to trade you can fully understand why this or that trading decision is considered and why this or that action is undertaken!

8 full chapters and an annex (first chapter is FREE – get it here below!) covering absolutely everything you must know to trade Forex successfully: finding high-probability setups, entry signals, optimum stop loss and target levels, money management rules, and much more!

Structured around 60+ detailed, feature-rich and comprehensive real time videos.

Over 17 hours worth of videos! Live videos are the best format to learn a trading system: it’s like if you were watching over my shoulder!

My Trend-Scanning custom indicator for metaTrader4 platform: find solid trends across any currency pair or time frame!

Custom Excel sheet to calculate your Money Management, Track Record and Trade Plans!

Golden Rules of Trading: get the top-10 rules to keep your account growing.

P.S. – Stop searching for a quick Forex fix that delivers nothing but empty promises and unrealistic hopes! Enroll this full-size training program and learn, once and for all, how to become a successful Forex trader. You owe it to yourself!

P.P.S. – This is a risk-free purchase: if you are not you fully satisfied with the course you have 60 days to get your money back guaranteed! You have nothing to lose!

P.P.P.S. – Upon payment, you will receive immediate access to the whole course section plus the Trend Scanning custom indicator. You can be studying your way to Forex success today!




Hector DeVille – HectorTrader.com – Forex Trading Course


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