MECLABS: Landing Page Optimization

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MECLABS: Landing Page Optimization




MECLABS: Landing Page Optimization
MECLABS: Landing Page Optimization



Learn how to improve the efficiency of any landing page

Increase the percentage of visitors that become
sales leads and/or customers

MECLABS Landing Page Optimization Online Course will help you:

•  Learn how to optimize landing pages
•  Maximize click-throughs and conversion rates
•  Identify negative page elements that hurt conversion rates
•  Link revenue back to specific marketing initiatives

A landing page is a single web page that appears in response to an online click.
A conversion occurs when a visitor performs a desired action on a landing page.
The general goal of a landing page is to achieve the highest possible
conversion rate.

While successful ad campaigns generate Web traffic for brands, many companies
leak revenue due to inefficient landing pages. If you can’t convert your site’s
visitors, then you are wasting time and money with every promotional effort.

Course Outline:

Total Sessions: 5 + Final Exam
Course Duration: 3 hours, 40 minutes, 49 seconds

Session 1 — Orientation

An introduction to the main conversion heuristic used as the central spine for
overall course.

•  Instructor: Dr. Flint McGlaughlin
•  Length: 25 minutes, 23 seconds

Session 2 — The Force of the Value Proposition

Learn how to identify and express an effective value proposition on your landing

•  Instructor: Dr. Flint McGlaughlin
•  Length: 1 hour, 13 minutes, 53 seconds

Session 3 — Friction

Learn how to identify and remove friction elements that negatively affect
landing page conversion rates.

•  Instructor: Dr. Flint McGlaughlin
•  Length: 32 minutes, 44 seconds

Session 4 — Incentive

Learn how to use incentives to tip the conversion fulcrum in your favor.

•  Instructor: Dr. Flint McGlaughlin
•  Length: 37 minutes, 11 seconds

Addendum — ROIc Computation Examples

Learn how to calculate the Return on Incentive (ROIc).

•  Instructor: Bob Kemper
•  Length: 15 minutes, 49 seconds

Session 5 — Anxiety

Learn how to anticipate and correct customer anxiety to increase response rates.

•  Instructor: Dr. Flint McGlaughlin
•  Length: 35 minutes, 49 seconds

This course is designed for you to use at the speed that works best for you. The
times listed above indicate the length of the actual recorded material, and do
not necessarily represent the total amount of time needed to complete the
certification courses. To take full advantage of the concepts presented, you may
find it necessary to pause, take notes, and re-watch sections.





MECLABS: Landing Page Optimization


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