Noah St. John – Afformations Mastery Program

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Noah St. John – Afformations Mastery Program


Noah St. John – Afformations Mastery Program
Noah St. John – Afformations Mastery Program


Are you sick of endlessly repeating affirmations without any results?

Finally… A Proven System That Quickly and Easily Manifests Your Desires By Activating The Power of Your Subconscious Mind To Make The Law of Attraction Work for You

Join the Afformations Mastery Program and Transform Your Life in 5 Weeks By Permanently Reprogramming Your Mind For Success

Did you ever notice how the best ideas come to you in the shower?

On the morning of April 24th 1997, I had a flash of inspiration in the shower that went on to change the lives of half a million people…

And the good news is…. it appears you’re going to be next.

You see, the idea I had was so simple, and yet so profound, that many people are calling it the “Missing Link to Abundance and The Law of Attraction.”

It’s an idea that THOUSANDS of people credit for transforming their lives and manifesting abundance for themselves with blazing speed and pinpoint accuracy to their desires.

And I’m going to share it with you right now.

Could the secret to rapid, effortless manifestation really be this simple?

You know the law of attraction.

You know that what you focus on expands…

And you know that your reality is a manifestation of your beliefs about yourself and the world.

You’re further than most people, but this is only one half of the success equation…

It’s true…

Beliefs are indeed CRITICAL for success…

As Henry Ford famously said,

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… You’re right.”

And so in the search of abundance and success we’ve been told that we must change our beliefs…

And how have we been told to do that?

Noah St. JohnNoah St. John

We’ve been told to use affirmations.

In other words, we’ve been told to repeat statements daily… until we start to believe them.

We’ve been told to write them down over and over again in notebooks… until we start to believe them.

So tell me…

Do you believe your affirmations?

If you think about it, affirmations are kind of silly…

I know that’s a controversial thing to say,

But I’ll be blunt with you…

aff impossible 2

Affirmations have never worked for me.

Maybe they do for some people, but for me they never did. I tried repeating things like,

“I am wealthy and financially free.”

“I am successful and happy.”

“I am healthy and stress free.”

But for me, and thousands of people I’ve talked to, we encounter a little problem with affirmations…

Our minds automatically reject statements that it does not believe.

aff brainstop

For me, the process of affirmations was extremely frustrating and just went like this…

Noah: “I’m rich!”
Brain: “Yeah right!”

Noah: “I’m happy and in love.”
Brain: “No you’re not! You’re alone and miserable!”

I laugh about it now… but when I was 30 years old, broke, divorced, depressed and living in a shoebox apartment…

…affirmations were a cruel reminder of what I LACKED.

When I had no money, I could simply not convince myself (or my subconscious) that I was rich by repeating the statement that “I am rich”.

When I was heartbroken, I could not convince myself I was “happy and in love” simply by writing it down in a notebook.

Affirmations failed to change my beliefs, and therefore failed to change my reality.

I felt let down, hopeless, and like a chump for dedicating so much of my life to success and ending up at ROCK BOTTOM.

Luckily, I would soon discover something that worked 100x better for me than affirmations…

If you’ve experienced this too, rest assured that it is NOT your fault and you’re certainly not alone in affirmations not working for you. In fact it’s great news, because there is a vastly superior way to reprogram your subconscious and permanently change your beliefs

You see the problem is not you, it’s affirmations.

Affirmations were not designed with you in mind.

No matter how many times you write affirmations into your notebook, or repeat them aloud, you may never truly believe them.


Because that is NOT how your brain works.

Your brain is more like a search engine.

It is a problem-solving machine, and when you think about it…

All problems are simply questions that we don’t yet have the answers to.

Read that again and let it sink in.

All problems are simply questions that we don’t yet have the answers to.

If you embrace this simple yet profound truth, it will enable you to transform your life faster and more dramatically than you ever imagined possible.

How do I know?

About The Author

qj aboutI was a broke, divorced 30 year old college student… But I discovered something in the shower that changed the lives of millions of people…

At the age of 30, I found myself broke, divorced, and living in a college dorm room so small I could stand in the middle of the room and touch the walls on both sides. This was especially frustrating for me, because I had been a student of success since I was 9 years old!

I had read all the books, been to the seminars, listened to all the “gurus”…

But here I still was, at rock bottom.

I realized that something was drastically wrong with my life, but there was just one problem:

I had no idea how to fix it.

For years, I had this gnawing feeling that the answer I was looking for was out there somewhere—that I just had to keep looking for it, and maybe someday, I’d find it.

Then, “The Shower” happened.

