Marco Kozlowski – The Making Big Fat Checks In Luxury Homes Bootcamp

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Marco Kozlowski – The Making Big Fat Checks In Luxury Homes Bootcamp




Marco Kozlowski – The Making Big Fat Checks In Luxury Homes Bootcamp
Marco Kozlowski – The Making Big Fat Checks In Luxury Homes Bootcamp


It’s A Shame For You Not To be Earning 6 Figures In 60
Days — When These People Do It So Easily…
Make Wheelbarrows of Cash Using This Super Secret Real
Estate Opportunity the Rich Investors Don’t EVER Want You
to Know About

“Whether you’re bankrupt or have big bank balances…all
you’ll need is a hundred bucks to get rich, and I’ll show
you how”

I’m not supposed to share this information. In fact
I’ve been asked…no begged by my colleagues to STOP sharing
this unique opportunity to make really Big Fat Checks with
this little known powerful technique. It make’s anyone who
uses it very rich very quickly. In fact, my colleagues all
fear that if I keep “letting the cat out of the bag” and
share this super effective, virtually top-secret
information that I’ve enclosed for you against their
wishes, they will be cut out of a multi-million dollar
industry.   They may be right…

But I don’t care what other’s say, if I
listened to everyone around me I’d still be a dead-broke
musician. I’m not anymore, and it’s time to share the
wealth. I make enough money, they make enough money, and
frankly, it’s time to make YOU rich too.

I’m Marco Kozlowski and I’ve specialized in
extracting Big Fat 6-figure checks from houses on a hundred
dollar investment.

You may be close to where I was a few short years ago. Do
you seem to have way more month than you do money? Never
really getting ahead?   Working long hours, swapping hours
for dollars, struggling to pay bills? Paying the Visa with
the MasterCard, the MasterCard with the American Express?
(I like to call that the credit card Fandango. Believe me
when I say I had a black belt in that!)

Imagine No More Bills!

What would you feel like with 6 figures in your bank
account?  Never having to worry about where the next buck
was coming from. Think how great it would be to know that
you can do what you want, when you want, whenever you want
to.   No boss to tell what to do, while you simply relax
and soak up the rays on an exotic beach after cashing your
Big Fat Check!

Getting rich is much closer than you think…

Conventional wisdom says work hard, work more and you’ll
get rich. That’s a bold faced lie! The challenge with that
philosophy is that there are only a limited number of hours
in a day you can work, and only so much you can charge per
hour. Getting rich working for someone else is NOT the

There is one industry where you can work A LOT less and
MAKE way more – you don’t need years of schooling to it,
wads of cash to get involved, or a rich family member to
get you started – its real estate, but not just any kind of
real estate…Luxury Real Estate! Play with the big stuff
and make the big dollars.  I’ll teach you how to do it RISK

You might already know that Real Estate is the BEST
fastest way to be financially free. It has made more
Millionaires and Billionaires than any other method in
America, so how do you get involved?

You probably know of someone who buys houses, fixes ‘em up
and sells ‘em. I sure do, but that’s WORK!  Risky, HARD
work too! Where do you find the money? Buying it at the
right price? Dealing with the contractors’ shenanigans?
Worrying if the job is completed properly or even on time?
What about the monthly payment? How about the painful task
of selling the fixer upper to the right buyer for the right
price?!? The whole process can take months and is hardly
worth the lost sleep, worry and aggravation! You might
squeeze ten to twenty grand out of a deal if you’re lucky!

Why Make 10k to 20k On A Real Estate Deal When The $200,000
Opportunities Are Right At Your Fingertips?

Believe it or not…it takes much less timeto complete a
luxury home deal, than a “bread-and-butter” real estate
deal. If it takes the same amount of time to make $3,000 as
it does to make $100,000 why not play with bigger dollars?

Play with pennies, you get pennies, Play with MILLONS…you

Many generic real estate courses (and there are
thousands out there) will show you how to make a $20,000
profit on an ordinary $150,000 plus residential home.
Alright… not bad, but just think if you could do less work
and put 10 or 20 times that amount of cash in your bank
account ,  and remember…with NO RISK whatsoever.

