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Monica Main – New Wealth Ninja CourseMonica Main – New Wealth Ninja Course

How You Can Tap Into the “Aggressive Income Formula” and Start Making Thousands of Dollars Per Week in PURE PROFIT By Learning the Secrets of the Highly Profitable New Wealth Ninja

Revealed for the FIRST TIME EVER…

The New Wealth Ninja Cash Flow System

Complete Course

ninja monica HIRes

The Monthly Cash Flow Secret that Can Be Worth $20,000 to $50,000 a Month to You…And This Has NOTHING to Do With Real Estate Investing!

I’ve Had the New Wealth Ninja Trainings, Videos and Mentorship Groups…And Now I’m Finally Revealing ALL of the Details of How to Make a FORTUNE Online with Your OWN Aggressive Income Home-Based Business in a Power-Packed, Mind-Blowing Home-Study Course Revealing Some Pretty Intense First-Time-Revealed Money-Making Strategies That Can Make You VERY WEALTHY VERY QUICKLY!

And NO, This ISN’T About…

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • MLM/Network Marketing
  • Selling Trash for Cash
  • Anything Ineffective or Illegal

What IS This About?  Keep Reading…This Will Knock Your Socks Off!

Dear Entrepreneur,

Last weekend I took my family down to San Diego.  On the way down, we stopped at this 40s-themed burger and shake place called Ruby’s.  If you live in Southern California, you’ve probably heard of it…especially if you live in the OC (Orange County).

The restaurant we ended up at is in the Laguna Hills (now called Laguna Woods) Mall.  When I was barely 20, I helped open that store when it was brand spanking new.

After having been employeed there (back in the day), I lasted only a few months before I was fired.  And it was all over a dispute with a busboy who ripped off a tip that was left on a table by my mother.  The tip was a $5 bill.

I hadn’t been back there since that time…except when I stopped by the place this past weekend.

Coincidentally, we were sat at the same table where my mom had left the $5 tip for me…and where the dispute began and my “career” as a candy-stripped-dressed waitress ended with the Ruby’s organization.

Even more coincidentially, the man who took our order started working at Ruby’s at the same time I did.  Mind you, this was back in the beginning of 1995.  Yes, it’s been 18 years.  And he was still working there.

And the final “coincidence” was that the rip-off busboy who I lost my job over was STILL WORKING THERE!!!  Eighteen years later!!

Even worse, these two guys were looking at me as if they recognized me but couldn’t put their finger on who I was.

And then I thought about it…

I Can Make a Fortune From Home ANYTIME I WANT and I’ll NEVER Have to Work for Anyone Ever Again!


Then I started to think about it…all as I’m sitting at this table in Ruby’s.

What makes me so “special” that I can whip together a business that makes thousands a week in my pocket from scratch while these two guys are STILL working at this same burger joint 18 years later…and will probably be working at this place until they die?!

After all, to me, it’s MUCH HARDER to work as a waiter or busboy at a restaurant, struggling to make end’s meet, probably sharing a household with too many people, and hardly getting any time off than it is to amp up those brain cells and get a simple Internet business going.

If you think about it, is it really that hard to whip together a home-based business?

Yes and no.

Yes because you have to be smart enough to know WHAT KIND of business you should be doing.

No because you just have to copy someone else’s marketing “plan” out there.  Why re-invent the wheel, right?

The “Case-Study” Experiment That Made Over $150,000 Last Quarter!

In December of last year I started thinking about outlining a new book that I wanted to do to show people how to make money from home in the New Economy.  Since I’ve had several business, including my real estate investing enterprises, for the past several years, it’s been quite some time before I’ve started something “from scratch.”

So, in January, I got busy becoming MY OWN CASE STUDY for my book.

Long story short….

I got so involved in the new business that the outline still hasn’t happened for the book.

And I just got my numbers for the new business I BARELY STARTED IN JANUARY for the last quarter and we grossed over $150,000.

