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I Love Marketing 2
I Love Marketing 2


Discover the step-by-step “success blueprints” for triggering profits and exploding the growth of your business.
Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, 

Hello, this is Joe Polish. I’ve taught thousands of people how to transform their businesses, lifestyles, and incomes using Easy, Lucrative, and Fun Direct Marketing Strategies… I call them E.L.F. Strategies™.

In addition to running several of my own successful businesses, I host the wildly popular, I Love Marketing, free weekly podcast with marketing ninja, Dean Jackson.


Now let me start by asking you a couple of questions…


Do you think it’s really possible to make more money in business while working LESS? Do you really think it’s possible to see exponential growth in your business in the next year?


I know it sounds crazy… but after growing several of my own businesses this way and now having helped literally thousands of other entrepreneurs do the same… I can tell you with confidence the answer is “YES!”


To explain, I’d like to share with you a short story. Pay close attention, as it contains a valuable lesson that, if applied, can make you a whole lot of money.


See if you can spot it before I mention it…

One day, on a beautiful spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, two men decided to start their own businesses.

They were very much alike, these two men.

Both were sharp, both were personable… and both… as new entrepreneurs usually do… had big dreams for their business future.

Recently, these two men ran into each other. They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had children.

And both, as it turned out, had started businesses in the same industry… providing the same services… and were still in business, despite the tips and turns of the economy.

Both also had excellent reputations for quality. But there was a difference. Oneof the men worked in his business 40-50 hours a week, and made a modest income for his family.

The other spent more time with his family than he did working, and was a multi-millionaire.




What Made The Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives?

It isn’t always intelligence, or hard work, or luck. And it certainly isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in what each person knows… and how he or she makes use of that knowledge. The first man – who worked hard to bring home a modest income for his family – had become an expert in the latest techniques and procedures in his industry.

The second man – who had become a millionaire – had become an expert on marketing.

The first man had become a master of his craft… while the second man had become a master at bringing in new Clients, getting bigger deals, and bringing in more money.

The first man took pride in doing every job himself – he had to make sure it was done right… while the second man – with his higher revenues – took pride in hiring the most highly skilled workers in the industry to be a part of his team.

The first man’s business was his life… while the second man’s business enabled him to have the lifestyle he wanted.



The history of these two men will be repeated in thousands of lives this year. 

Many new entrepreneurs will start and run businesses… only to have them feel like JOBS.


Perhaps they’ll make a bit more money than they did at their former job… but with more stress and more work along with it. But a small handful of entrepreneurs will go about things differently.


This small handful of entrepreneurs will…

1. Position themselves as the dominant player in their industry – the one people go to FIRST when seeking the service they provide.


2. Become one of the “big boys” that scoop up 80% of the available jobs or sales… while the small fish who don’t know any better compete with each other for the scraps.


3. Set up their businesses so they not only run themselves… but grow on their own… increasing net profits year after year while the entrepreneur spends LESS time actually working.

But perhaps most exciting… they’ll do it without working any harder than the others… and while having a whole lot more fun!

And the way they will do it… will be with MARKETING.

So the lesson from the story is quite simple…


The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business
In Today’s Economy Is Not By Doing More Hard Work… 

But By Improving Your Marketing!


The good news is, this is a whole lot easier than you think! That’s because now you can simply follow the proven “path and plan” of people like myself who have done the time and figured it out.

It took me YEARS of personal trial and error to create my fail-proof marketing systems. And, since 1996 I’ve been hosting mega successful Events and Seminars that literally change lives.


In fact, over the years I’ve found the AVERAGE income increase after leaving my events is $40,000.00 within the first year!!!


You read that right! Those who put my systems in place banked an extra 40 GRAND on average within the first 12 months – and many did even better than that! What would you do with an extra $40,000.00 this year?

Will you… take a trip? Pay off your debt? Invest it back into your business? Put it in the bank?

But sadly, the reality is…


Most Entrepreneurs
Will Never Become Rich…


Just like one of our friends from the opening story, most entrepreneurs will work really hard and never seem to “move the dial” on their business. No matter how much of themselves they invest into their business, they will never seem to get ahead. In my 18+ years of being an entrepreneur I’ve seen a lot of businesses succeed. But I’ve also seen a great many of them fail.

Let’s face it: Owning your own business can be a tough gig.

And it doesn’t help that we are smack dab in the middle of the worst recession our country has seen in decades.

The grim truth is, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census 93.1% of businesses have annual revenues of less than $250K, and 57.1% have revenues of less than $25K per year (that’s total revenue, not profit). It’s obvious that the majority of entrepreneurs have fallen into the same trap…and can’t seem to find their way out.

