Miguel Hernandez – How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business

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Miguel Hernandez – How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business



Miguel Hernandez – How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business
Miguel Hernandez – How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business


After creating several successful demo videos I have learned great techniques to produce awesome explanatory videos with very little budget.
I have also learned that most startups cannot afford to spend $3k to $10K to have a professional video produced.
This saddens me because every startup can tremendously benefit from having a great demo video explaining what they do.

So to help the startups of the world tell their stories in a unique and fun way I have produced a concise and easy to follow online videotutorial course that will help you learn everything I know to produce great videos like the ones you can see on this website.

Why a great demo video is super important for your company?

A great demo video helps the founders to promote their startup, to explain their product or services better than any text, images, website could ever do. A great demo video is the best most efficient way to tell your story so anyone can understand and take the time to listen to it.

A great demo video acts on your behalf as an elevator pitch for your company so you don’t have to repeat your story over and over to customers and investors. Let the video tell your story so you can concentrate on building a great product.

I have the knowledge and experience to help startups tell their story. I have a passion for startups being one myself so I decided to share my knowledge to help you learn how to create a great demo video yourself.
Whether you are a founder that wants to take that boring screencast video to the next level or a video producer that wants to learn how to produce awesome animated videos for your clients, this video tutorial will ensure you learn everything there is to know to produce the most effective explanatory video possible for the least amount of money.

Videos Rule. If your company’s website doesn’t have them, you are missing out on an awesome way of communicating with your customers.

Videos are an easy and dynamic way of letting folks know about your products or services and they can mean the difference between a lookie-loo and actual sales.

Unfortunately, many companies let the high costs of professional videos turn them off to the real power of this marketing medium. Some folks even create low quality videos in-house.

As dynamic and powerful as videos can be, bad videos can be just as persuasive… in a totally negative way – giving potential customers a bad impressive of your company. Rather than adding poor quality videos to your site, you’re probably better off not adding videos at all.

Now your company can stand out from the crowd and you don’t need to spend $10K in order to have a professional video produced for your site. Are you ready for this? You can start enjoying the benefits of learning how to make your own, professional quality videos now with the help of an awesome video series that teaches you everything you need to know.

Over 98 lectures and 9.5 hours of content!
Scriptwriting – Learn to create simple, compelling, effective scripts in less than 2 hours
Animating – Learn to create awesome animations quickly and cheaply
Voice over – Learn how to record great voice over audio with no budget or where to hire great voice over talent.
Editing – Learn how to put animation, audio, sound, all together with Final Cut or iMovie
Promoting – Learn great social media marketing techniques to promote your video and increase your chances of it becoming viral.

Here’s what’s in this torrent:

Module 1 – Script Writing
01 – 5 Parts of a Script.mp4
02 – 7 Rules to Make Your Script Awesome.mp4
03 – The 5 Sales Impulse Factors.mp4
04 – The Ulterior Motive Behind an Effective Script.mp4
05 – Watch The Hipmunk Demo Video.mp4
06 – Analyzing The Hipmunk Demo Video Part 1.mp4
07 – Analyzing The Hipmunk Demo Video Part 2.mp4
08 – Watch the Hilightcam Demo Video.mp4
09 – Analyze The HilightCam Demo Video Script.mp4
10 – How to Apply The SUCCESS Rules To a Paragraph.mp4
11 – Using Excel To Apply The SUCCESS Rules.mp4
12 – Comparing Good Vs Bad Writing.mp4
13 – Boring Vs Cute.mp4
14 – Quickly Apply The SUCCESS Rules to an Entire Script.mp4
15 – All You Need Is Love.mp4
16 – Review & Final Thoughts.mp4

Module 2 – Storyboarding
01 – Intro.mp4
02 – What do you need.mp4
03 – Creating a template.mp4
04 – Using Omnigraffle to create a Storyboard template.mp4
05 – Identifying the different sections of a storyboard.mp4
06 – Drawing the shots.mp4
07 – Scanning & Importing the Shots.mp4
08 – Analyzing Finished Samples of Grumo Storyboard.mp4

Module 3 – Voiceover
01 – Intro.mp4
02 – Using VoiceRecord – Live Demo.mp4
03 – Transfer Audio files via WiFi and converting them to mp3.mp4
04 – How to remove background noise using Audacity.mp4
05 – How to remove background noise using Soundtrack Pro.mp4
06 – How to hire a voiceover professional from voices.com.mp4

Module 4 – Illustration Use your pdf viewer to read ai files
01 – Intro.mp4
02 – Software Options.mp4
03 – Create an asset list from the storyboard.mp4
04 – Setting up Illustration Project.mp4
05 – Drawing a simple character.mp4
06 – Coloring your assets.mp4
07 – Prepping for After Effects.mp4

Module 5 – Animating
01 – Hardware and Software required.mp4
02 – How to set up an After Effects project.mp4
03 – What are comps.mp4
04 – Importing the assets to your comp.mp4
05 – How to rig your character for animation.mp4
06 – How to animate a shot.mp4
07 – How to add effects in After Effects.mp4
08 – Creating low-res previews.mp4
09 – Final rendering and delivery.mp4

Module 6 – Sound Design
01 – What is a soundtrack.mp4
02 – What are the best online stock resources for stock music.mp4
03 – How to record your own sound effects the easy way.mp4
04 – How to easily modify your sounds to suit your needs.mp4
05 – The importance of building a solid sound effects library.mp4
06 – How to select the perfect music track for  your demo video.mp4
07 – How to compose your own music using Garageband.mp4

Module 7 – Editing
01 – What are the main editing software solutions.mp4
02 – How to set up your Final Cut project and import your assets.mp4
03 – Final Cut basics and time saving shortcuts in action.mp4
04 – Putting it all together and exporting your project.mp4

Module 8 – Delivering (2 & 3 Missing)
01 – Intro to delivering video.mp4
02 – Encoding video using Quicktime [MISSING] 03 – Encoding video using MPEG Streamclip [MISSING] 04 – Trying to encode video using VLC.mp4
05 – Trying to encode video using Final Cut Pro.mp4
06 – Encoding video using Compressor.mp4
07 – File Transfer Alternatives.mp4
08 – Using Email to deliver large files.mp4
09 – Delivering video using YouSendIT and WeTransfer.mp4
10 – Delivering video using YouTube and Vimeo.mp4
11 – Delivering video using http://FTP.mp4
12 – Delivering video using Wistia.mp4

Module 9 – Promoting
01 – Intro to promoting your video online.mp4
02 – Promoting video with YouTube.mp4
03 – Promoting video with Vimeo.mp4
04 – Promoting video with Facebook.mp4
05 – Promoting video using Twitter.mp4
06 – Promoting video with Reddit, StubleUpon, and Digg.mp4
07 – Promoting video with TubeMogul.mp4
08 – Promoting video using WordPress and Tumblr.mp4
09 – Thank you! – End of Grumo Course.mp4





Miguel Hernandez – How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business

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