Mind you, I “slacked off” in the last month of the quarter so, technically, we were only marketing, selling, and shipping product for 2/3 or 2 of the 3 months of the last quarter.


Even more interesting…

When I say I “started” in January, we actually didn’t start marketing/mailing until the last week of February.

And the first quarter pulled in a “paltry” $30,000.  That was because we made sales ONLY in the month of March.

Can you imagine grossing $30,000 in your first month out from your home-based business??

Now let’s back up here…

First, let me be honest and say that I’m not running a home-based business.  My company, Global Success, already has a brick-and-mortar location with staffed employees.

So, let’s just say that I was “borrowing” a couple of resources from Global Success by using my facilities to do my shipping and take phone calls (on separate business lines, of course) and by using my employees during slow periods.  Otherwise I would have had the SAME OPERATION in my garage at home (and would have pocketed more cash for myself rather than “sharing” it with my staff in the form of a paycheck).

Let’s just also say that when I say we “grossed” a certain dollar amount, I ONLY walked away with about 35% of that.

So…let’s get the calculator!

I “Only” Made $63,000 Since We Started Marketing My New Business!

Poor me!

I “only” put $63,000 cash in my pocket from the $180,000 we grossed so far with my new “experimental” business I started for my book research.

By the end of this year, I’ll have about $200,000 in my pocket AT LEAST from this business.  We are on track to gross about $800,000 by the close of this year.

Again, all from a Case Study Experiment!

We even got so busy with the new business that I’ve actually had to taper it back (which is why we had to stop our marketing for 1 of the 3 months of last quarter).

“Okay, Monica.  This All Sounds Great But…I’m Sure You’ve Put TONS of Money Into Marketing and I Can’t Realistically Do What You’re Doing on the Levels You’re Doing Them!”

My response: You’re right!

If I changed my components of my experiment from offline to online, I would have pocketed 75% of my gross proceeds instead of only 35% because I wasted TONS of money in:

  • Postage
  • Printing
  • Labor in envelope stuffing
  • Labor in affixing stamps
  • Mailing lists

And I would have had NONE of these expenses if I would have invested in PPC (pay-per-click) marketing ONLY.

In fact, my ONLY marketing expense would have been my PPC money which would have been equivalent to spending about HALF of what I spent in stamps!

Since this was an experiment, I started the business with $6,000.  This may seem like a lot to some of you.  Some of you could afford it.


In fact, you won’t need even half that.

Most online businesses can be started with between $500 and $1,000.

You can start with less than $300 if you want to start on a tight budget and “scale up” slowly.

The Perfect Cash Flow Home-Based Business

So, what exactly will you be doing for this “system”?  How is this different than the typical “make money from home” crap that’s out there?

Well, number one, I never churn out “crap” that’s useless.  My systems, strategies, and techniques have created multi-millionaires as long as the system is FOLLOWED and not just thrown on a bookshelf.

Number two, there are several things you can choose to do but I will “strongly recommend” a couple of them while “strongly recommending” a couple of hard-fast virtually guaranteed strategies for getting your business up and running quickly.

What is the business?

You will be selling certain products. In some cases, you’ll sell other things that fall into the download category but if you want to be “in the money” as quickly as possible, you’ll sell the suggested physical products. (And I’m not going to tell you what they are until you get more involved with this system.)

Please note that this business is NOT MLM or network marketing.  This isn’t some “has-been” business like “affiliate marketing” where you sell everyone else’s download ebooks while making them rich (and you make nothing). This isn’t some deal where you write thousands of blogs to make money with Google AdSense…or ANY of the “old school” tired old ways of making money from home that simple DO NOT WORK!

You CAN sell online, offline, or by using BOTH methods.

You CAN operate your entire business out of a spare corner in your house WITHOUT overhead, employees, excess expenses, and all the other hassles of a “regular business” that are enough to make a sane person want to jump off a cliff.

You can either stock a small amount of the products you choose to carry OR you can drop-ship through a specialized company (for less profits, of course).