The night before “The Shower”, I looked around my tiny dorm room and realized I had posted affirmations around the room to make myself feel better…

But that night I admitted to myself that despite how much I tried, I simply did not believe those statements.

And so on the morning of “The Shower”… my head was ringing with questions.

Questions like,

“If I’ve been saying these ‘affirmations’ over and over for so many years, why don’t I believe them?”

“And if I’ve been saying all these positive statements to myself for so long, how come I still don’t believe in myself?”

“There’s got to be a better way to get myself to believe something good about myself. But what is it?”

That’s when it hit me.

I realized that the human brain is always asking, and searching for answers to questions.

And in that moment, I somehow knew that if we started asking ourselves better questions instead of saying statements we didn’t believe, it would change everything.

And so, the Afformations® Method was born…

aff reality

Why do Afformations® work so well for so many people?

AFFORMATIONS® (not “affirmations”) are the process of asking your brain specific questions that immediately cause it to start searching for answers.

Instead of saying, “I am rich,”

Ask yourself, “Why am I so rich?”

You get a totally different (and automatic) response from your brain:

aff brainblue

I can afford water, shelter, and food…

I can start putting money into savings soon…

I have a steady paycheck…

Instead of trying to believe in a statement, you are now looking for all the reasons why you are rich

Which is a far more effective and empowering way to attract positive things into your life.

You immediately feel empowered by Afformations®

You feel a sense of calm wash over you…

And you activate your subconscious mind to start working for you while you go about your day.

Afformations® have gratitude built in to them. You start looking for reasons that you are ALREADY successful, and this is something you CAN believe.

When you begin to feel grateful and focus on what you have, the Law of Attraction starts to work in full force.

I used Afformations®, and they started to change my life…

Not only did I feel better, but strange coincidences started happening too…

I somehow managed to find my dream woman simply by acting on a hunch that came from within!

And so I began teaching this method through books, seminars, articles, media interviews, coaching clients, masterminds and word of mouth…

And then people around the globe started telling me about the incredible results they were getting from using my simple method — results like:

1 Losing weight after they’d tried every diet and exercise program on the market
2 Finding love after nearly giving up on relationships
3 Starting their home-based business after just dreaming about it and not taking action
4 Gaining more clients after their business had been stagnant
5 Getting promotions after being completely stuck in their careers
6 Writing their book that had languished unfinished for years
7 Healing family relationships that had been broken
8 Quitting smoking after trying everything else
9 Sleeping better after pills and medications hadn’t worked
10 Schoolchildren improving their grades almost overnight
11 Winning golf tournaments and other sporting events for the first time ever…
… and many more.

When You Stop FIGHTING Your Mind, And Turn It Into Your Ally… Magic Happens.

Imagine being able to manifest what you desire simply by thinking about it in the right way

Imagine being able to ask your mind to solve a problem, and be going about your day and have the answer rise from your subconscious when you need it.

With Afformations®, you decide what you want, give yourself to the question, take inspired action, and watch how the universe and your mind create and find opportunities for you to achieve your dreams.

It really is a beautiful thing…

And it just works, as you’ll see from the insane amount of positive testimonials and case studies from people that have used this method.

If you’ve been studying personal growth, repeating affirmations, and you haven’t manifested the life of your dreams, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

But there’s a catch…

Afformations® DO take some work. I’m not going to lie and tell you that a pile of money will fall in your lap simply if you ask yourself, “Why do piles of money fall in my lap?”

This is by far the most simple and powerful success tool I’ve ever come acrossBUT if you don’t follow my Afformations® method to the letter, you WILL NOT get the benefits.

Over the years, I’ve found that the best way to make Afformations® work for you is to really invest in making them a habit and doing them properly for at least a month. It’s also important that you ask the most powerful Afformations® possible.

To make this really easy, I created iAfform Audios to help you transform every area of your life.

What are iAfform Audios?

These are audio tracks that you listen to during the day, which create massive changes in your subconscious mind andactivate your natural success mechanism. This subconscious reprogramming technology works while you go about your day-to-day life and is extremely convenient.

You can use the iAfform Audios on your commute to work, while at the gym, while taking a walk…

You can even have them on while you sleep!

aff sleep

The Afformations® Mastery Program combined with iAfform Audios will get your brain so used to afforming, that it will start doing it automatically, and you will experience what feels like effortless success.

Because when your subconscious is consistently seeking to solve your problems, you begin manifesting your desires like crazy…

I can’t wait for you to experience that!

And so I’m glad to present to you the best solution possible to really enable you to live the life of your dreams through the power of Afformations® and the Law of Attraction.