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I nearly lost my own business.

I was 24 years old and had bought into the dream of running my own business, being my own boss, and of course, making tons of money in the process. But as most who start their own business quickly learn… that’s not always how it plays out.

During my early years, I was struggling to crack $2,000 a month in revenue. I found myself cleaning up cat pee in 110 degree Phoenix summer heat all day and barely making enough to fill my gas tank.

Not only was I a prisoner to my business, doing all the labor myself, then going home and having to face all of the “office stuff”, but I was also DEAD BROKE.

I was working harder than I ever had in my entire life, with nothing to show for it but a sore back. I can’t tell you how many times I thought about just giving up.

I’ll be the first to admit I was no “natural” when it came to running a business.


How I “Accidentally”
Grew My Business Income Over 1000%
In Just 6 Months!


I’ll never forget my personal breakthrough. I had a conversation with a millionaire entrepreneur who reminded me “there was nothing wrong with my business… there was something wrong with me.”

In other words, there were plenty of people making a lot of money in the industry I had chosen. The business itself wasn’t flawed, I just needed to “crack the code” and figure out how to make money in it. If I could do that, I could succeed at any business.

How about you? Are there people in your industry who are making millions?

You bet there are. And maybe it took them decades and lots of persistence and stamina to get where they are today. Maybe in the past you’ve reasoned, “They’ve been around for years.” “They have an established name, I can’t compete with them.” Or maybe you tell yourself “This is a different economy now. The competition in my industry is way too intense, everybody and their brother does what I do.”

I used to practice that kind of “flawed” thinking too. But I really took to heart what that millionaire businessman said to me and began my quest to figure out how to make my business…or any business… really work.


I Knew With That Realization I Would “Crack The Code” To
Success In My Own Business… Or Die Trying.


And the rest is, well, history.

That paradigm shift in my thinking led me to Gary Halbert, who introduced me to Direct Marketing and with that discovery I was able to grow my little business from barely squeaking by on $2100 a month, to$12,300 a month in just 6 months… without any additional “work” on my part… and actually spending LESS time working “in” my business and more time working “on” it.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve had a chance to meet and mingle with some of the richest and most powerful people in the world, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Peter Diamandis, even Bill Clinton. I run a high-level “Genius Network Mastermind” where Membership is $25,000 per year and get to learn from the most brilliant marketers and business people in the world, people who are making tens of millions of dollars in every line of business you can think of. Because of my expertise and high-level connections, I now charge $25,000 per half day to consult with high-level business professionals privately.

Over the past 17 years I’ve been paid millions of dollars for my systems and strategies by business owners from all over the world, and from all industries. And I’ve helped these business owners make millions of dollars. (For example, Bill Phillips, former owner of EAS supplements and Muscle Media Magazine, made $3,000,000.00 off of just ONE of my ideas when he hired me for a day of marketing consulting.)

And the good news is you can take the “short cut” to success. Because when you follow the “path and plan” of someone who has figured out the “blueprint” to business success, that is where you have your breakthrough. That is when you can be catapulted from the bottom of your market to the top of the income earners in record time. That is when you bypass years of struggle and thousands of dollars in trial and error and land right at the top of your market with your drive, passion, and tenacity still intact!

And if I’ve learned anything in my 17+ years of doing this it’s that:


Making money in your business has
NOTHING to do with the economy, new technology, or the
amount of competition in your market…
and everything to do with proven, time-tested, enduring
MARKETING PRINCIPLES you can apply to your
business for fast, predictable success.


The success of my own small business led me down the path of teaching my methods to fellow business owners which eventually led me to where I am today, a highly paid marketing consultant, philanthropist, and millionaire entrepreneur.

I held my first ever Piranha Marketing Boot Camp back in 1996, and shared what I had discovered with a small handful of soon-to-be-rich entrepreneurs. Now, almost two decades later, I’m in the position to hold really killer, money-making events for business owners from industries across the board, access the I Love Marketing 2 Home Study Course and you’ll be pumped with enthusiasm and…


Ready To Start Making Serious Amounts Of Cash!

Because I Can’t Stress Enough…
The Only Way For Exponential Growth In Your Business
In Today’s Economy Is Not By Working Harder…

But By Marketing…The Right Way!