“After seeing you speak I signed up to your event a bit
skeptical of the results.   Well, I just cashed an $89,000
check just 45 days after attending your amazing seminar and
I am now a believer!! Thank you so much for the experience,
I can finally quit my job and focus on the opportunity you
have paved for me!”

Ronnie Barras, New Jersey

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The Luxury real estate market has very little competition
because 99% of all investors haven’t discovered the
tremendous profits this market  can offer, and the ones
that have, don’t want me tell anyone!

If the numbers scare you, I can guarantee by the end of
the DVD I’ve included you will be perfectly comfortable
accepting this kind of wealth into your life! I will break
down all this information into simple, easy-to-follow steps
even a 7 year old could follow… your fears of success will

Does this real life situation sound familiar?

Evelyn Tejada from Boston was struggling paycheck to
paycheck working long hours at her job to put food on the
table for her 2 kids. No matter how many more hours she
worked, she didn’t get ahead and saw her family even less!
She was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

She just needed a system! After implementing mine, Evelyn
had this to report:

“My husband was shocked when I controlled a luxury home
and sold it 7 days later for a $56,000 profit on ONLY a
$100 investment!” Thanks Marco!

Evelyn Tejada, Boston, MA

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It would have taken her 3,147 hours to make that in her
current job! How many hours at your current job would you
have to “clock in” to make that kind of cash?   That simple
transaction only took around 8 hours of her time…that’s
$7,000 per hour!!! (not bad huh?)

So Stop the Insanity! The dictionary defines “insanity” as
doing the same thing over and over and over again and
expecting a completely different result. Are you doing the
same boring thing day in, day out not getting ahead
crossing your fingers hoping one day you “might” get rich?

If you take just a few minutes to discover what luxury
real estate can do for you by popping in the DVD I’ve
included, you’ll want to shred the strait jacket of life
you’ve been in for so long, and never   want to play with
pennies again!   The DVD highlights my live training where
you too can learn to generate Big Fat Checks

What about your retirement?

Social Security?

The Social Security system is almost bankrupt! It’s all
over the news. Who will take care of you if you don’t plan
for the future? Who is the ONLY person that can take care
of your future? That’s right YOU.

What would you do with an extra 6 figures in your bank
account in the next 60 days?

Pay off some debt? Go on a well deserved vacation? Donate
it to charity? Whatever you WANT! It’s your money, isn’t
doing what you want when you want the definition of
freedom? You deserve freedom.

It’s only a system, a recipe to make money…

It can work for you too.  I know it will, because it has
worked for hundreds of people just like you. However, I
don’t expect you to believe me until you see even more
proof, and that’s why I’ve enclosed the Big Fat Checks DVD
highlighting my 4 day training so you can experience what
I’m talking about.

Even with all these results, I know you may still be
skeptical (I probably would be too). That’s why I want to
make it so easy for you to put my entire system to work for
you – totally risk-free (I’ll explain my bold guarantee in
a moment).

Here are a few little-known secrets you’ll discover
inside my live training

(You might want to grab your highlighter and see how many
of these powerful secrets you could apply right away):

* Where the big money is in hidden in real estate. How
you can cash in with NO money, credit or risk on your part.
Discover how my students and I make consistent paydays of
$50,000 and more per deal, and how you can quickly
duplicate it.
* The 5 crucial steps to success in real estate or any
business.  The reasons why if one step is out of place it
will crush your empire.
* Why and how Big Fat Checks are generated on houses
in excellent condition in gorgeous neighborhoods…
contrary to conventional wisdom.
* Aiming High – having the attitude of a millionaire.
* How you can retire with an IRA worth MILLIONS
* Turning the scary Grizzly bears of negotiations into
teddy bears

And this is just the tip of iceberg. Here’s what else
you’ll find out:

