John Chow – Blog Profit Camp

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John Chow – Blog Profit Camp



John Chow – Blog Profit Camp
John Chow – Blog Profit Camp


Week 1 – Introduction to Blogging

Everything you need to know to not only get started on your very own blog!  We’ll look at the resources you will have available to you and how to use the Blog Profit Camp site.  I’ll tell you why most bloggers never make any money and how you can avoid being one of them!

week2s Week 2 – Building the Foundation

Learn about domain names, how it impacts your blog and how to choose a good one.  Also, how to find good web hosting and we will get started on the software you’ll be using to create and maintain your blog.

week3 Week 3 – Content Creation

Your site won’t get much traffic without compelling content to attract the masses.  You don’t even have to write it all yourself.  You’ll learn methods to getting content for free or contracting outside talent to help you get more on your blog.

week4 Week 4 – Blog Promotion & Traffic

Traffic is what makes your blog work.  If no one is reading, then you’re not making any money.  We’ll go over dozens of strategies and techniques for building your site’s traffic as well as promoting yourself using viral media, contests and even traditional means like newspapers and magazines.

week5 Week 5 – Affiliate Marketing & Networks

Affiliate marketing will be the bread and butter of your online income.  Here we will dispel any myths about it and show you how to build a lasting business model beyond spending $10,000 to make $11,000 by reducing your overhead and getting repeat customers.

week6b Week 6 – Email List Building

E-mail lists will be one of your best sources of income and this is how to get started with making yours.  We’ll even show you some secrets that will have 5000 people on yours by the end of the week.

week7 Week 7 – SEO & SEM

Link tricks!  We’ll teach you how search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo work and how you can work it with whitehat, greyhat or blackhat methods to your advantage.

week8f Week 8 – Facebook & Twitter

Social media has exploded in terms of popularity and here’s how you can use it to make money.  Gaining a large following on Twitter or Facebook isn’t as difficult as you think.

week9p Week 9 – Email Marketing

Now that you’ve build your e-mail list, it’s time to start making money with it.  Here you’ll learn how to build a relationship with your readers, how to find products to promote and setting up auto-responders.  I’ll tell you how I made $25,000 with a single e-mail and how you can turn your e-mail list into your #1 income source.

week101 Week 10 – Video Marketing & Podcasting

Videos show your readers more than just reading words and getting started in video blogging isn’t as difficult or as expensive as you might imagine.  A viral video goes a long way to promoting your blog.

week11 Week 11 – Marketing Your Own Product

The inevitable next step after building your brand and building a strong blog is creating and selling your own product. We’ll look at some case studies where other online marketers have done the same and learn how to do this the right way.

week12 Week 12 – Putting It All Together

Here we will put what we’ve learned in all previous weeks together and look at the big picture in terms of your blog and your business.  We will also discuss some legal details, how to claim your blog in your income taxes and tie up any loose ends.



John Chow – Blog Profit Camp


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