I’m talking about:

Creating systems that bring you new Clients automatically
Branding yourself as the top provider in your niche
Tweaking your ads to out-pull all competitors
Generating maximum profit from each transaction (allowing you to outspend competitors on new Client acquisition)
Finding new profits in your existing relationship portfolio
Recruiting the best talent to work for you
Building a business that runs itself


And because I’ve done all the work for you…it’s as easy as following my success blueprints! And my strategies and methodologies are super easy to “get” and even easier to implement and put to work for you. To keep it really simple, Dean Jackson and I have “framed” the money-generating portion of your business into…

The 3 Pillars Of Profit!
(And How To Unlock Them)

During the I Love Marketing 2 Event, we dug very deeply into the 3 different units that make up your business… so that you start finding breakthroughs before you even get out of conference room…

It’s really just a matter of which of the 3 units of your business are your breakthroughs going to come from first…

>> The “Before Unit”:

In the “Before Unit”… we’re going to talk about how to really look at everything you are doing in the unit that finds the people who want to buy your products or use your services… how to compel them to call you… and how to convert those leads into paying customers.

We’re going to show you how to do it in such an easy way that you can completely automate the process, and make it so it’s all done robotically – set it up one time and it continues to run again and again.

There is so much freedom when you no longer have to think about where your business is coming from… and after getting just a few of these secrets and putting them into action, you’ll know how it feels!

>>The “During Unit”:

The “During Unit”… this is the part of your business where you are actually working with people.

This is about presenting your unique service offer… how to make offers that make it easy for people to start doing business with you… how to deliver a world class experience for them – and how to completely leverage the transaction for maximum profit while maintaining Client satisfaction.

Typically what you are going to find is that just applying some of the simplest growth strategies to your “During Unit” are going to increase by about 50% the unit of sale of any transaction that you do.

That means that either half the people that do business with you refer somebody else… or… through a series of upsells and packaging techniques, we are going to share with you… you are able to increase your average ticket by 50%. There’s a TON of opportunity here… and we’re going to walk you through exactly how to find it!


>>The After Unit:

The “After Unit” is the unit where you are nurturing lifetime relationships with the people who already know you, like you, and trust you because you have done business with them in the past.

We’ll also show you how to position yourself in their mind as The Company and how to always be at the TOP of their mind when they think of your product and services.

We’re going to talk about nurturing lifetime relationships… and generating referrals by turning your Clients – the people who know you, like you and trust you – into your own private sales force… spreading the word about your business while you sleep!

We have some incredible referral-getting strategies… and at this event we’re going to get really deep into the psychology of referrals and what motivates Clients to make them… so you know exactly how to orchestrate them in your business.

We’re also going to hand you exact templates that you can customize to your business and pass out to your customers… starting the process automatically with almost ZERO work on your part!

Looking at your business in 3 dimensions like this is the way to rapid, consistent growth…

The best part about the new strategies you will discover is that they aren’t just “flash in the pan”… once you apply one of these proven money-making strategies to your business, it keeps making you money 5, 10, 20 years down the road…

In fact, it’s very likely you’ll walk away with several strategies that change the way you do business FOREVER…

You Are Likely Just
ONE Breakthrough Away 
From Exploding The Profits
In Your Business…

If there is one thing I’ve learned after helping literally thousands of entrepreneurs increase the profits in their businesses… it’s that you are probably just one big breakthrough away from business success!

I’ve seen it time and time again, in businesses big and small. For me, it was when I changed my ads from asking prospects to call me to asking them to call a ‘Free Recorded Message.’ This one little ad took me from $2100 a month in sales to $12,300 a month in under 6 months!

One idea. One new ad. One new referral strategy. One new technique. One new way to get customers in the door.

You’ll get DOZENS and DOZENS of these techniques in the I Love Marketing 2 Home Study Course… it’s just a matter of which one will create the biggest breakthrough for you!

But you don’t have to wait until the event to start having breakthroughs because I’m going to share 5 big secrets I’ve discovered about creating a wildly successful business that are indisputably true…

Pay close attention, as knowing these 5 secrets is often the difference between owning a profitable business that gives you the money and freedom to get the most out of life… or being a slave to a business that barely gets you by…

Business Breakthrough Secret # 1 – 
The Real Money Comes From
Working On Your Business,
Not In Your Business!

As an entrepreneur, I know you are a hard worker… but you probably discovered very early on in business that hard work doesn’t necessarily equal more money…

The exception is when you are working ON your business, not in it.

Things like creating referral systems, tweaking ads, developing more effective sales presentations, creating higher-priced packages, and hiring A-list talent are all things that you only have to do once and then they will continue to increase your business forever.

These leverage points are what I encourage you to focus on as an entrepreneur… and the things that bring you more money AND more freedom!

Business Breakthrough Secret # 2 –
One Hidden Profit Opportunity
Could Be Worth MONTHS Of Hard Work!

Every smart business owner knows they are leaving money on the table somewhere… but we don’t always know exactly where.

It’s a part of the game, and totally fine.