* My Magic Words that consistently breed results
* 9 Myths About Making Money
* Learn to harness the power of “Options” –
Effortlessly control multi-million dollar homes with just a
$100.00 deposit!  (my specialty)
* Turn Key Systems having others do the work for you –
you just collect the money!
* It Takes Money To Make Money…& Other BIG FAT LIES
* Become a “Jedi Master” in the fine art of making
expert offers and negotiation – I’ll show you subtle
psychological techniques that increase your ratios of
accepted offers by 316%! I’ll help you acquire those skills
through hands-on, practical exercises! In a few sessions,
I’ll take you from a “thumb-sucking” negotiator, to a
smooth and refined “Donald Trump style” dealmaker!
* Get ALL the right legal paperwork to control and
close your luxury deals. – You will receive ALL the
customized legal agreements that ensure the proper language
(word-for-word) is there to protect YOU throughout each
transaction… obliterating any possible risk to you.
* Selling lightning fast! – This is where the rubber
meets the road… Discover everything you need to know to
extract maximum profits in as short a time as possible!
* Much, much more!

Any One Of These Strategies Could
Literally Be Worth Hundreds of Thousands to You…

Now before we go on, I’m sure you probably have some
unanswered questions and concerns. So here are some of the
most common:

Q. “Do I need experience or a Real Estate License to get

A. Not at all! In fact, if you have never owned a piece of
Real estate I can mold you faster as there is less to undo!
You don’t need a license, experience or even need to own
your own home!

Q. “If I have a full time job, can I still do this?”

A. This is a PART TIME opportunity with more than FULL
TIME results. I want you to keep your job until your first
deal, and then YOU decide if swapping all those hours for
that small paycheck is worth it…I suspect I know what your
decision will be.

Q. “If it’s that easy…why isn’t everyone doing this?”

A. Did you learn how to buy houses in school? Balance a
checkbook? Learn about credit? How to raise kids? School is
designed for you to GET A JOB and work for someone else so
your employer can get rich, NOT YOU…

The more school you attend, the better job you might get,
not the wealthier you get!  The ONLY way to learn this
information is from someone who’s done it and taken the
arrows so you don’t have to. I’m the ONLY person on the
planet that teaches this stuff! I’ve made the bungles, lost
the millions and made the mistakes for you so you don’t
have to. I will personally guide you and hold your hand
through the process.  However I can only teach so many
people…will you be one of them?

Q. “All my neighbors say this Real Estate stuff is a scam”

A. Tell that to Donald Trump! More Millionaires and
Billionaires have been made using real estate than ANY
OTHER business!  Regardless…whatever you made last year in
your current job, multiply that by 10… (If you made 36K,
now you made 360K a year)!

Now, if you made that bigger number 3 years in a row would
you still have the same neighbor? NO WAY! So why may I ask,
are you taking advice from people who are uneducated in
Real estate and possibly broke to become rich? Stop the
insanity today; attend my training to make a real
difference in your life forever.

You see, my system contains absolutely everything you need
to start making Big Fat Checks, within 60 days of attending
my training. Just about everything is already done for you.

“I grossed a hundred grand from one deal!!! Thanks isn’t
enough Marco!”

Ken Younger, Washington D.C

How many months like that do you need surpass your current

It Sounds Great Marco!   But How Much Does It Cost?

Look, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.
Everything is ready for you, completely turn-keyed, and all
laid-out for you step-by-step.

Maybe you think this whole thing will cost you a
fortune…but listen to this:

Your entire investment in this complete “hands on” 4
day live training event is only $5995.00.  Your investment
is tiny compared to the massive moneymaking potential it
has for you. That’s w hy you should attend the Big Fat
Checks event. You can’t afford NOT to. If it only worked ½
as well as I promise….wouldn’t you still get rich?

If you have a small home theater system, you probably paid
the same, how much money is it making you? A fancy coffee a
day from Starbucks would cover the investment in 18
months…is THAT making you a big fat check and changing your
family’s life forever?