You don’t have to talk to people on the phone or “sell” people on stuff. It’s best to have a “customer service” line but you can always hire someone in India for pennies to do follow-up or customer service call-backs for you if you want.

Yes, you’ll need a website.  And I’ll show you how to set one up. Yes, you’ll need a merchant account but that’s what PayPal and Google Checkout are for.

And yes, if you choose to stock product you’ll have to throw it in a box and ship it out to a customer (if you don’t want drop-shipping).


If you are THAT much of a bitcher-moaner-complainer to where you don’t want to work a few hours a day for a massive pay out then stay broke and destitute.  I no longer have time for people who are lazy and want massive pay out for no effort.

“So…What EXACTLY Will I Be Selling??”

Your highest and best profit opportunity will be with health supplements.  Hands down.

Why health supplements?

Two noteable facts:

1)  Baby Boomers:  I’ve noticed that we have an extremely large population size of Baby Boomers.  Many are looking for alternative solutions to different health ailments including joint pain, herbal “Viagra,” and getting enough “greens” in their diet without eating a truckload of fruits and veggies.

2)  Wealth Distribution:  Most people don’t know that 80% of the wealth in this country is held by those that are ages 50 and older.  The fact is, most retirees have some heavy-duty expendable incomes.  And these are the people who are the biggest purchasers of dietary and health supplements.

Which means…

Your Biggest Seller WON’T Be Weight Loss Supplements or Diet Pills!


After all, most people who I start to describe the health supplement business to AUTOMATICALLY assume they will be selling weight loss supplements.

And I will tell you from experience, weight loss supplements are the LEAST MOST POPULAR supplement we stock.  In fact, as of March, I discontinued marketing for weight loss supplements because it’s simply not profitable.

The most profitable health supplements to sell are found…

Wait, I can’t give that secret away here.  But it’s in my New Wealth Ninja course.

In fact, I have a TON OF SECRETS that I’ve NEVER revealed before (not even at my trainings or during my mentorships) that can make you an UNTOLD FORTUNE!

And only by “working” anywhere from 10 – 20 hours per week for a payout of $4,000 to $20,000 per month!


“But, Monica…I Came Into Your Life Because I Want to Invest in Real Estate!  How Does THIS Relate to THAT??”

Most of my students complain that they want to get involved in some of these all-cash REO foreclosure deals but they don’t have the money.  Meanwhile, other investors who HAVE the money are swooping up all the good deals.  Pretty soon, these hot properties will be GONE!

My New Wealth Ninja program is ALL ABOUT getting what I call Aggressive Income.  AND FAST!

After all, how awesome would it be to get some immediate cash into your pocket so you can start picking up these smaller REO properties and NOT HAVE A MORTGAGE?

My system allows for you to not only replace your current income (so you don’t have to drag yourself to a job you hate anymore) but it can give you that cash boost so you can snatch up as many smaller properties as possible for ALL CASH.

If you follow the plan and do it AS I TELL YOU, you can retire in 36 months or less.

Having NO MORTAGE on a property, even if it’s a single-family residence, duplex, triplex or “quad,” can make you extremely wealthy in a very short period of time.  You see, the MAJORITY of your gross operating income on a property goes to your mortgage.  No mortgage = A LOT more income in your pocket from your properties!

In fact, most people are actually shocked to compare 2 different types of properties they could have.  One might be an apartment building that costs a million dollars.  The other may be a grouping of single-family homes that were picked up dirt cheap as REOs.  In most cases, depending on WHERE the properties are located and HOW MUCH you got the properties for, you can cash flow MUCH MORE on the small grouping of SFRs than the apartment building costing a million dollars!!  This is because you can get the SFRs one at a time for ALL CASH while you have to get financing for the apartment building, thus watching the majority of your income get sucked into paying a huge mortgage each month!

And that sucks!

I started changing my real estate investing strategies last fall when I discovered the power of getting SFR properties, starting in the greater Detroit, Michigan area.  I’ve never been a fan of (1) SFRs and (2) paying 100% for a property deal.  Neither stood for a powerful leveraging strategy.

