Laura Roeder – Creating Fame Complete

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Laura Roeder – Creating Fame Complete



Laura Roeder – Creating Fame Complete
Laura Roeder – Creating Fame Complete



Welcome to the memorial service…

Yup, you read that right. Because before you can move forward, you gotta say goodbye.

So right here and now, let’s make it official. Together let’s say goodbye forever to the OLD you who:

  • Became really excited about a big opportunity, dreaming up your plan of attack – then didn’t follow through because it was “out of your league”
  • Has been struggling to grow your email list for years but are still stuck at only a few hundred subscribers
  • Cringed when you saw people with way less experience (or let’s face it, talent) than you being featured in the media or landing the big opportunities you’ve always dreamed of
  • Tried out yet another “strategy” promising an inbox full of leads – then felt like a total fool when the result was NADA
  • Wanted to put yourself out there more but held back because you were afraid you’re not attractive/charming/charismatic/young/old enough to do so
  • Daydreamed about being in the public eye sharing your talents with the world – but felt embarrassed by this “out of reach” fantasy
  • Stayed up all night obsessing over the websites and emails of your competitors, trying to figure out what their secret is
  • KNEW that you should be commanding higher rates but weren’t sure if you had enough incoming business to do so
  • Was caught in the feast-or-famine cycle of chasing after work
  • Played the “if-only” game WAY too often


Because it’s time to put all that stuff in the PAST where it belongs – and instead jump ahead to the level you KNOW you are really meant to be at.

You already have (almost) everything you need!

Honestly you HAVE the guts, talents, and brains already to be at the top of your field. Now you just need to know how to present your business to the world to get “business famous” – to get clients coming to YOU because they’ve heard you’re the best.

I can tell you first-hand that there is a way to leapfrog to the top of your game and get to that vision you’ve dreamed of with ease, grace, and even FUN! And I can tell you that straight-up because I’ve done it myself.

Over the past four years, I have used online marketing to make my vision a reality. Maybe you’ve watched me do it. That reality has come in the form of speaking engagements, clients, partnerships, online events, press coverage, product sales, website traffic, twitter followers, blog subscribers, list building and, oh yeah, MOOLAH! (We’re talking 7 figures people.)

And if it seems like I “came out of nowhere”, that is true. Honestly this has all happened REALLY fast for me.

It still kinda blows my mind how well creating my own fame has worked for me, and I’ll tell you why:

  • When I launched my business back in 2009, I was redoing my website, so I just had a temporary one-page site up that had basically no information and…
  • The temporary website didn’t even capture email addresses (in retrospect, this was a HUGE mistake that I’m not going to let you make)
  • I was marketing myself in a totally new field – I had decided to make the switch from building websites to putting all of my focus on social media consulting and teaching…
  • In fact, in a kind of crazy impulsive move I FIRED all my web design clients so all of a sudden I was starting from scratch and needed to develop a whole new client base QUICKLY
  • I was self-conscious about my age and how young I looked at sounded (I was in my early twenties) – and I was worried that no one would take me seriously because of it
  • I didn’t have anything existing to give me traction – I don’t have a book deal, a famous family member or some product that everyone has already heard of

So to make this work, you don’t need to be perfect. You do need the talent and the passion. But even more important than that – you need the system. And SCORE – I’m going to show you exactly what that system is! (It’s actually written out further down on this page.)



Laura Roeder – Creating Fame Complete


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