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Matt Furey – Magnetic Millionaire
Matt Furey – Magnetic Millionaire


“How to beee
a Magnet for Moneeey”

What are the real keys to becoming a Millionaire?

    • All work and no play? Not a chance!


    • The 40-Year Plan? Phooey!


  • Giving up your daily Latte’? Oh no, not that!

Dear Friend, 

Ask most people if they want to make more money and they’ll say “YES.” Ask them if they’d like to be rich, to be a millionaire – and they’ll say, “Yes … but NOT if I hafta work twice as hard as I am right now.”

No kidding. I couldn’t agree more. Especially because I discovered an incredible formula for attracting more money without killing yourself to do so. Yes, there is some work involved. Afterall, even robbing a bank, fleecing your spouse or trying to win the lotto takes some effort! Right.

Yet the truth is that many of the people who have no money work far harder than those who are wealthy. I know this for a fact because each day as I look out my window I see all the laborers working their butts off – in the hot sun – perhaps giving themselves skin cancer while putting a roof on a house – or mowing lawns – or laying cement. Sad but true!

Now, I’m not against hard work. I’m actually in favor of it, so long as everything is in balance. But I’m also in favor of having the RIGHT MINDSET as you work so that money mysteriously begins to flow to you at a faster and faster pace while you do less and less. What I’m talking about is FREEDOM from debt. FREEDOM from doubt. And FREEDOM from the death grip the poverty mindset holds on so many – including a great many so-called “rich” people.

What you’ve just read may sound like a bit of a mind-bender. Yet, I assure you that what I am telling you is true. Riches, wealth and mega-bucks flow to those who have learned how to magnetize and attract them. Fact is, there are a number of “rich” people who are terrified of losing what they have. They lack the Magnetic Millionaire’s mind – so they continue to live like paupers even when they have plenty of dough. Again, sad but true!

How Changing Your Mind About Money Can Magnetize Money and Give you the Freedom to REALLY Live Your Dreams

A little over a year ago I conducted a series of teleseminars with a small group of friends and clients that I was privately mentoring. And do you know what? Each person paid me $995.00 for me to teach them, by phone, my incredible millionaire-making formula; a formula that can help you attract money as easily as steel is drawn to a magnet.

At first, a couple people on the call thought what I was saying was strange. But they gave me their word they would put my Magnetic Millionaire formula to the test … and pass judgment later.

One of the reasons why they trusted me, no doubt, was the fact that I AM a self-made multi-millionaire – and I didn’t inherit the dough, steal it or win it in the lotto. I EARNED it by serving people. And I taught them how they could do the same – but on a larger, grander and … FAR MORE LUXURIOUS scale.

Nearly a year passed. I had literally forgotten about all the calls I conducted with these people. But two weeks ago I was reminded of them, when, out of the blue, three different pupils told me how much those teleseminars meant to them – and how much their financial future had changed in just one year.

For example:

Ed Baran, web-developer, nearly tripled his income after gaining the confidence that he could charge far more for his services. Not that long ago Ed charged $500.00 to build a website. Today he charges $10,000.00. And get this: When Ed speaks at my seminars, he literally tells the people in the crowd where they can go to get a website created for a few hundred bucks … and several in the audience still hound him because he is the one they want – and they will gladly pay dearly for his service. What is the secret Ed knows, that you don’t? I’ll give you a hint: It’s revealed in myMagnetic Millionaire formula.

Jo Cavanaugh, search engine specialist, quintupled her business last year. In fact, she once made more money in a single weekend than most people make in 10 years. I asked her how she did it – and she reminded me of what I taught on those calls. I was thrilled for her! And this year she’s going to rake in another triple-bagger. Do you know why? You’ll find the answer in my Magnetic Millionaire formula.

Dave Woynarowski, M.D. quadrupled his income last year. He did so with an online enterprise selling pharmaceutical grade fish oil and other anti-aging products. Last summer, “Doc” saw the writing on the wall. He could “retire” from his full-time medical practice NOW (at age 45) – and begin living his DREAM LIFE. What did “Doc” do to make such a dramatic shift in his life? I’m betting that a lot of other over-worked doctors would like to know.

I think you get the picture. Each person listed above literally changed his or her life by using myMagnetic Millionaire formula. Each person learned that yes, you can magnetize money into your life – if you’ll take the time to learn how it’s done. With my formula in hand, you’ll finally learn the secret truths about money – the truths that no one has ever revealed to you before.

Now, I realize that some people are uncomfortable discussing the subject of money. They think it’s “the root of all evil.” Or they think “rich people are unhappy.” Or they think that you can’t rise above your current station in life. Or they think that rich people are simply greed-mongers. (Funny how many libraries, schools, hospitals and churches those greed mongers help build though, isn’t it?)


matt furey hope school
At the “Matt Furey Hope School” grand opening – September 1, 2004,
Wan Ning, Hainan Island, China.

Personally, I think people who entertain these thoughts got it all bass-ackwards. I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve known poverty and NOW I know ABUNDANCE – and I can tell you that none of the negatives you hear about money are true.

Money is a good thing. And most of peoples’ problems in life are rooted in the fact that they lack sufficient money to do what they’d like to do.

I sincerely hope you’re not one of those people with a negative complex about money – but if you are, my program will help you banish those good-for-nuthin notions, once and for all. My program can put you on the road to prosperity and riches, regardless of where you are in life right now. I most certainly hope you’re wise enough and brave enough to make a move toward prosperity – but if you feel that poverty is really better, well then, all I can say is, “Try to put a child through college or comfort the sick with that type of thinking.” 

How much for you to become a Magnetic Millionaire?

By now you’re probably wondering, how much for the Magnetic Millionaire formula? Good question. Although I could and probably should charge several hundred bucks for these CD’s, (especially when I consider all the people who have doubled, tripled or quadrupled their incomes inside of one year, as well as the high-price tag the others paid to hear the information) – I’m going to make it easy for you.

And so, if you’re ready to double, triple or quadruple your income while working less – then you can get your formula for the incredibly low amount of $99.50 plus S&H.

However, if you’d rather think that working harder, going on the 40-year plan – or giving up those daily latte’s is the secret to becoming a millionaire – then have at it.

More about my program

The Magnetic Millionaire formula is a set of 6 prosperity-producing CD’s. The first two are of me speaking LIVE at Dave Dee’s Superconference last November.

Did you know that the majority of attendees told Dave after the seminar that my talk was ‘worth the price of the entire seminar?” Made me proud, that’s for sure. And they paid a couple grand each to attend!

In addition to the two CD’s of me speaking LIVE – you’ll also receive a set of 4 more CD’s taken from “the best of the best” Magnetic Millionaire teleseminars, which I recorded a year ago, that people paid $995.00 to participate in. To say these recorded calls were sensational would be an understatement.

I’ve already told you about the enormous impact and influence those recorded calls have had on the people who listened. Now I’m prone to wonder how much they can help catapult YOU to a whole NEW LEVEL of wealth and prosperity. Currently I have 99 sets of this extraordinary program in my office. I don’t know if I will make another batch. So be sure to order NOW to make sure you become one of the fortunate few who own the Magnetic Millionaire formula.

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Matt Furey – Magnetic Millionaire


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