Hooked on Overages by Rick Dawson

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Hooked on Overages by Rick Dawson



Hooked on Overages by Rick Dawson
Hooked on Overages by Rick Dawson


Investing my money in foreclosures today is the last thing I’d do.
With all the potential title issues revolving around “robo-signing” foreclosure mills, or borrowers demanding lenders “produce the deed,” running a foreclosure business is just not worth the risk.
I’m still trying to forget them. Short sales were supposed to be the “next big thing,” and what a bust that turned out to be!
Even the short sale gurus are finally admitting that only 1 out of 10 applications submitted for short sale are accepted (I doubt it’s even half of that).
Ask any investor who tried to make money in short sales and they’ll tell you exactly what I found out… it’s a “million moves to nowhere” strategy that sounds good on paper… but is really just the biggest time-waster ever.
Did you hear all kinds of buzz about “Mortgage Assignments” a couple months back? Weird, it turned out to have nothing to do with assignments at all. Huh?
From what I can tell, it was just another twist on the old “take over payments” scheme that’s almost guaranteed to create problems for investors.
…When the course tag line is something like, “buy unsellable houses and flip them to unqualified buyers,” you can be sure 97% of those deals go bad…
(and you don’t want to be is the guy or gal who put it all together when it does).
Foreclosures, short sales, and mortgage assignments are “high risk” strategies that smart investors in this economy do not go anywhere near.
The truth is… you can make even more money, without all that risk, by recovering unclaimed tax sale overages.

“Hooked On Overages” is the original “tax sale overages” training program and not just some copy-cat course an info-marketer has knocked off.
It’s based on our 20+ years experience in the found money business (you learn from our mistakes… not your own).
Get up and running quickly with…
•Proven strategies and techniques that work (and not just on paper). Use these ideas to acquire lists of claims, find the rightful claim owners, and make contact.
•Expert advice from Pros in the found money business.
•Every form or document you’ll ever need to start and operate a found money business of your own, all created or reviewed by attorneys who know tax sale overages.
•A dozen individual training modules that break down every step in the found money game…




Hooked on Overages by Rick Dawson


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