NLP Copywriting Mastery – Michael Stevenson

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NLP Copywriting Mastery – Michael Stevenson



NLP Copywriting Mastery – Michael Stevenson
NLP Copywriting Mastery – Michael Stevenson


What you can learn from NLP Copywriting Mastery – Michael Stevenson?

Marketing, online or offline, is no longer about just statistics and demographics… To survive in this rapidly changing world, you need to truly understand the psychology of the mind and how people make decisions. For example, did you know…

  • There are certain colors, numbers and visuals that people are subconsciously drawn to and attracted to more than others? (some may be used on this page)
  • That different personality types will respond to different kinds of motivation statements and ignore the rest.Learning this can almost double your prospects’ interest (by letting you appeal to 44.7% to 54.9% more people than before)
  • That there are certain words that are so penetrating that they go directly into the subconscious mind (discovered by famed psychiatrist, Dr. Milton H. Erickson, M.D., and so powerful, he refused to teach them to ordinary people like you and me)
  • That one, and only one, particular aspect of your product or service will determine how long or short your copy should be? And that if you get it wrong, statistics show that your audience simply won’t buy (maybe this is why they aren’t buying now)
  • That there are secret ways to subliminally influence your audience to act that can be used in print and online? (Yes, I’m using them somewhere on this page and I’ll tell you exactly where when you watch the course)
  • That there are mental “filters” through which people will be reading your marketing messages (three sensory inputs, four learning styles, and sixteen personality types). Miss even one, and you’ll lose a percentage of your audience. But chances are you’re missing, not one, but at least 66% to 75% of them. Speak to all of them all and you’ll potentially double your sales or more with this skill.





NLP Copywriting Mastery – Michael Stevenson


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