But what’s NOT fine is failing to do something about it!

One missed profit opportunity seized could add thousands to your bottom line every month… often at zero cost to you… and it could be right under your nose!

That’s why it’s important to regularly get outside perspectives on your business… whether it be through masterminding with your peers, hiring consultants, or attending seminars.

Whatever you do, don’t ever allow yourself to fall into a routine, and don’t ever stop looking for free,easy money!

Business Breakthrough Secret # 3 –
Grab The Gold Coins First!

NEWSFLASH: Some of the places you are leaving money on the table in your business are worth MUCH more than others!

As my marketing mentor, the late Gary Halbert used to say, “If you find yourself surrounded by a bunch of coins… the first thing you should do is pick up the gold ones!”

Don’t waste your time reaching for bronze and silver coins until all of the gold ones are yours (let your competitors do that!).

The I Love Marketing 2 Home Study Course will reveal many hidden profit opportunities in your business… but I’m not going to suggest you go after each one…

First, we’re going to figure out which opportunities are the most profitable to you… so you go after yourgold coins first… maximizing the return on your time spent, and adding the highest possible amount of profit to your bottom line.

Business Breakthrough Secret # 4 –

Optimizing Multiple Leverage Points
Gives You Compounding Results

Perhaps the most exciting part of working on your business is the compounding results you begin to see once your efforts in optimizing different areas of your business take effect.

For example, creating a new ad that brings in 25% more Clients for the same amount of advertising dollars spent gives you an instant 25% increase in revenue.

But when you couple that with a new sales presentation that increases your average ticket by 15%… and a new referral-getting system that gets one out of 4 of those Clients to refer a friend, you’ve just createdan 80% increase of in-your-pocket, take home profits!

These compounding factors are the true beauty of smart marketing applied! And in the I Love Marketing 2 Home Study Course, I dug very deeply into the 8 different Profit-Activators of your business… showing you how to maximize each one to create a compounding flow of new profits faster than you ever thought possible!

Business Breakthrough Secret # 5 –
Don’t Start At The Bottom
When You Can Start At The Top!

While it feels good to write a new ad from scratch and have it turn out to be a winner… or to develop a new system for generating referrals on your own… I feel your time and money is just too valuable to risk on a “maybe”.

Especially because the road has already been paved for you! Listen… the FASTEST way to increase your business profits is NOT by throwing time and money away testing things that might work… but by getting PROVEN profit-increasing strategies that have worked for other businesses… and simply copying them!

So don’t start at the bottom. Start at the top, leveraging the successes of those who came before you, and improve from there.

It’s very likely I already know the exact strategies you need to literally double or triple your business within 90 days… you just need to get ’em from me and put ’em to work!

If this sounds exciting to you… and if you’re ready to say goodbye to long hours and declining profit margins… and are serious about building an Easy, Lucrative, and FUN™ business with profits that INCREASE while you work less… then I want to invite you to join me and other top entrepreuera in their fields by experiencing the I Love Marketing 2 Home Study Course… where I show you EXACTLY how to do it…

“Blueprint” Of Success!”

Perhaps the main reason the I Love Marketing 2 Home Study Course will be an absolute SLAM DUNK for your business is this…

Over the years Dean Jackson and I have developed a “blueprint for success” that dramatically increases the profits of any business… whether your business is…

=> Business-to-Business

=> Business-to-Consumer

=> Brick & Mortar

=> Non-Profit

=> Information Marketing

=> Or basically selling anything or any service to anyone!

We’ve previously only shared this Blueprint with a select group of Clients… who pay us anywhere from $10,000 all the way up to $25,000 per day…

But we’ve decided that we’re gonna give YOU this Secret Consulting Blueprint – and then we spend 3 days showing you how to apply it to your business for massive, instantly measurable results!

This Blueprint has helped DOZENS of entrepreneurs grow 7 and even 8-figure companies, and Dean and I can’t wait to share it with you!

This is the “blueprint” that has helped us make our millions and has also helped
thousands of other entrepreneurs to create a rich lifestyle.

5stars  (Review)
Sir Richard Branson
“Joe has a wonderful knack for pulling people together, throwing them in a pot, stirring them up, and fantastic things can come from it.I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of the people he’s thrown in that pot and have had the privilege of doing wonderful things with those people… and some of them have become great friends as a result. I’d like to salute Joe and say ‘Thanks Very Much!’ Keep up the good work.”
-Sir Richard Branson, Rebel Billionaire and Founder of the Virgin Empire
(Client Reviews) 

There are a few people on this planet who are the only people that I would even DARE to allow to COACH me in the marketing arena and one of those people, his name is JOE POLISH.
Joe has given me three very specific keys that will totally revolutionize what we’re doing and take us to an entirely new level. I Love Joe!He will give YOU specific strategies and capabilities too. With the amount of money I’m going to make, it will be so that if I chose not to, I never have to work again.” 

