Kinder-Reese 2011 Exponential Growth Summit

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 Kinder-Reese 2011 Exponential Growth Summit



 Kinder-Reese 2011 Exponential Growth Summit
Kinder-Reese 2011 Exponential Growth Summit


Please Note:

  • These are the full videos of the 2011 Kinder-Reese Exponential Growth Summit
  • Neither Transcripts of the talks nor Power Points were provided.

onference Agenda

1.) Brent Gove – Momentum
2.) Mike Reese – The #1 Responsibility of the Business Owner
3.) Mike Reese – Perfecting Your Inside Sales
4.) Steve Harney – Keeping Current Matters
5.) Jay Kinder – How to Win the Listing Every Time
6.) Jay Kinder –  The Ultimate Way to Differentiate Yourself
7.) Jay Abraham – Grow Your Business Exponentially
8.) Jay Abraham – Elite Mastermind Hot Seat
9.) Jay Abraham – Keynote Presentation
10.) John Kitchens & Jay Kinder – Getting Off the Transaction Treadmill
11.) Howard Stephen Berg – How to Prosper in Your Information Rich Workspace
12.) Jon Cheplak – Attracting and Retaining Top Talent
13.) Howard Tager – It’s All About Return on Investment
14.) Mike Reese – Most Effective Marketing Piece You’re Missing Out On


Are you excited about the opportunities
coming our way for 2012?

Well you should be pumped because at the pace that “traditional” agents are leaving the business it looks like we will have more and more market share to pick up…….that is IF you are prepared. (Read on)

When Mike and I started Kinder Reese back in 2005 we knew one thing was for sure. The real estate agents who are the most successful did one thing that struggling agents did not do. That brings me to a critical question you have to answer if you want to see your profits climb in 2012.

Do you run your business like a business?

If you just let out a sigh……then this might be the most important letter you ever read.

Yes, I know that is a big statement, and I’m going to back it up in the upcoming paragraphs by changing your paradigm and giving you some Monday mojo and some action steps to take to get your business working for you instead of you working for your business.

As you know, Jay Abraham is our mentor. We have taken his strategies, methodologies, and philosophies and “ground tested” them in our successful real estate businesses to the tune of well over $1 million in revenue per year in each of our real estate businesses.

In fact, this year it looks like my business will finish up around 325 transactions even though the market is down from 1,583 home sales in 2010 to around 1,300 for 2011. (pacing at this point) If you are doing the math in your head that is about 12.5% marketshare. That means that my team is involved in one out of every eight homes that are sold in my market!

So, NOW do you want to know the secret?

Over the last few years Mike and I have had to make dramatic changes in how we do business. As you know, buyer’s are buying and sellers aren’t realistic. So your approach today, in every detail and in every situation has to be improved.

Running Your Business Like a Business

Business Principle #1: Differentiation

The days of being one of the million plus average agents in the country with an average of five home sales per year are long gone. This year at our conference we released the ultimate in differentiation for real estate agents. You see, one of the things that Mike and I have been able to leverage is our “celebrity expert” status in our markets. When we, or anyone on our team, talks with a buyer or seller we are positioned as an expert advisor. We do that with our pre-marketing materials and presentations.

The biggest challenge if your business in 2012 is convincing buyers and sellers that you are an expert and they should price where you say to price or make a great offer because the house is a great buy instead of making a ridiculous offer or worse, not making an offer at all.

This year Mike and I worked endless hours preparing for the launch of The National Association of Expert Advisors. The benefit of this association, previously only shared with members at our conference, is that we can leverage the association for all of to benefit. For example, if we create a proven system to sell your home for up to 18% more money than the methods of traditional real estate agents, we can create these materials once and you can literally swipe and deploy them as a member.

We basically made all our years of hard work easy for you to immediately and nearly instantly copy and deploy without having to change or rebuild everything. There will be more to come on this in January. You can get a sneak peak of what all is coming from the Exponential Growth Summit DVD’s.

