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Includes: Marshall Sylver – What Would A Millionaire Do
Marshall Sylver – Power Programming Live
Marshall Sylver – Passion Profit & Power
Marshall Sylver – Hypnotic Selling
Marshall Sylver – The Secrets of Persuasion and Influence
Marshall Sylver – What Would A Millionaire Do

What Would A Millionaire Do is NOT about selling from the state (though he mentions it to sell his other products) – It’s a practical program on shifting your mindset to think “like a millionaire”.

IMHO, WWMD is one of his better programs. He keeps the lessons tight and to the point, but cleverly uses stories to make his point…without getting off on tangents.

A lot of familiar stuff, but definitely a few “new” concepts (to me). I can’t say if it’s 100% due to his program, but my income increased after listening to this for a week.

From the site:
What Would A Millionaire Do?
If you knew what a millionaire knows… And you thought what a
millionaire thinks… And you did what a millionaire does… YOU WOULD

In this breakthrough program, Marshall will not only teach you what a millionaire thinks, he will program your mind to make those thoughts your own. You will effortlessly take on the mental beliefs, programs, and thoughts of millionaires and billionaires simply by listening to this program.

Some of the powerful new tools you will possess after using this program:

The powerful skill of taking on new disciplines.

A variety of different wealth vehicles.

The importance of having multiple streams of income.

The power of Massive Passive Income.

Marshall Sylver – Power Programming Live!

See how Marshall Sylver uses powerful techniques in a LIVE setting as he motivates and empowers you to take control of your life. You will learn how to communicate with yourself and other people to acheive optimum results in every aspect of your life.

This training course will teach you on 3 levels…

Level 1: Learn personal power skills that give you the ability to now take action and consistently place yourself at peak levels of effectiveness. In addition to stress reduction and motivational exercises, you will learn confidence and self-esteem mental programs that allow for optimum performance and the personal power to take action NOW!

Level 2: Learn the most powerful conscious and subconscious persuasion techniques ever created… tie downs, time bombs, alternate assumptions, embedded commands to buy, specific closing sequences that make the selling process a step-by-step equation.

Level 3: Program yourself on a subconscious level to reach unconscious comptetency. You will know this material as if it were second nature, therby using it on an expert level.

“After TAKING ACTION with the knowledge contained on this cd, you will never again be able to live the life you’ve been living. You will be transformed into the unstoppable human being you truly are.” – Marshall Sylver
Marshall Sylver – The Secrets of Persuasion and Influence

The Secrets of Persuasion & Influence Learn How to Inspire Others to Give What You Want

Imagine using the tools, strategies and communication techniques of Politicians, Superstar Sales People, and other Professional Persuaders. Now you can use their techniques quickly & easily with this cutting edge program.

Whether you are persuading someone to get involved with your product or service, or influencing someone to accept your concepts or ideas, you will learn the incredible secrets of subconscious persuasion with this system.

Material Included in this course…
3 Full-length Subconscious Training DVD’s: In these private video sessions with Marshall Sylver you will learn the subtleties that have made him over $1,000,000! These sessions alone are worth many times the investment of this Subconscious Training System

6 CD’s: These cd’s are specifically designed to both teach and program you on a subconscious level to use the information easily and readily.

1 full length workbook: This workbook contains sample scripts that will jet start your sales and help you create charismatically magnetic presentations. The workbook gives you fast reference to keep you sharp and allow you to reinforce these tools and techniques quickly.

A fully integrated learning system to quickly empower you with the skills of Persuasion & Influence.

Marshall Sylver – Passion Profit & Power

A subconscious training system that will program you for outrageous success in 3 key areas of your life…

PASSION — Relationships
How to be more attractive
How to turn up your personal magnetism
The fastest way to get back to love
How relationships are like books
When to let go
#1 key to creating healthy relationships

PROFIT — Money
The universal laws of money
How to duplicate the habits of the rich
Keys to making more money in less time
Four methods for creating abundance
How to sell anybody anything
#1 habit of almost every multi-millionaire

POWER — Personal Well-Being
The instant way to change any habit
How to be happy all the time
How to create laser sharp focus
4 steps to total enlightenment
The magic of surrender and perfection
Two key ingredients for instant motivation

Includes 6 CD’s + 1 workbook

– Hotter Relationships!
– More Money!
– Mental, Physical & Emotional Control

Surrender and Find Your Life Perfect!

Only $219.95

Marshall Sylver – Hypnotic Selling

Marshal Sylver’s show for business people. Featured topics: goal setting, visualisation, negotiation skills etc. + some interesting stage performance incl. fire eating and hypnosis.

Harnessing the power of the human mind has been an obsession for Marshall Sylver since youth. Today, Sylver is not only the leading expert in the area of subconscious reprogramming; he is also a recognized master of interpersonal communication. A hypnotist who has entertained audiences on stage and television, he is also a respected business consultant sought by Fortune 500 companies and the creator of the Number One personal development program worldwide. Sylver is a true Hybrid — his production show blends sound effects, flames, pyrotechnics and other special effects with hypnotic feats — yet the moniker that may best apply is that of a teacher.

“Hypnosis is an educational process. It’s like mathematics — it can be taught, and yet has to be taught right,” says the handsome and charismatic Sylver, who believes the quality of our lives is directly related to our communication skills, both internally and externally. “Most people are responding to trance suggestions all the time about who they are or aren’t, what they can or cannot do. I make hypnosis understandable as a tool and help people change their subconscious program into ones that are more effective in helping them create the life of their dreams.”






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