5starstharv eker 

– T. Harv Eker, #1 International , Best-Selling Author & Founder of Peak Potentials
I attended the I Love Marketing Conference and walked out of here with at least 5 to 10 $10,000.00 Idea’s, met some wonderful people, made some great connections, and I’m having a lot of fun.I highly recommend these guys… 

– Jennifer Russell
In the last 9 months applying the I Love Marketing Concepts we’ve tripled our online business in the veterinary field. I’ve been able to follow the program and we believe we’re creating a superior experience than any of our competitors ever could, and as a result we’re seeing a substantial increase in referrals…

Dr. James Sinclair, Top Dog Health And Rehabilitation
5starsdean graziosi img 

The things I’ve learned with Joe Polish have put $1 to $2 million net in my pocket…You might be missing that one thing that takes your company from 12M to over 100M… 

This is the place you can get it.

Dean Graziosi, Best Selling Author & Investor, Be A Real Estate Millionaire, Dean Enterprises LLC 

“The ideas are so amazing, you’ll not only be inspired by seeing those who are more successful…


You’ll also walk away with great ideas…

And it’ll be the best business networking opportunity you’ll ever experience.”

5starsdr eric cobb 

Dr. Eric Cobb, Founder of ZHealth

5starsLeanne Ely 

“You get all these little nuggets…

Everything that’s directly applicable to your business!”

Leanne Ely, NY Times Best Selling Author of the Saving Dinner Series

And Your Blueprint to Success Starts When You Get…

ALL Of My Most Closely-Guarded,
Competition Crushing Secrets.

ALL of my very best business-building secrets are revealed
during this I Love Marketing 2 Event.

Here is just a small sample of what you’ll learn if you score a “golden ticket”:


How to put your business on “autopilot” so you have more time to spend with your kids… take up that hobby you were always interested in… or just plain old take a vacation! (Taking weeks or even months off at a time is no problem when you use this system… and the best part is you’ll do it worry-free… knowing your business is not only running smoothly and making you money in your absence… but actually GROWING!)
The 6 words every business owner should place at the end of every ad, online or offline, which routinely increases response rates by as much as 400%. (Very few business owners have even heard of this “slick” technique that consumers find “IRRESISTIBLE”!)
How to choose businesses to “partner” with to create unique and mutually beneficial relationships that unlock little known profits. Plus, my “value unlocking phrase” that is practically guaranteed to get any business to open up a steady stream of ready-to-buy customers to you. (Just find one or two of these and you’ll have a ready supply of cash flow for months.)
3 simple changes to make to any ad that make you the obvious first choice of HIGH-END Clients and buyers.
How to get the names and addresses of nearly every prospect in your marketplace who are ready to buy from you. (This has nothing to do with buying mailing lists… this is a FREE lead generation strategy!)
How to “ethically” double your profits on almost every sale and have your customers happy to be paying you more for the same service or product you were already providing.
“Website Miracle Makeover”: Two simple changes you should make to your website which will at least triple the response that you now get from your online efforts.
Ingenious advertising “templates” that my most successful Members have “dialed in” and perfected and made ready for you!
A “shoe-string budget” marketing strategy that allows you to gain once-faithful Clients from your biggest competitors. (Don’t worry… this technique is 100% legal… 100% ethical… and is guaranteed to leave your competitors “scratching their heads” clueless as to why their customers are disappearing.)
How to convert your Facebook, Twitter, or the social media of choice, into a “marketing weapon” that actually compels people to respond and makes you money.
“Poor Boy” Marketing Strategies: How to jump-start your business with little-known, low-cost, powerful strategies that will have your bank account increasing by the day.
How to select and target your most lucrative Clients… once you “get” this, it’s easy to duplicate it again and again for multiple streams of income.
A wonderful little strategy (incredibly easy to implement) that guarantees you’ll never have an advertising “flop” again!
Direct Mail Secret: This so-called “dying” vehicle is alive and well and creating wealth for those savvy enough to still use it…here is how “online” marketing is actually revitalizing this “old school” method of advertising and how you can “cash in” on the revenues it offers now!
Sick & tired of a high employee turnover rate due to irresponsible, undependable, people? This power-packed recruiting/training technique will supply you with an army of faithful, dependable, “Employee of the Month”-types who will be just as dedicated to your business as you are… making your life much, much easier… and your bank account much, much fatter!
An “effortless” way to earn an additional $1,000.00 every week through targeted marketing.
Plus These 7 Little-Known
Business-Boosting Strategies…
The Prospect Conveyor Belt™ – Utilizing off-line, on-line, and mobile marketing to create a growing stream of high-end Clients.
The No-Staff Selling System™ – Auto-pilot advertising systems that convert sales smoothly, whether you are a one-man show or have a team.
The Margin Maximizer™ – Systems to easily increase your profit margins with Clients happy to pay for the value you deliver.
The Client Compounder™ – The most powerful marketing strategy to maximize repeat and referral business.
Quick Cash Creation Campaigns™ – Low and no-cost strategies to quickly kick-start any business struggling with a slow time.
The Money Multiplier™ – Systems to create the most profitable networking relationships with high-quality companies so you both generate a ton of “found money.”
The Tremendous Team Maker™ – Robotic systems to attract the best candidates to work for you, and systems to ensure they care about your business as much as you do.