After going through the Afformations® Mastery Program you willl be able to…

1 Attract more money without the guilt or stress

2 Be happier and healthier than you’ve felt in years

3 Connect more deeply with your highest self

4 Find your soulmate

5 Leverage your time and income so you get to do more of what you love

6 Help more people and get paid for it

7 Rapidly grow your business without the struggle

8 Have the confidence and freedom you’ve always wanted

9 Create the perfect Afformations® to manifest your dreams faster and easier

10 Manifest your desires without stress or anxiety

11 Discover how to live a more abundant lifestyle in 28 Days or less

12 And basically anything else your heart desires!

Join the 5 Week Afformations® Mastery Program And You Will Be Able to Effortlessly Attract Anything You Want in Life. You Will Solve Your Biggest Problems, and Attract Wealth With Less Effort Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Here’s What Past Students Have to Say About Working With Noah St. John:

“I tripled my income, renewed my personal relationships, and took my life to the next level”

Since using Noah’s program, I tripled my income, renewed my personal relationships, and took my life to the next level of overall wealth…all in less than 12 months!.

Cari Murphy
Radio Host

“I fixed my relationships, my money problems, and my career problems“

Noah, I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for all you have done for me! In less than a month, I have become the person I only dreamed about becoming. I fixed my relationships, my money problems, and my career problems thanks to you.

Mladen Milic
Student, Zurich Switzerland

“I skyrocketed my business to over $100,000“

Thank you Noah for contributing to my business success. In less than 4 months I skyrocketed my business to over $100,000, and Afformations® were a big part of that success

Georgina Sweeney

“I went from penniless to a six-figure income“

I went from penniless to a six-figure income in six months thanks Noah’s this program!

Susan Sherayko

How can you harness this knowledge to get what you want in life?

The best solution is by far my Afformations® Mastery program. In this 5 week live program, I will guide you through my Afformations® Method for the most important areas of your life, to permanently reprogram your mind for success.

You will get these benefits through specifically crafted iAfform Audios, in addition to weekly live coaching sessions with me, and an amazing community to encourage you.

iAfform Audios are an incredibly powerful technology for reprogramming your subconscious, as I have chosen the most effective Afformations® to maximize your results with this method. People LOVE their iAfform Audios. Why?

Because you will begin to feel the results immediately, as you move from a state of lack and fear to one of confidence, empowerment and strength.

You will make a permanent change in your life, and will be able to keep the iAfform Audios forever.

You’ll be experiencing this with hundreds of other people, and will have access to a supportive global community of Afformers (that’s what us folks who use Afformations® call ourselves).

Together we can share our experiences, and keep the energy levels high as you begin to attract the things you truly desire.

The coaching program happens over 5 weeks, but you get lifetime access to the program once it’s done.

Each week includes:

  • A live call with me, Noah St. John, inventor of Afformatons® and author of this program, where I will answer the questions you have about Afformations® and how to make them work for you. I’ll be there to support you and encourage you with your Afforming.
  • The chance to submit questions before the call which I will answer for you, so you never have any doubt about what you need to do next.
  • Recordings of the call within 48 hours so that you’ll never miss a beat with this program, even if you can’t attend live.
  • The Top 10 Most Effective Afformations® Cheat Sheet for four critical areas of your life, so you get the biggest benefit possible.

Here’s how each week will be structured:

aff mastery feature

Week 1: Afformations® Complete Course

A step-by-step explanation about how to get started with Afformations® the right way.

  • How asking the RIGHT questions is the difference between getting what you want, or living a life of struggle
  • How to differentiate between empowering and disempowering questions
  • The four simple steps to the Afformations® Method that cause you to manifest what you desire
  • The TWO things that will determine the quality of your life that no one has ever told you
  • Learn how to immediately tell when this method begins working for you so that you know you’re on the right path
  • How to you use your subconscious properly to manifest your desires
  • Live Q&A coaching call with Noah St. John on Afformations® Method

Date & time:Monday, May 25th, 6 PM PST

aff module 01

Week 2: Afformations® for Wealth

It’s true, but most people don’t want to admit it: It takes money to have and do the things you really want in life. But many people are subconsciously pushing money away faster than it can come in!

In less than an hour of listening to our Wealth Afformations® Sessions, you’ll start to remove the blocks between you and more money, and begin attracting true abundance to your life.

Just sit back and listen to these amazing Afformations® Sessions, as they allow you to access your inner millionaire and experience being the real, truly wealthy you in any situation.

