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Michael Senoff – Joint Venture Magic



Michael Senoff – Joint Venture Magic
Michael Senoff – Joint Venture Magic


Here’s What You Get
1&2) Joint Venture Magic System Detailed Interview Descriptions Below

You’ll be able to immediately download your copy of The Joint Venture Magic System which includes:

* The 196-page Joint Venture Training Manual
* Joint Venture Letter Templates
* Winning Joint Venture Sales Letters
* 32 Business Analysis Solutions
* A Business Analysis Solutions Worksheet
* Transcripts of the Best Joint Venture interviews
* …and more tools to help you succeed!

3) How Oprah Winfrey Created A Multi-Million Dollar Stream Of Income With One Simple Joint Venture…And How You Can “Adapt” What She Did And Do The Exact Same Thing!

Bianco is a skilled joint venture marketer and one of the best at explaining joint ventures. Listen as he shares his experience with joint venture marketing and the benefits of setting up this highly leveraged business strategy.

The purpose of this 55-minute interview is to share strategies on how to set up joint ventures so you can make more money using the assets of others to grow your business.

In this interview, you are going to learn….

*  What is joint venture marketing
*  Advantages of joint ventures compared to lead generation
*  How to find prospects for joint ventures
*  How joint venture marketing works and examples
*  How to get started
*  How to establish agreements
*  How to weed out winning deals from losers
*  The importance of market testing
*  Where to get more information.

Learn how apply Bianco’s strategies for joint venture marketing in your business. When you do, you will be able to make more money with less effort. Follow along and use these same strategies to set up a joint venture of your own. I know you will learn valuable inside secrets in this intensive interview.

This audio interview consists of a 58-minute audio and an accompanying 62-page transcript.

4) How To Make Cold Call Selling Into A Fun And More Profitable Activity Over Night

If you are going to do Joint Ventures, you better make friends with your telephone. I’ve been using cold calling pretty effectively over the last 15 years for many of my selling activities. And It’s what I call pounding the phones. It has been one of my most effective methods for selling. But I hate it for the same reasons most people hate selling by phone.

I am very fortunate to have just found a radically new honest sales approach based on integrity and common sense to get clients by phone. It challenges traditional sales thinking and will help you achieve better results. It’s the missing link — a new mindset and language that converts selling by phone into a natural conversation between you and your prospect.

It offers you a new way of thinking about cold calling — the most dreaded selling experience of all — to the end of the sales process. You don’t have to abandon the selling skills you already know — This interview will give you a new approach and new tools to help you get better results.

It’s incredibly effective. Best of all, it’s easy to learn and you can start instantly. In this interview, you’ll learn how to make less calls – and get better results. –Rip up your sales script and easily get your message across– Change from the “Dreaded Salesperson” to a trusted advisor in a matter of minutes–Get rid of your “Fear of Phone” once and for all–Stop chasing prospects and gain the respect you

This audio interview consists of a 41-minute audio and an accompanying 56-page transcript.

5) UK Joint Venture “Guru” Explains How To Quickly And Easily Set Up Profitable Joint Venture Deals Part One (And Why Most People Do It The Wrong Way)

I meet a lot of people in this business. One of my newest mentors is Vanish Patel from the UK. Vanish originally contacted me via e-mail after listening to every one of my audio clips listed on this page.

Vanish meets with over 200 businesses a year. He and I have had several talks on joint venturing, and I felt this information was so powerful and important, I asked Vanish to share with you what he told me! Once you hear this talk on the right way to approach a joint venture, you will know exactly what types of businesses to look for.

You will also know exactly what to say to them, how to structure compensation, and what type of agreements to use to protect yourself. Do not miss this interview. You will learn how to make a six-figure income doing nothing but setting up joint venture deals right from your own home with no product and no customers. Listen now to part one on Joint Ventures with Vanish Patel.

This audio interview consists of a 33-minute audio and an accompanying 38-page transcript.

6) Vanish Interview Part Two Three Years later On Joint Ventures, Business Deals And Marketing

After revealing my last interview with Vanish Patel to my joint venture magic buyers, I received an overwhelming response to hear more interviews with Vanish. Yes, it had been three years since we last chatted and we both thought that it was time to catch up on what we’ve been doing over the past three years. This audio is packed with some great content about joint ventures, investing, and some innovative marketing ideas using current technology.

In this recording, Vanish gives us brief history of his education and how he lived in the US for several years before returning to the UK. Vanish gives some sage advice about applying systems that you’ve learned to your own environment and that everything is based on your own personality and experiences.

The bottom line is that you need to find out what will work for you when dealing with a prospective client. This applies to both the US and the UK. The evaluation of ideas and researching those ideas for their potential is the same on both sides of “The Pond.”

Vanish explains that the differences between selling to an American versus selling to an Englishman become apparent with the need of sometimes translating business terms.

We next talk about Angel Investing and the interviews about Angel Investing that are available on my web site. Vanish is actually very familiar with the UK-based corporation that I talked to. It’s an educational interview that you should listen to if you haven’t done so already.