But This Is The Real “Kicker”…

Each of the money making tools you’ll get are not only explained in detail, but also given to you in a manual that you can take home and reference, use and ethically “steal” from forever!

If you “score” one of these sought after seats, you’re gonna get…

Marketing Live Event Manual…Shipped Right To Your Home!

This “Million Dollar Marketing Secret Weapons Manual” is the most comprehensive book of winning marketing pieces I’ve have EVER put together! It’s pure marketing dynamite!

You Get FULL PERMISSION to Rip Off This Entire Manual… 

Each year, they are a little different but here’s an example of some of the marketing materials this priceless manual includes:

  • Piranha Marketing Money Map with 10 Modules To Create A “No-Maintenance Money Machine”
  • Your Marketing Audit Scorecard
  • The Campaign Creation Checklist
  • The Daily “Luck Creator” to Keep Your Mindset Reset
  • 30 Psychological Triggers to Multiply Profits
  • DNA Blueprint: 8 Profit Activators
  • “Audit” Forms to Transform Your Business From Average to Expert In Your Consumer’s Eyes
  • Direct Response Ads That Are Proven To Work In Any Economy
  • 7-Step Successful Sales Model Blueprint
  • Direct Response Newsletters
  • Email Advertising Process
  • Proven Money-Making Flyers
  • Proven Client Sales Letters
  • Gift Certificates
  • Powerful Guarantee Offers
  • Proven Strategies for Tapping Into Lucrative High-End Communities
  • Employee Policies and Hiring Scripts
  • Joint Venture Presentations
  • Maintenance Program Certificates
  • Packaging and Pricing Examples
  • Follow Up Educational Surveys
  • Proven Postcards
  • Referral Letters
  • Turnkey Testimonial Forms
  • Tracking Forms for Marketing
  • Voice Broadcast Scripts
  • Free-Recorded Message Educational Scripts
  • Pieces for a New Client Kit
  • Examples of Direct Response Vehicle & Store Signage
  • Publicity & Press Promotion Strategies



You will be amazed by this material. In fact, you could EASILY add $100,000.00 to your annual incomewith this manual ALONE!

All of this awesome content is compiled from the “swipe files” of our most successful Clients and Members. This is a massive resource filled with 100% PROVEN ads, reference tools, special reports, marketing checklists, headlines, sales-letters, postcards, flyers, online campaigns, social marketing tips, and much more that are being used by many of the wealthiest entrepreneurs on the planet… and they’re all yours!

You can swipe, borrow, and use them immediately in your own business. These are PROVEN marketing pieces that have already made millions for some of our most successful Piranha Members. Why not duplicate what THEY are using (with their full blessing) and just swipe it ? All you have to do is “tweak” it for your business, plug it in and watch your cash flow skyrocket!

This ONE resource alone could be worth tens of thousands of dollars over the next few months, and it’s yours free if you qualify to join us.


But There Is So Much More Being Offered To You
At This I LoveMarketing 2 Event…
If You Are One of The Lucky Viewers…

I’ve Actually Saved The Best For Last!


You’ll hear from a stellar lineup of amazing speakers. Of course, I’ll be presenting you with plenty of killer information, but you’ll also hear from an amazing group of industry transformers, each primed to deliver you lots of proven, money-making strategies and a dose of inspiration.


joe polish
Joe Polish

Me! Joe Polish, Founder and President of Piranha Marketing Inc. I’m also the creator of the Genius Network® Interview Series, founder of The Genius Network Mastermind® and co-founder of I Love Marketing®. My Entrepreneurial Focus is on Value Creation, Connection, and Contribution. My marketing expertise has been utilized to build thousands of businesses and has generated hundreds of millions for my clients, ranging from large corporations to small family-owned businesses. My marketing audio program with Nightingale-Conant, “Piranha Marketing”, has continued to be their #1 best selling marketing program for nearly a decade.