Let’s take a hard look at the options…

Option #1: This letter is wadded up and goes in the
wastebasket . You have casually ignored an opportunity that
could have made you a millionaire in less than a year. Your
chance to create a river of personal wealth instantly fades

Option #2: You strike out and try to do this on your own .
Believe me… I’ve been through the learning curve. It’s NO
day at the beach. It can lead to years of expensive
blunders, demoralizing mistakes and pure exhaustion. I
eliminate all of that for you! Just a few of the simple
secrets I’ll teach can save you tens of $1000’s in lost
revenue and 100’s of hours of your precious time. For
$5995.00, this is actually the least expensive and fastest
way to secure your financial future through luxury home
real estate!

Option #3 is your best option for fast, high income and
financial security! Attend the very next Big Fat Check
events scheduled. There are a couple options for you:  June
22-25 in Los Angeles OR August 3-6 in Boston. Space is

My wealth-building system runs like a finely-tuned
Ferrari…I have perfected it over the last 4 years and the
results are sustainable, multiple floods of massive income.
My students are out there making the “deals of a lifetime”
right now. Many are on the “fast-track” to becoming
millionaires this year! Just 5% of one high-end deal will
easily pay for your Big Fat Checks event!

For making outrageous amounts of money in the shortest
time possible, my High-End Luxury Real Estate seminars are
literally “the last house on the block”. You’ll strike a
rich vein of gold that will always be there for you and
your family.

But wait there’s more…

Order by June 1st, you’ll also get 3 bonuses easily
doubling thevalue. These bonuses are like Real estate
steroids, they’ll help generate results 10 times faster!

Free Bonus Gift #1: I will supply you with my very best
marketing letters so you can start getting deals
immediately. Students all over the country pay me thousands
to give them these letters, they get AMAZING results.

I’ve had up to a 60% response from a single mailing!
That’s sending out a 100 letters to the right people and
getting 60 people begging you to do business with them! How
fast do you think you can get a deal done with THOSE types
of results? I will also rush over a pre-boot camp workbook
as well as the information on a disk to get you jump-
started right away!

When would NOW be a good time to start getting deals?

Free Bonus Gift #2: I’ll personally guide you through my
fail proof processes before you even attend! I’ll let you
in on a very closed-door series of conference calls where I
will personally guide you in what places to look so you can
find as many deals as possible before you attend the
training. That allows you to bring deals to the event so I
can try to close the deal for you on the phone so you can
get a big fat check right away!

Free Bonus Gift #3: Realtor secrets revealed! A special
report filled with scripts and secrets on how to have
realtors bring you more deals than you possibly know what
to do with! Imagine an army of realtors actively fighting
over each other so they can bring you a great deal! Why
work hard when they do all the work for you?

Together these 3 free bonuses are worth almost more than
your investment in this life changing, wallet expanding
event — but they’re all yours absolutely free when you
order by midnight June 1st 2006.

Think of what a secure, high-income financial future
would do for you and your loved ones – Leisure and
vacations when you want them, any college education your
children desire and a retirement filled with fun, comfort
and serenity. It’s all there for you … in just 4 short days
I’ll give you the education, tools and confidence to make
it happen.

All you need to do is click here to get in.   Or even
better, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to get
signed up as quickly as possible.   Just fill out and sign
the attached FAX ACTION FORM with your billing and payment
information at  and you’re on your way to Big
Fat Checks!

We’ve been swamped with registrations, but my
representatives will gladly handle your reservations and
answer any questions you may have. The investment of my
“Big Fat Checks” 4-day seminar is only $5995.00 My Big Fat
Checks events are my total commitment to excellence…a
spectacular, world-class, step-by-step training event in
which you will be immersed in learning my total proven
system for success! If for any reason, this life-changing
training event doesn’t meet and exceed your expectations
after the first day, I’ll happily refund 100% of your
money…no questions asked.

Click here to reserve your place at the next Big Fat
Checks seminar! I’d love to meet you and look forward to
seeing you there!

Don’t get left behind, I only have a few spots open!

Sincerely and all my best to you and to your phenomenal

Marco Kozlowski



Marco Kozlowski – The Making Big Fat Checks In Luxury Homes Bootcamp


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