John Thornhill – Partnership To Success

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John Thornhill – Partnership To Success




John Thornhill – Partnership To Success
John Thornhill – Partnership To Success


Back In 2007 I took on my first coaching students and since then it’s been one hell of a journey.
If I was being honest I didn’t really know how it would turn out but the results below speak themselves

My coaching programs have created hundreds (if not thousands) of successful marketers and let me tell you there’s no better feeling than receiving an email from someone
thanking you for helping them get to where they want to be

I have launched many programs since 2007 and have also learned a lot about marketing since then, I’m still learning and I like to share what I learn with my students.
One thing I have learned is that some people still think that there is a magic bullet, s shiny button that can be pressed and it will make money autopilot

Sorry to Dissappoind but there are no magic bullets

Partnership To Success Review
Do you want to really succeed online? Did you try many online courses but most of them turned out to be scam? Did you lose more money online that what you earned (if you even earn anything online)?

John Thornhill is launching Partnership to Success training to overcome all the above problems and help you succeed in your online journey but he insists you follow his training till the end and he guarantees you success with your very first trail (what I would do is to do what he asks for then ask him for what he guaranteed!!)

Many people have taken John’s training and made thousands of Dollars online (I’m not inventing this but this is a static truth and the lowest success was about $5000 in sales from the very first attempt). John is confident about his training, so he will give you his official office phone number and address so that you can arrange a time and meet him personally.

Actually, this product is endorsed by Clickbank in their newsletter which is rare thing to happen and if you know, Clickbank is very tough and strict these days and if they endorse a product, this means one thing and one thing only: This product works.

So, what is in it for you?

Partnership to Success is out to achieve mainly 3 things:

1- Help you succeed online by creating your own info products.
2- Teach you everything you need from A to Z (it starts from the very basics) till you are a pro.
3- Allow you partner with John and his students to promote your product for you as affiliates when you are ready.

How the course is delivered:

Partnership to Success is a 12 month step by step coaching program delivered in small videos where each video covers one element of the process, so you can easily digest and apply what you learn (Big Tip: Don’t wait till the end, apply what you learn immediately after you learn it).

The training is divided into weekly courses in addition live weekly webinars where you can interact directly with John and other members (Big Tip: You can partner with another member and launch together a killer product).

What you learn in the training (all in details not like the free videos):

1- Building an online presence.
2- Product creation.
3- Sales Page creation (for the best conversion).
4- Membership site creation (for ongoing regular profits).
5- Recruiting affiliates (to promote your product).
6- Driving traffic (the core of any successful online business).
7- Schedule a launch (John and his students will promote your launch as well).

Members will have access in addition to the coaching videos and live webinars:

1- Recorded webinars done in earlier trainings from John.
2- Consultation videos from other members.
3- All the courses created by John.
4- Training courses by other partners.
5- Courses created by John’s students.





John Thornhill – Partnership To Success


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