Just relax and listen as these powerful recordings release your inner ability to attract wealth and more money to you, helping you:
  • Make better decisions about money
  • Attract more wealth and a higher level of prosperity
  • Live in true abundance no matter what

Within minutes of listening to these remarkable 60-minute Afformations® Sessions, you’ll experience a profound and lasting inner change that will completely amaze you.

The 4 sessions you’ll receive are:
  • Take Inspired Action Afformations®

You’ll trust your inner knowing again and start to take actions based on the still, small voice of intuition and your Higher Self.

  • Naturally Attract Money Afformations®

You’ll stop unconsciously pushing money away and start becoming a magnet for money, wealth, and prosperity.

  • Ultimate Wealth Afformations®

You’ll start to remove the blocks between you and money, and begin attracting true, lasting prosperity into your life.

  • Live Q&A coaching call with Noah St. John on Wealth

Date & time: Monday, June 1st, 6 PM PST

aff module 02

Week 3: Afformations® for Health

The world is a stressful place. Sometimes it can seem like you can’t take one more thing. Science has shown that the human body-mind was not meant to live in a state of constant, never-ending stress. That’s why stress can lead to long-term, damaging effects on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Simply sit back and listen to these calming Health Afformations® Sessions, as they will give you the ability to relax, refresh, and renew. They will help you remove what’s standing between you and your true, healthy self. You’ll learn to think like a healthy, fit person and experience the pleasure of being your ideal self. As a benefit you’ll start to:

  • Feel calmer and more centered as your stress level drops and you feel the health benefits of true, deep relaxation
  • Be calm and gain the peace of mind you need to help you consistently sleep through the night that helps you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, and feel energized and in top shape all day.
  • Release your inner ability to quickly and easily lose weight, allowing you to wash away your anxieties and boost your healthy self-esteem.
The 4 sessions you’ll receive are:
  • No More Stress Afformations®

You’ll feel calmer and more centered as your stress level drops and you feel the health benefits of true, deep relaxation.

  • Deep Blissful Sleep Afformations®

You’ll gain the calm and peace of mind you need to help you consistently sleep through the night.

  • Easy Weight Loss Afformations®

You’ll start to think like a healthy, fit person and experience the pleasure of being your ideal weight again.

  • Live Q&A coaching call with Noah St. John on Health

Date & time: Monday, June 8th, 6 PM PST

aff module 03

Week 4: Afformations® for Career and Success

Advancing through the corporate ladder or creating lasting business success can be a daunting task, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years.

Confidence is one of the key reasons people get more of what they really want in life. You see confident people all around you – but how did they become that way? And how can YOU use their secrets to become the confident person you’ve always wanted?

In less than an hour of listening to these Career Success Afformations® Sessions, you’ll feel more confident to face the challenges in your life, career, and personal relationships.

These sessions will allow you to break free from self-doubt and experience being the real, assured, confident you in any situation. You’ll start to remove the hidden blocks between you and a more successful career or business. You’ll start to think like a confident, inspiring leader – the kind who naturally attracts the opportunities and accomplishments that others envy.

Just relax as this amazing recording frees your potential, helping you:
  • Stay self-assured and confident;
  • Give polished, poised performances;
  • Be more successful in your business;
  • Attract more opportunities and greater abundance;
  • Unlock the leader within you.
The 4 sessions you’ll receive are:
  • Ultimate Self-Confidence Afformations®

You’ll feel more confident to face the challenges in your life, career and personal relationships.

  • Strengthen Your Strengths Afformations®

You’ll gain the confidence of knowing that you are stronger than you think you are, and start leveraging your strengths to reach your goals.

  • Ultimate Business Success Afformations®

You’ll start to think like a confident, inspiring leader – the kind who naturally attracts the opportunities and accomplishments that others envy.

  • Live Q&A coaching call with Noah St. John on Career Success

Date & time: Monday, June 22nd, 6 PM PST

aff module 04

Week 5: Afformations® for Love and Relationships

Everyone wants to experience more love in their lives. But sometimes, if you’ve been hurt in the past, it feels scary to let love in. What can you do if you don’t want to close off your feelings any more – and still feel safe?

In less than an hour of listening to this each of these Love & Relationships Afformations® sessions, you’ll find the courage to love fully again. You’ll experience more confidence and strength as you open your heart to experience the joy of true love.

Just sit back and listen to these incredible Afformations® Sessions, as they allow you to free your heart and experience love and safety in any situation.

You can relax as these wonderful recordings help you:
  • Welcome love back into your life
  • Overcome the fear of rejection
  • Find happiness and fulfillment in your relationships.

Within minutes of listening to these remarkable, 60-minute Afformations® Sessions, you’ll experience an amazing inner transformation that will literally light up your life.