Dean Jackson
Dean Jackson


Co-founder of I Love Marketing®, Dean fell in love with Marketing as a young boy when he first realized that selling on commission was way easier than “renting himself out by the hour” for a regular job. He never looked back. Dean is known in many circles as “the marketing Buddha.” The top business minds in the world seek out his marketing “know-how”. Dean has a gift of breaking down the most amazing money-making and marketing ideas into the simplest of frameworks. When you are lucky enough to be taught by Dean Jackson, you will have your big breakthrough and probably a few “aha” moments along the way. Dean has focused on a lifestyle centered approach to business using marketing as the ultimate lever to a life of freedom and fun. He’s ready to share all his best secrets, plans, and blueprints with you at this event.
Robin Robins
Robin Robins

Robin Robins is an independent marketing consultant, sales trainer, and author that specializes in inexpensive and highly effective marketing strategies for IT firms. She is a world-class speaker, author and “coach”. Robin has developed marketing strategies for over 4,500 businesses in 14 different industries across North America, Australia, and Europe. This includes both online and off-line marketing strategies. This vast experience has given Robin a broad knowledge of hundreds of marketing and sales tactics used by some of the most successful and sales driven organizations in the world.

Ed Dale
Ed Dale

Ed Dale is a simple Country Boy from Beechworth who knows a little bit (okay… A LOT) about Internet Marketing. Ed is the Creator of the Thirty Day Challenge (30DC). He also created the Dominiche `Buying and Selling websites’ program. He’s also a manager and equity owner of the Marillion Partnership. He’s not a bad looking guy either 🙂 And, he’s known to “Bring The Awesome!”

Marie Forleo


Marie Forleo is a marketing and lifestyle expert who inspires countless individuals to live Rich, Happy & Hot™. She reaches over 90,000 readers in 188 countries worldwide with her weekly videos and newsletter, and leads dynamic training programs that teach individuals to succeed in business and life. Marie was recently interviewed by Tony Robbins for his DVD program The New Money Masters and mentored young business owners at Richard Branson’s Center of Entrepreneurship in South Africa. Marie is a best selling author, and speaker. Her loving, yet wisecracking advice, will inspire you to take charge of your success and happiness by boosting your business skills, shedding BS excuses and injecting massive amounts of fun into each day.

Craig Clemens Headshot
Craig Clemens

Many know Craig as the copywriter who worked with Eben Pagan to create a 20 million dollar a year business in the very competitive dating advice niche… but what most don’t know is in the last 3 years Craig has gone on to create his OWN 8-figure business from scratch! The way he did it was with hard-hitting, irresistible sales copy… and at the ILM Event he’s going to be sharing simple secrets you can use to make your marketing outpull your competitors and become the dominant player in *your* niche… no matter what type of business you are in and even if you’ve never written a piece of copy in your life!

Dr Ned HallowellEdward Hallowell

Edward Hallowell, M.D, is a Harvard psychiatrist and educator, a NY Times bestselling author, world-renowned speaker and leading authority in the field of ADHD. Founder of The Hallowell Centers for Cognitive and Emotional Health he’s authored 18 books (and is a highly recognized speaker) on many psychological topics and offers groundbreaking advice on ADHD, successful families, how to help your employees shine, and staying connected in this crazybusy world. He’s been featured on Dr. Oz, Oprah, 20/20, Good Morning America and interviewed for The New York Times, Newsweek, Time Magazine, and more.

seanSean Stephenson
Expected to die at birth, Sean Stephenson has faced an army of reasons to give up and countless opportunities to embrace pity. He suffered more than 200 bone fractures by age 18, reached a height of only 3 feet, and is permanently confined to a wheelchair. Despite his challenges, he took a stand for a quality of life that has inspired millions of people around the world, including Richard Branson, President Clinton, and his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

lou ferrignoLou Ferrigno,
A.K.A. “The Hulk”

Lou Ferrigno is an American actor, motivational speaker, fitness trainer/consultant, and retired professional bodybuilder. Most recently, he launched a fitness and lifestyle website with his family, focused on positive habits, lifestyles, and ideas – FerrignoFIT.com. Lou is best known for portraying the title role in the CBS television series, The Incredible Hulk. But he has had a very diverse and colorful life, overcoming personal challenges that will inspire and motivate you.

But you won’t just be hearing from these experts…


You Will Learn From Stellar Entrepreneurs Just Like You Who Are Using These Techniques To Make REAL, Life-Changing Money…


Every year I give away a beautiful luxury car to the winner of my “Better Your Best Competition” exclusive to Members of my high level coaching group, Platinum 2.0.

