Mike Koenigs – Author Expert Marketing Machines

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Mike Koenigs
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Mike Koenigs – Author Expert Marketing Machines



Mike Koenigs – Author Expert Marketing Machines
Mike Koenigs – Author Expert Marketing Machines


Author Expert Marketing Machines is a 5-step system for small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, consultants, coaches and professionals just like you to create your platform and become recognized as the go-to expert, authority and star in my niche.

This program—a combination of physical training (DVDs, workbooks), online training (how-to’s, mentoring and training), marketing machines (we do the techie stuff for you) and a live event (connecting you directly to a community of peers)—contains the step-by-step blueprint for increasing your value and authority so you can:

Get paid more for your knowledge, expertise, and experience.
Extend your influence and help more people with your message.
Multiply your value
Help make you competition and recession-proof
Stop trading your time for money
Start making what you deserve for your experience, expertise, and your story.

Author Expert Marketing Machines is creator Mike Koenig’s Magnum Opus (his life’s work). This one product combines everything that Mike has created and taught into a single package designed to position, publish, productize, and promote you. Plus, the marketing machines are designed to help you become a recognized authority with the included “Push Button Marketing Machines” that automate the process quickly and easily.

Additionally, the program brings you the wisdom and examples of over a dozen experts who have used these same strategies to build their brands and businesses successfully in a diverse array of fields.

There are five simple steps, 5 “P’s” To Building Your Platform and if you have this, you’re set for life. And if you do it for other people, they’ll pay you a fortune.
The steps are:

Position: This creates Credibility, Likeability, and Authority. It makes you the dominant personality in your niche.
Publish: What this used to mean and what it means now are two different things. It used to mean hiring an agent and hoping for a publisher, then waiting at least 2 years for your work to finally make it to market. Today this means push-button publishing and getting promoted in less than a day.
Product: Turning your knowledge and know-how into products so that, instead of selling your time, you instead sell your knowledge, expertise, and experience.
Promote: It’s you…everywhere. NOW. And, once you qualify for listing in our online store, we’ll promote you, your brand, your product, and your message to the world. And then we’ll show you how to do it for yourself.
Profit: The final step…and usually the most-rewarding. This is where you get paid for helping people. How cool does that sound?





Mike Koenigs – Author Expert Marketing Machines




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