Then something happened.

I discovered that the vacancy percentages in the most depressed areas of the country showed that SFR vacancies were next to nothing compared to the vacancy percentage of apartment buildings…even in the strongest economic cities of the United States!

Even areas like Detroit, Memphis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and other CRAZY DEPRESSED areas had LOWER vacancy rates for SFR properties than the data showing for apartment buildings in the hottest cities, most stabilized areas of the U.S.

This is when I realized that the economic environment for real estate had, yet again, shifted beneath our feet…seemingly in the middle of the night when no one was looking!

But getting cash for these SFRs, especially REO properties, was difficult unless you wanted to flip the properties…which I didn’t want to do.  I wanted to own them and rent them out for my passive income.

Of coures, I started picking up these properties for all cash and then quickly realizing that this isn’t the same strategy my students could follow because they didn’t have 100% to put into these deals.

So, naturally, since this year when I announced that I’ll be going into retirement soon, I wanted to figure out a way for my most faithful follower students to be able to retire with me!

And this is when the New Wealth Ninja System was born!

So, what’s in this system?  Check it out…

New Wealth Ninja – Complete Course

  • New Wealth Ninja Manual:  Reveals ALL of the Most Cutting Edge Details About How to Make a FORTUNE Online and Offline Selling the Hottest Products
  • Google Secrets Revealed Manual:  Discover the Secrets of Making Money with Google AdWords Including Their Latest Compliance Policies and How to Avoid Being Slapped!
  • Audio Seminar:  Two Hour Power-Packed Audio Seminar Revealing ALL of the Details You Need to Know to Make a Killing with the New Wealth Ninja Strategies from Business Set-Up to How to Spend All Your Newfound Cash!
  • Video Series:  A Series of Video Presentations Showing You Exactly What to Do to Get Your Business Set Up and How to Start Getting a Cash Flow Right Away
  • Resource Directory:  Get in Contact with MY PERSONAL BUSINESS RESOURCES Including WHERE to Find Products You’ll Be Reselling AND Places That Will Drop-Ship Products for You!
  • Software Spreadsheet:  This Critical Profit Spreadsheet is Exactly What You Need to Determine Exactly How to Price Your Product and How Much You Can Start Making from Your Marketing Campaign

This is Powerful Stuff…It’ll Show You How You Can Make Anywhere from a Few Thousand a Week to Over $100,000 a Month, IF That’s How Big You Want to Scale Up Your Business to!

I should warn you:  This business DOES NOT “work” itself.  You have to “work” the system.

No, it’s not difficult.  Even if you don’t know how to build a website, this business is easy.

Yes, it requires effort.  And I’m thankful for that!


Because if everything profitable required no effort than every Joe Blow would be doing it and I wouldn’t be raking in huge piles of cash from it!

So, I love effort!

Struggle, no.  Effort, yes!

So, if you’re willing to put in some minor effort and understand that your home-based business is NOT forever (but just enough to get you the cash you need to inject into your properties to get you your passive income) and even if you hate the idea of selling colon cleansing supplements, for instance, IT’S NOT FOREVER!

This is a TEMPORARY and QUICK MEANS to get you LOTS OF CASH for real estate deals!  Once you get what you need to get, buy your properties, and start getting your real estate passive income coming it, QUIT THE BUSINESS!

Or keep going until Google changes their policies and disallows you to advertise on AdWords anymore, the government makes selling herbal supplements illegal, somebody shuts down the Internet, or anything else that could happen that we can’t predict.  (I doubt any of that can happen but you NEVER KNOW!)

Now you know why I created the New Wealth Ninja.  This isn’t some business I want you to be in forever.  This is a means for you to get quick money for your properties.

It’s part of the “Total Wealth System” that I believe completely and totally in!




Monica Main – New Wealth Ninja Course

4 reviews for Monica Main – New Wealth Ninja Course

(4 customer reviews )
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