Vanish tells of his recent experiences investing in new businesses with a lot of potential to help them grow and prepare them for being on the stock market. You’ll enjoy his success story of a small company that he invested a few years ago that is doing quite well and growing by leaps and bounds.

With success there is almost always a failure. Vanish tells how he became involved with a gentleman who was creating a free distribution real estate directory where other types of home-related business could also advertise.

It sounded like a great plan, but this was basically a one-man operation. Because there was no team, this business could only be successful in one local geographic area and could not be take on the whole UK. Vanish advises that your investment should be made in a business that has a team.

Also, look for limiting factors that a business may have and not realize at first. Vanish gives the example of a pizza restaurant that sends out thousands of leaflets in a city only to find that people won’t travel for more than fifteen minutes to get a pizza!

This really narrows the restaurant’s ability to significantly grow. Look at the marketing consulting business as another example. A limiting factor here is that there are only so many hours in the day for you to do your own marketing as well as work with your clients.

Learn how Angel Investing can be to find a local business investing club. With business investing clubs, you join and the club finds the best investment opportunities that will be presented to club members. Learn what businesses to avoid like the pelage and why. Learn what makes a business ripe for buying.

Pay close attention to the last part of the interview where Vanish talks about his new practice of text messaging.

This audio interview consists of a 72-minute audio and an accompanying 60-page transcript.

7) How High To Raise The Price Of Your Joint Venture Commissions And Fees Without Your Joint Venture Partner Batting An Eye.

The commissions and fees you negotiate for your joint venture deals can be the determining factor of weather you succeed or fail in your joint venture deals. It is one of the most important decisions you’ll make and unfortunately most people act like sheep when pricing their fees.

They instinctively look and copy what their competition is doing. In this interview, you’ll learn why this is the worst thing you can do when determining what you get paid when setting up a deal. Your going to hear from Larry, a strategic pricing expert.

Larry specialize in sales and marketing training with a primary focus on selling at prices higher than your competitors and maintaining profitable margins for your company.

Larry is a Ph.D. and former professor who has become famous for his work in getting profitable results in business. His specialty is in the areas of how to successfully raise prices and maintain high profit margins.

Larry has educated hundreds of thousands of businesspeople both public and private seminars and is considered one of the nation’s foremost authorities in getting top dollar for one’s products and services.

In this interview you’ll learn.. How to stop racing your competitors to bankruptcy court and start selling at prices that actually earn you a profit. Why business is a game of margins, not volume. Why competing on price might be a surefire way to run your business into the ground. Why your  problem isn’t your competition; it’s Your thinking.

The truth about why people buy, only one of which is price. You’ll also learn other proven strategies for selling based on value rather than price, how to price products or services correctly in the first place, how to withstand pressure to cut prices.

This audio interview consists of a 50-minute audio and an accompanying 48-page transcript.

8) How Your Local Yellow Pages + A Simple Mathematical Formula + A Routine Joint Venture Agreement With A Web Designer Can Equal Tens Of Thousand Of Dollars In Monthly “Take-It-To-The-Bank” Cash Flow For You And Your Family

Listen as I talk again with Vanish Patel and learn how he earns a small fortune every month simply by joint venturing with a Web designer (who does almost all the “work” in the deal) and applying a simple mathematical formula with his copy of the Local Yellow Pages. This is some of the most fascinating information I have ever seen and I know you’ll enjoy it. Joint Ventures are about understanding business markets. This simple yellow page secrets has the answers.

Learning from Vanish will only train you to do joint ventures even better.

This audio interview consists of a three-part audio (Part One is 21 minutes, Part Two is 23 minutes, and Part Three is 25 minutes) and accompanying 62-page transcript of all three

9) Attitude Is Everything – Learn How To Make The Best First-Impression When Approaching A Joint Venture Prospect

Your attitude and presence say so much about you. Your abilities, your potential, and your success doing and setting up joint ventures are all quickly assessed by potential business partners and you only get one chance to make the best first-impression.

I got a call from Gabriel who was interested in learning how to set-up Joint ventures. In this short but incredibly powerful conversation we explore how to position yourself and exude confidence, in order to win over your prospects and convince them that partnering with you is the best thing they could do.

Don’t get me wrong, you have to have a solid proposal to pitch, but once you’re ready to meet people and make it happen; you have to exude confidence and conviction in your project. Whether you’re the outgoing, can sell ice to an Eskimo type of person or you’re more reserved and shy; you’ll learn how to approach people and create an unforgettable presence that sticks with them and compels your potential joint venture partner to work with you. Dare to believe you’re the best and you most certainly will be. Go for it.

This audio interview consists of a 15-minute audio and an accompanying 33-page transcript.

10) How To Introduce The Massive Power Of Barter Into Your Joint Venture Deals

In this interview you are going to hear about both barter and joint ventures at the same time. Using this triangle method you can be making money as soon as next week. You are going to learn how to triangulate a joint venture deal. A triangle has three sides. A triangulation joint venture has three players.

