Nathan Thomas – Core Inner Game

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Nathan Thomas – Core Inner Game



Nathan Thomas – Core Inner Game
Nathan Thomas – Core Inner Game

Discover The Inner Game Secrets of the World’s Best Hypnotists and Persuaders

How to hypnotize and persuade others by simply being yourself!

• Create changes in yourself and others easily and effortlessly

• Get your hypnosis and persuasion skills to actually WORK in the real world – even if you’ve failed in the past

• Wipe out resistance, objections and barriers and never have to “force” or pester somebody into doing what’s best

• How to naturally and automatically speak with inspiring confidence and presence.

• How to throw “techniques” and “tricks” into the past and influence others without even having to try

I have created a product (called “The Core Inner Game Report”) that contains all the things that I was never taught that I wish I had known when I got started. Learning this now will shave over 5 years off your journey, and give you an almost criminally unfair edge over the competition!.

However, this product is not for everyone!.

It’s short, concise and to the point (barely 100 pages all up)

And, it’s NOT for people who are *just* interested in learning a cheap trick to show their friends.

Frankly, most people probably should not invest in it at all.

To help you decide, here are some of the secrets revealed in it:

• Why relying on hypnosis techniques or persuasive tricks will stunt your development in it’s tracks.

• AND why there’s an even easier way to get real hypnosis AND persuade others in everyday life

• Why it doesn’t take a lifetime to change yourself from within, and how to shed that old baggage quickly and painlessly

• The single biggest mistake nearly ALL hypnotists make (This mistake almost guarantees embarrassing failure

• Simple body language secrets that allow you to influence others without saying a word

• How to “hack” the world we live in, and give yourself and others the sort of freedom more never dare dream of

• why what most people think about goal setting is actually TOXIC – and why a dead Irish playwright has the forgotten answer <

• Why “bad hypnotists” often have the highest success rates, and how to tap into their magic

• How to walk, talk and FEEL like a master hypnotist, even if you’ve just started out!

• How to feel confident when doing STREET HYPNOSIS and put your subject and volunteers at ease

• The little known social dynamics that define how we live our lives, and why “hacking” this can give you a crazy unfair

• What ancient history tells us about what makes people tick, and why learning this will change the way you view human interactions for ever!

• What my travels in Eastern Europe taught me about how to persuade and influence others, and how you can use this lesson right away!

• Why FAILURE happens with hypnosis and persuasion… and how to STOP IT… and deal with it RIGHT.

• What several years as “intern” to one of the world’s greatest living hypnotists (you will know of this person!) taught me, and how to integrate these lessons into everything you do

• How to turn die hard skeptics into avid hypnosis junkies with just a few short words

• Why matching and mirroring can PREVENT you from gaining rapport, and how to build an effortless connection the better way

Understand This and You’ll Be Able to Stop Struggling, and Start Getting The Real World Results You Want

Not one in 1,000 hypnotists seem to realize the phenomenal power of starting from within. Those that do get TERRIFIED of a long, boring journey of self evaluation and other painful torture.

The reality is…

Once you learn these simple, core truths it will be like flicking a switch inside your mind. You’ll be able to unleash the full power of techniques that have failed in the past…

AND far more importantly, influence, persuade and hypnotize others without even having to rely on pre-formulated techniques at all!

It will be like having a conversation. All you will have to do is follow your intention, and the right words and ideas will naturally present themselves.

Why? Because you will have trained yourself to become a NATURAL, and all the barriers you have been unconsciously throwing up will fall away.





Nathan Thomas – Core Inner Game


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