John Forde – Leads Bundle

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John Forde – Leads Bundle



John Forde – Leads Bundle
John Forde – Leads Bundle


What you can learn from this course?

Marketing research shows that 80% of your marketing campaign’s success comes from your headline and lead. But, the fact is, as you’ll see, today, what you say to open your marketing campaign is even more important. Even more decisive when it comes to whether your marketing is going to be effective or not.

If you want your marketing to get attention and produce sales, you must make sure your first 300-500 words do the job they need to do. This full-day boot camp is a masterclass in setting-up Leads for your campaigns absolutely mesmerizing and almost irresistible to your prospects.

  • John Forde Leads Workshop – Todd Brown Client Portal.
  • Private Zoom Session with jack Forde.
  • Private Lead Dissection from Todd Brown.
  • E5AA – M4E – Engineering your E5 Campaign Lead.
  • How to Bring in New Customer Sales Every Day.
  • And More.



John Forde – Leads Bundle


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