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 Kevin Hogan – Influence: Bootcamp


 Kevin Hogan – Influence: Bootcamp
Kevin Hogan – Influence: Bootcamp

One of the powerful modules of Boot Camp was taking individual business owners/managers and moving them through the process of how to influence their customers to buy from them instead of anyone else. We did this with five businesses, and just this module is worth the price of admission!

Next, there is an enormous amount of material that was never released prior to this Boot Camp. Over 30 specific new applications and tools. Here are 8 that I reveal:

  • Set price points
  • Set presentation order
  • Use latest research in goal setting
  • Build trust with an EXACT recipe
  • Brand yourSELF perfectly (The ultimate influence application) …new key formulas to specify who you are and what is different about you that makes you the go-to person
  • The ONE key to selling “influentials”
  • Understand the big difference between expertise vs. trustworthiness and which matters most by 3:1.
  • Determine the best way to sell yourself/your company when faced with stiff competition.The manual does NOT go into detail about much of the new material and frankly, this makes it harder to… borrow the information for those who don’t invest in the course themselves. It’s ordered in the manual, all the data and utilization are included. And you can watch over and over again! Nevertheless, the manual still comes in densely packed and massively informative at 170 pages!

    Obviously there is tons more new stuff and, although there is background material covered, you are going to be excited by what you learn from Wendi and myself. I believe that you are looking at about 3/4 of Boot Camp as new information I have never discussed in public before.

    Entrepreneur? Salesperson? Professional Person? Trainer? Manager?

    BootCamp is going to teach you the most advanced techniques of influence and persuasion. You are going to learn to utilize the techniques and strategies of gaining compliance to change the perception and behavior of others in a completely unconscious way.

    Let’s quickly highlight a few things that you are going to learn:

  • 29 specific non-verbal communication techniques.
  • How to stand and sit with people so they like you and believe your message.
  • How genes influence people’s behavior and what to do about it!
  • The process of covert conditioning.
  • The 253 words that change people’s minds verbally and in print.
  • Discover the 16 core desires of every person you meet.
  • How to utilize distraction and confusion when necessary.
  • How suggestion can change visual recall.
  • Not one but TWO complete models for gaining compliance FAST!
  • Make minor adjustments in your physical appearance to turn “No,” to Yes!”
  • How to tell a story so that the story delivers the message you want sent!You already know my book, The Psychology of Persuasion, is the #2 best-selling book about persuasion of ALL TIME. You’ve already learned the basics about persuasion and influence. Now I’m taking you on a fun and exciting four-day event that will give you absolute certainty and confidence in every situation you meet up with.

    The material in this boot camp is fresh, exciting, effective and NEW! If you’ve been in the training room with me, you haven’t heard this material. This is the first time almost all of it has ever been offered to you!

    My co-trainer is Wendi Friesen. She is a true sales and marketing genius who will help make it all integrate in your mind and work in your life….

    Wendi agreed (for the very first time ever!) to show specifically how she used the techniques and strategies of persuasion to not only make sales but to get people to believe in her dream and themselves. She’s coming to show you how to APPLY the principles, laws, techniques, tactics and strategies of persuasion in sales and marketing.

    Each day I asked Wendi to show you how to apply the information you’re going to be devouring. That means I’m going to teach you newly discovered strategies, techniques, and tactics of gaining compliance. I�€™m going to give you a few examples so you have a thorough understanding of the information. Wendi will guide you to making the tools I share with you become part of who you are, how you think and communicate, and then activate them in your life through brainstorming sessions, integration exercises and role-playing in writing and interpersonal communication.

    I don’t like hype. I’m intentionally toning this promotional piece down because I am so excited about the release of the material from this event! I want to remind you of a couple of things, then move directly to what makes the Influence: Boot Camp 2004: The Home Version special and how it can benefit you.

    Yes, I’ll talk for five minutes about pacing and leading, 10 about reciprocity and expectancy, maybe 15 minutes about building rapport. Yes, there are advances in the “basics” as well as more advanced techniques.

    But there isn’t much time for reviewing the “old stuff”. Instead, you are going to learn, the Delta Mind Model, discover the incredible power of anticipated regret, the presentation order of information for optimum compliance, the alpha and omega strategies and material that no one out there is teaching because they simply don’t know about it.

    You are going to be able to walk out of anywhere with a sense of personal mastery.

  • You will be able to hear “yes” almost any time you choose to.
  • You will build your business, increase your sales, learn to motivate yourself and others and gain compliance in virtually every situation in life.
  • The course is fast-paced, dynamic and fun. As always, you will walk away with more tools than any tool belt can hold. This information download gives you some of the most amazing new strategies and techniques you will ever learn in the field of influence.You could be the head of marketing at 3M or an entrepreneur. You might want to get the girl of your dreams or simply be a great therapist. You might want to dramatically increase your sales. No hyperbole: 20-30% is most likely… or simply get everyone you meet to say “yes” to you. No matter who you are or what your motivation for learning influence, you will be thrilled with everything you get.
    When you read the next “learn list” included, realize that no one aside from me has ever taught this information to you. You’ve probably seen similar lists from people who teach old school persuasion or influence. Forget it. This is 2004. This is new. This is thoroughly researched and no one has it except for me, and now you.

    Here is just a little more of what you are going to learn:

  • How to utilize metaphor to link into people’s brains and change their mind maps.
  • The complete Covert Model for change. (No one has ever taught this before!)
  • Alpha, Omega and Delta Strategies in influence.
  • Applications for anticipated regret that reduce resistance and reactance.
  • What the balance between pain and reward needs to be in every situation.
  • How to reach the part of them that makes decisions, but doesn’t talk, ever.
  • How to weigh their conscious vs. unconscious responses to gain compliance.
  • How to know exactly when to ASK for the answer you need.
  • Use Strategic Framing
  • Master the First 30 Seconds
  • Utilize their Brain’s Perception and Projection to Change their Mind!The course with a complete 150+ page copyright protected manual that is the most user friendly manual for persuasion and influence you will ever possess. You can actually USE this formula-based manual forever. Use it to prepare for every client, every date, every important meeting and communication you ever have.

    The workshop is recorded on 7 DVDs. The video picture is digital and fabulous. You get them all along with the manual!



 Kevin Hogan – Influence: Bootcamp


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