Howard Tiano – Offline Cash Blueprints

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Howard Tiano – Offline Cash Blueprints


Howard Tiano – Offline Cash Blueprints
Howard Tiano – Offline Cash Blueprints



Dear Frustrated Consultant,

She stormed out of the room, and even as she tried to hold back her tears she shouted back at me, “I think you love your #@%# computer more than me! “

Ouch…that went straight through my heart. But I understand how she would feel that way. My wife can be the most supportive person in the world, but she had finally reached the end of her rope.

If you’re working as an offline business consultant right now — it’s absolutely something you NEED to hear about. It might just save your butt like it did mine!

You see… about 2 years ago, my beautiful wife became so fed up with me that I thought she was going to walk out of my life forever… and all because of my Internet marketing business.

How could my business cause her to want to leave?

Well, for almost two years straight I spent lots more time on my computer and trying to manage my business than I did with her.

In fact, you might even say that I became married to my computer, spending every day plugging away for hours and hours and hours, barely even moving from my desk, except to eat and sleep.

It became a very sore spot for us…

I Had To Draw A Line In The Sand Immediately!lines

Ultimately I had to draw a line in the sand to save my family and eliminate all the stress I had been feeling from working non-stop.

I knew that if things kept going the way they were going I was going to burn out entirely — and I was possibly going to lose my family.

I was hurting those that I loved most by just not being there.

And you know what?

I don’t know if I just needed that slap in the face to realize the errors of my ways… but once it kicked in… I discovered It was possible… no, it was EASY… to make even MORE money than ever before while working just a few hours per week.

It was amazing… and frankly, I’ve never looked back.

Now I’d like to help you too.

So You’ve Got a Few Consulting Clients…
GREAT! …Now what?

Would you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions?

squareIs your day being eaten up servicing your clients and producing the work?

squareAre you spending your time getting new clients, or are you stuck behind the computer because you don’t have anyone else to do the work for you, or “you could do it better than anyone you could ‘afford’ to hire.”

squareAre you treading water just to keep up with the clients you have, never mind getting more!

squareHas your income hit the ceiling…just not anymore hours left in the day?

warningIf you answered “Yes” to just ONE of the questions above, these are the warning signs that you’re working WAY TOO HARD , and you’re headed down the same road as I was just a couple of years ago.
“Most People Are Too Busy Earning A Living To Make Any Real Money.”
Joe Karbo – Author of “Lazy Man’s Way To Riches”

If you REALLY want to increase your offline consulting income (while putting in LESS TIME) then you need to first consider your business model today:

Does Your Current Offline Consulting Business Model Look Anything Like This?

Do you see any similarity between the org chart above and your own offline consulting business today?

Are you the “me” that holds every position of your organization, handling everything that needs to be done in order to keep your business going (and growing)?

If you are the “me” that handles it all…

… then you have either already experienced an income plateau or you soon will… this plateau is a barrier which you will be unable to overcome on your own.

Yes, if you continue down this path for any length of time your business will only be able to achieve a certain level of profitability before you hit a brick wall.

And this is 100% a recipe for burnout or decreased quality of work — let me assure you from firsthand experience.

This… of course… is the bad news.

The good news is that you CAN grow your business and make more money (LOTS more) — while working much less.





Howard Tiano – Offline Cash Blueprints


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