Business Principle #2: Executing Strategically

One thing that Jay Abraham taught us is “If you change your strategy, you change your result”

So there are four key questions you should answer before you set your priorities.

1. What will be the easiest to implement?
2. What will be the lowest cost to implement?
3. What will be the highest return on investment?
4. When will you receive the revenue from this new system or effort?

When you sit down and do your strategic plan for 2012 you have to run all your potential priorities through these questions……it’s the shortcut to success.

If you don’t have a clear understanding of what your priorities are to grow your business Mike broke down exactly how we do our quarterly and yearly strategic plan at the Exponential Growth Summit. You can get a copy of that presentation and the a download of the strategic plan on the DVD’s.

Business Principle #3: Conversion, Conversion, Conversion

It’s no secret. The cost to generate a lead is going up and the percentage of those leads that convert into sales are going down. In fact, a recent study showed that 3.5% conversion from leads to sales is about the best you can expect. Well that just won’t cut it!

Today your buyers are not getting qualified, the ones that are getting qualified are scared to buy, and the ones that do buy want to make ridiculous offers on every house before they finally get a home bought.

Am I right?

So the key to converting more of your buyers is educating them on the front end. (along with differentiation) We brought in one of the countries top experts, Brent Gove, who shared multiple strategies on how to convert more of these buyers along with some great systems you can put in place to generate “ready to act” buyers that will value your expertise and not waste your time.

The same goes for woking with sellers. Let me guess. When you meet with a seller they think their home is worth more than it is, they price it to high, and then blame you when it doesn’t sell.

The secret with sellers is all in the process. You have to get critical information about their wants and needs up front, instantly connect with them and become their best friend, position yourself as an expert advisor with the use of market data, and they match your presentation to what their goals are with moving.

This topic was a huge focus at the Exponential Growth Summit this year. In fact, we had, real estate expert Steve Harney, Brent Gove, and your truly breaking down conversion with buyers and sellers in three training sessions. If you haven’t mastered the art of conversion then you need to watch these sessions and apply the lessons and systems into your business immediately.

Business Principle #4: Shifting from Transactional to Relationship

This has been the saving grace for our business over the last few years. The new business now costs more to acquire. Sure we have perfected some marketing to generate more new business, but the low hanging fruit is the people who already know like and trust you. Right?

We have been developing a software to manage the lifetime value of our business and what we discovered was that the cost to generate a referral or repeat client is significantly lower than the cost to acquire a new client. You have to have systems in place to consistently communicate with your past clients in a way that adds value both personally and professionally.

You then have to track which clients are sending you referrals and reward them with items of personal value. So that means just because YOU are a Texas Longhorn fan that doesn’t mean that everyone in your database will appreciate their schedule being sent to them.

We broke down the new database and how we are using it to dramatically impact our bottom line at the summit and if you have not shifted your focus to lifetime value you can see that presentation here.

Business Principle BONUS with Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is possibly the most brilliant business strategist alive today. At a price of $40,000 per day for consulting, he is undoubtedly the most sought after business guru out there. This year he gave his insight on where our industry is headed and what you should be focused on to be successful at running your business like a business.

Jay also brought 10 of our top clients with the largest growth over the last year and magically pulled out the inside scoop about their businesses that made them grow so quickly. You will hear what tools they bought, who they hired, what their mindset was, what their challenges were, and most importantly….the decisions they made to grow by 50, 100, even +200% over the last 12 months.

Here is the bottom line. If you missed this years Exponential Growth Summit, you missed out on three days of intense training the could be the shortcut to success for your business. Unless you have it all figured out you need to invest in your business so you CAN run it like a business.

Right now we have about 73 sets of DVD’s left. It’s over 30 audio and DVD’s and we drop ship them to your door as well as give you immediate access to start working on your business over Turkey Day.

So we want to make you a special Thanks Giving opportunity. We are knocking 25% off the price through Thanksgiving. It’s our way of saying thanks for being committed to growing and improving your business!

Like we always say at Kinder Reese…….we will see you at the top, or from the top!



 Kinder-Reese 2011 Exponential Growth Summit


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