This will be an exciting interview I think will give you an even deeper understanding about the enormous potential of Joint Ventures. If you learn what this enterprising Florida man has to teach you about eBay and the barter or retail trade industry, you can make and save you and your family boodles of money for the rest of your life.

You’ll be astounded by this interview about the worldwide barter and trade industry. You’ll learn the best way to turn your time into an ongoing cash income stream. What transpired was an unprecedented 40-minute training class explaining how the major trade organizations operate, inside secrets of how their members obtain and use their trade dollars, the problems these members may experience, as well as the myriad of products and services traded by the members of these organizations.

It’s unbelievable! More important, you’ll learn how to buy top-of-the-line goods and services in the trade industry for twenty cents or less on the dollar using my personal technique. I also reveal the best types of products and services to purchase trade dollars. After purchasing these goods and services at a low price, a person can either take advantage for his or her own lifestyle or business or can actually sell what was purchased for, perhaps, fifty cents on the dollar thus netting thirty cents or more on each dollar sold. You’ll also learn about a great way to get signed up with these retail trade companies for free.

This audio interview consists of a 62-minute audio and an accompanying 46-page transcript.


11) How to Use 45,000 Online PayPal Shop Owners and One Simple E-mail Letter to Set Up the Easiest and Most Profitable Joint Ventures on the Planet

Paypal is the online world that can make you rich using my Joint Venture Papal idea. There is no disputing the fact that joint ventures are the most powerful way to generate sales with the least amount of effort. Your success doing a joint venture is dependent on you finding a good, reliable, accurate customer list to offer your product or service to.

I have developed a way to joint venture with Papal customers that is so easy it will make you cry with joy. Listen to this recording as I teach my system to my personal assistant. This joint venture strategy is a novel technique for creating, finding, establishing, and implementing joint ventures with ease. I provide you all my insights, all my techniques, all my strategies; I give it all away so that you too can go out and make some money doing joint ventures with Papal. You get the PayPal letter free when you become a member.

This audio interview consists of a 38-minute audio and an accompanying 45-page transcript.

12) You Will Be Shocked And Amazed To Learn How Easy Joint Venture Deal Making Can Be

Here’s an interview with a honest to goodness Joint Venture deal making master we’ll call Mr. JV. Mr. JV began his career in Joint Ventures 20 years ago in South Africa. He deals mainly with small to medium sized businesses all over the world. If you’ve been studying business deal making or joint ventures, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this interview. Mr. JV. presents Joint Venturing in a simple, down-to-earth fashion that you’ll understand and learn a great deal from. You’ll hear about real life deals with real people in the real world.

His international organization teaches people how to broker joint venture deals with no risk and unlimited opportunity. He teaches students how to link people together and to get paid for it by using existing resources.

In this interview, you’ll learn how to position your self as a “middle man” for setting up deals where you share the profits. If you’re a business owner, you’ll learn how to arrange a joint venture deal for yourself.

You learn how to think logically about removing cost and risk for each deal you make. Lean how to master strategic issues such as:

*  What is fair for each person involved
*  How is true profit calculated
*  How each person will be paid
*  When each person will be paid

You’ll hear why joint ventures are more about psychology and human nature than mere contracts. Since human nature is so important in the creation and success of joint ventures, you’ll have to be realistic and not expect every deal to go smoothly. Each player in a deal must go into the venture with an optimistic idea that it will last for a long time.

If you want to learn a way to restore your financial dignity, joint ventures can be a great solution. If you’re a senior who wants to work but can’t get a job or a young people coming out of school or a person who has been laid off from your job or even just someone who wants to improve their
lifestyle and not be locked in sitting behind a desk, keep reading.

Being an effective joint venture deal maker may be for you. You don’t have to be a salesperson. It’s really about understanding. If you can help someone to get what they want, you can get paid for it.

In addition to this interview, you’ll learn about ongoing education and support for people who want to create financial independence using Joint Ventures. Each of these resources holds a wealth of free information about Joint Ventures and about his programs and philosophies.

This audio interview consists of a two-part audio (Part One is 33 minutes and Part Two is 30 minutes) and accompanying 55-page transcript of all both audios.

13) How You Can Make Big Money As Easily As Answering Your Phone – Even If You Are Dead Broke, Have No Experience And Have No Resources Whatsoever

This is one of the best presentations on joint venture marketing I have ever heard John Alanis delivered it in 2000 at a Ron LeGrand information-publishing seminar called “Information Marketing Boot Camp.”

It is as hard-hitting and basic as the name implies. My friend Bob Lee owns the resale and duplication rights to this 16-audio tape seminar. He leased this space on my site to give you a free sample of the quality of the seminar. Pull out your pen and take notes on this one. It is extremely practical and will give you a rare insight into how “the big boys” use joint ventures to make obscene amounts of money very quickly. Enjoy this million-dollar education on joint venture marketing.

This audio interview consists of a 58-minute audio and an accompanying 50-page transcript.





Michael Senoff – Joint Venture Magic

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