The winner has to devise a plan for making money that is so good I can truly call it a “Blueprint For Success.”

This “blueprint” isn’t something that MIGHT work or MIGHT bring in a few dollars… this is the proven BEST techniques from the entire year… chosen from among the very successful entrepreneurs in Platinum 2.0!

The grand prize at I Love Marketing 2 was a beautiful white Land Rover worth $60,000.00… so you know those competing for it hold nothing back!

There is one catch to getting this car, and that is those competing have to share every technique they used to grow their business, every system, ad and tool that they used to “better their best” with all the event attendees…

You’re going to hear from many of the top businesses I’ve ever had in my Platinum 2.0 group, comprised of businesses from a variety of industries that regularly learn and mastermind together.

Based on the past winners’ presentations, here is what you can expect to discover:


Simple ads and letters that bring in new Clients each and every month… guaranteed! (These are the “secret weapons” that give an unfair advantage in your market!)
“Ultra-Dependable” Joint Venture Programs – You want a “cash cow” consistently producing thousands in revenues every month for mere pennies on the dollar…this is where you will find them!
“The World’s Best Referral Programs”: Ingenious, 100% legal, 100% ethical (yet very “sneaky”) techniques that are the latest in cutting edge referral tools.
Quick & easy ways to double your customer database every 12 months that costs “peanuts” to implement!
Mind-blowing templates you can “model” that make all your competitors practically “invisible” to your consumers. Using these clever approaches, your marketing will regularly out-pull any other type of advertising by 400% – 1000%… and often even more! Utterly “amazing”!
How to raise your prices by 20% and not lose a single customer. (Strangely enough, your Clients won’t even “bat an eyelash” at this practice… in fact… many of them will actually congratulate you for “upping” how much you’re charging.)
Real life easy to use strategies that you can implement even on a “shoe-string” budget and automatically increase repeat business and referrals in your company by more than 500%!

Not only will this year’s winner be presenting you with the strategies that transformed their business into a money-machine that has them “working smarter… not harder”… they’ll also be teaching you step-by-step how they significantly increased theirnet, “take home pay,” during 2012 (past winners usually increase in the six figures!)… and how you can do the same or perhaps maybe even better in your own business!


But that’s not all…


Introducing The $250K 10 Minute Talks.


I have chosen a select group of my best students to receive this special invitation. And these successful entrepreneurs will participate in a series of “10 Minute Talks” in which they share one idea that has been worth $250,000.00 to their business.

They will deliver this idea to you in a simple, easy to understand 10 Minute Talk in which each minute will be packed with $25,000.00 in money-making information for you to use and adapt to your own business. This is best practices and business transformation at it’s best.


After all this you are probably thinking…

“This Sounds Great! But… How Much Is I The Love Marketing 2 Home Study Course Going To Cost Me?”

Well, nothing if you apply what you learn to your business! What I mean is this is an “education” that pays for itself.


Now, I don’t want to scare you off by calling it an “education,” after all, you are going to have so much fun and meet so many other awesome entrepreneurs that the experience alone will transform your life. But, when you leave with my “Success Blueprint” in hand….all the work is done for you so you have a “robotic” system of proven money making strategies ready to plug and play.


So in reality it doesn’t “cost” a thing… it’s an investment that keeps paying you for years to come.


And I know from personal experience that if you don’t change what you’ve been doing, you’ll probably waste hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on marketing and business strategies that don’t work over the next few months. If you add up the money you will most likely waste trying to “figure it all out by yourself”…you’d probably be shocked.


Save all that money that you would have wasted, and instead do what thousands of other smart entrepreneurs have done, follow in the footsteps of success. Before you know it, you’ll be making lots and lots of money… plus you’ll be having fun in your business.

To tell you the truth it’s hard to put a value on an event that makes people hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just how do you put a price on that? I could easily be charging $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 dollars for the Home Study Course of this event.


People pay much more than that for events that don’t give them a fraction of the money making tools, strategies and resources you will get from me. But I am not asking that price for the Home Study Course of this event.



Not even close.

And the reason I don’t ask $5-$10k is I want it to be “reachable” for as many businesses as possible. People say we are living in a “new economy” and it’s not in a good way. People long for the days when the money came easy just because the economy was rich with cash.

Some people say those days are over for now. But I’m telling you for a fact… those days are NOT over… not if you have the “proven path and plan” from me.

That’s why I’m asking only a fraction of what this event is worth. The total investment is only $997 or use our easy installment plan and it’s just $397 up front today to get started.



I Love Marketing 2


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