Mike Mandel – Hypnotic Power Inductions – Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation

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Mike Mandel – Hypnotic Power Inductions – Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation


Mike Mandel – Hypnotic Power Inductions – Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation
Mike Mandel – Hypnotic Power Inductions – Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation


Everything you need to rapidly create deep hypnotic trance!

In nearly 40 years of professional hypnosis, it disturbs me when I hear someone say, “A light hypnotic trance is all that’s needed to create change!”. I’ve heard this at least a couple of hundred times. Yes, it is true that you can fix all kinds of problems with nothing more than a light hypnotic trance, if you are a highly skilled hypnotist…

Why do so many people endlessly trumpet the value of a light trance? Becaue it’s all they’re capable of inducing in their subjects! When poorly trained hypnotists run into someone they can’t hypnotize what do they do? They blame in on the subject. They say the subject is “resistant” or “unhypnotizable”.

It’s funny because my students and I don’t seem to run into any of these “bad subjects” …
Deep Trance is the “Working State” of Hypnosis

Those of us in the know are fully aware that deep trance, or the somnambulistic state, is where you want your subject to be. This is because deep trance is the “working state” of hypnosis; where the real changework happens. When your subject is in a deep hypnotic state, you can do anything you can do in a light trance, but you can also produce amnesia, time distortion, post hypnotic suggestion, and a host of other deep trance phenomena. This is the state I routinely work with, as anyone who’s seen me train will readily attest.
Poorly Trained Hypnotists Bore Subjects into Trance!

The problem is, the vast majority of hypnotists in today’s world are poorly trained, if they’ve received any training at all. They rely on reading scripts to their subjects, or use outdated and ineffective methods. The progressive relaxation induction is an example of this, in which the hypnotist spends so much time inducing hypnosis by endlessly getting the subject to relax, that he essentially bores the subject into trance – and it’s usually a light one.
This Hypnotic Power Inductions Program is the Solution!

For this reason, I have created Hypnotic Power Inductions. This program is for all experienced hypnotists, whether stage, street, casual or therapist; anyone who wants to push their trance induction skills through the roof. The program was professionally filmed at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto in 2012, during my Architecture of Hypnosis course. In this DVD you’ll watch me work with 6 different unprepared subjects, using my Neo-Ericksonian approach, teaching these powerful inductions to a class of therapists and professional hypnotists.

Believe me, these methods will blow your mind! In the very first evening, you’ll be applying amazing leverage inductions that effortlessly zone subjects through the floor.
Here’s what you get in this premium quality program:

– A professionally produced, multiple camera angle DVD containing 5 Incredible Hypnotic Power Inductions that drop your subject into trance in record time. I personally created 4 of these inductions for maximum effect. You won’t find them anywhere else, because until now, I only taught these super-power inductions in my live classes at the University of Toronto!
– A studio-recorded audio CD in which Chris Thompson and I discuss and answer the frequently asked questions I get from my classroom students, along with full explanations. You can play and replay this CD as often as you wish, so you’ll fully understand the inner secrets of rapid inductions.
– Bonus: The DVD also contains a bonus “sledgehammer induction” which shocks the subject into trance in a matter of seconds.

What makes this program different?

If you’ve been listening to my 5 Star rated Brain Software podcasts on iTunes, or have explored this website, you already know my credentials. I began hypnosis in 1966 and have been doing it full-time since 1975, including trainings, keynotes, therapy, forensics, etc. I know of no other hypnotist in the world with my experience and ability.

I got so sick and tired of watching poor technique; even from hypnosis “instructors”, that I decided to raise the bar by providing the finest hypnosis products available anywhere. With this program you’ll learn that hypnosis is easy…but only when you know how…You don’t have to memorize complex language patterns or read scripts. In just one evening’s study with my program, you’ll probably be more skilled at inducing trance than the instructor that trained you! That’s why hypnosis trainers who are stuck in tired old methods will secretly buy this program. They won’t be able to take a chance on their students surpassing them with these lightning fast inductions that they’ve never seen before.

You’ll quickly learn to:

– Drop your subjects through the floor and leave shallow trances behind for ever!
– Develop your behavioral flexibility to work with whoever is in front of you!
– Utilize the power of catalepsy to immediately open a hypnotic door with zero resistance!
– Feel comfortable and confident, whenever someone says “Hypnotize me…”
– Leave hypnotic scripts behind forever! Get rid of those training wheels!
– Slam dunk even inexperienced subjects into trance for whatever purpose you wish!
– Access the REM state and effortlessly create trance through Human Givens theory!
– Shock your subjects into deep trance by using neuroscience to your advantage!
– Put your subjects in trance before they even know you’ve started doing hypnosis! This happens because of the elegant subtlety of the hypnotic inductions you’re about to learn.




Mike Mandel – Hypnotic Power Inductions – Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation


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