Monica Main 2013 RECF Boot Camp

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Monica Main
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Monica Main 2013 RECF Boot Camp




Monica Main 2013 RECF Boot Camp
Monica Main 2013 RECF Boot Camp


Speaker: Monica Main
RE investing level: Intermediate
Name of Program: Monica Main Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar (Atlanta 2013)

This is a recording of the 2-day seminar in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2013. Monica Main is discussing the real estate opportunities available for the small time investor base on her own research.  Unlike other RE seminars that focus on wholesaling property and buying single family houses, Main encourages students to pickup apartment buildings less than 20 units, retail commercial property that can be converted to virtual offices, retail spaces with shared tenant resources, developing multi-units on raw land, and purchasing REO multi-units to lease up & resell.

The MP4 videos are divided into 6 parts:

1 and 2: Introduction
3: Business Plan
4: Financing with Ron
5: Raw Lands/REOS
6: Secrets of Property Management

The MP3 are a set of 8 files are audio extracted from the videos

1: Introduction
2: Farming Properties
3: Business Plan
4: Analyzing Deals
5: Financing Deals (Part 1)
6: Financing Deals (Part 2)
7: Working with REOs
8: Managment

The PDF files are the Powerpoints slides broken up by day of seminar/topic and a seminar workbook.

Day 1: Getting Started
Day 2: Building Properties, Due Diligence, Working with REOs, Management Strategies
Day 2: Presentation by Ron Espinoza

The Excel file is the cashflow evaluator for cash flow analysis, determining cap rate and true property value.




Monica Main 2013 RECF Boot Camp


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