The 4 sessions you’ll receive are:
  • Ultimate Love Afformations®

You’ll find the courage to love fully again and experience more confidence as you open your heart to experience the joy of true love.

  • Ultimate Relationship Success Afformations®

You’ll attract the right people who will propel you forward into a life of happiness, fulfillment, and connection.

  • Your Life Purpose Afformations®

You’ll discover why you’re here on Earth and uncover your true mission and higher purpose for your life.

  • Live Q&A coaching call with Noah St. John on Love & Relationships

Date & time: Monday, June 29th, 6 PM PST

aff module 05

You’ll Also Get This Amazing Bonus

Bonus: Removing Your Financial Head Trash

You’re also getting access to a unique presentation I gave at the Lifestyle Summit called “Removing Your Financial Head Trash” where people paid more than $2,000 each to attend…

I know you’re going to love this one-of-a-kind presentation, because in it, I walk you through exactly how your mind works, and how you’re subconsciously pushing money away without even knowing it.

And of course, how to attract more money, wealth and abundance faster than you ever thought possible!

aff mastery bonus

Are You Ready to Permanently Retrain Your Brain With My Afformations® Mastery Program?

If you’ve done a few Afformations®, you may have already started to glimpse the awesome power of this simple method.

You’ve felt your subconscious start to work for you, and perhaps even had a hint of what it’s like when you work WITH your brain, instead of against it.

The benefits you felt were immediate, but not yet permanent.

By joining the Afformations® Mastery Program, you will go through a structured process for integrating Afformations into your daily routine, and harnessing their phenomenal power to transform the key areas of your life.

It’s a liberating, exhilarating and life-changing process, and I can’t wait to walk you through it step-by-step.

We’re Making It As Affordable As Possible

My standard charge for a VIP half-day at my office is $13,000.

And my private clients gladly pay it, because the transformational value they receive is many times that.

But, because this is my first program published with Mindvalley, we wanted to give you a REALLY fantastic deal.

So instead of paying anywhere near my regular fee, you’re getting hundreds of dollars worth of iAfform Audios, and thousands of dollars worth of my time, for just $297.

For a 5-week coaching program with this much transformational value, we think this is phenomenal value for money and it is likely we will not run this program at such a low price again.

If we do run this again, expect to pay at least $497.

For that reason, I strongly encourage you to join now and secure the best price, so you don’t miss out and end up paying more later.

It’s time to end your struggles.

It’s time to finally live up to your true potential.

It’s time to have your brain work FOR you, instead of against you.

It’s time to experience the power of Afformations®.

100% Results Guaranteed

Afformations® work, and I think this method is unique because you can FEEL the changes happen seconds after you use them.

Now imagine what happens when you’re always Afforming… things get pretty crazy (in a good way)!

But in any case, I understand that you may be a little nervous about making this decision. So here’s what I am going to do for you.

I’m so confident that my Afformations® Mastery Program will help you, that I am offering a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on the program for the first 30 days.

This means you can begin going through the course, and if you don’t immediately feel your fortunes shift and your life start changing for the better, you will receive a 100% refund on your purchase price.

I am very confident you will have an amazing transformational experience, but even if you’re unsure you have nothing to lose. You can simply request a refund from Mindvalley’s customer service team, which is quite literally one of the best on the planet.

That’s why I encourage you to enroll now during this special one-time offer.

You have nothing to lose and SO much to gain.

If You Keep Ignoring the Way Your Brain Operates, You Will Always Struggle To Manifest Your Dreams.

I’m fortunate enough at this point in my career to be doing this for love, more than money.

So from one friend to another, please heed this advice.

I tried success the “old way” for too long and experienced so much frustration that I almost gave up.

But there is a better way.

In fact, it’s right in front of you, right now.

From the bottom of my heart, having seen people completely transform their lives almost overnight, I strongly warn you not to ignore the reality of how your brain operates, and how simple success can be when you use the RIGHT tool.

Afformations® are simple, yes…

That’s why, when you join this program you will experience breakthroughs in your life faster and with less stress than you ever thought possible.

We guarantee it.

So don’t miss this opportunity, because we’re all waiting here on the other side to encourage you and support you on this transformational journey!

The Mindvalley Advantage

Enjoy peace of mind with Mindvalley Academy’s triple-satisfaction guarantee

guarantee good 

Guarantee 1: Quality

You will be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every exercise, every session and every meditation inside this program. Even the online area has been designed with the greatest of care. This truly is the highest quality training of its kind. Guaranteed.

guarantee star 

Guarantee 2: Results

As you go through the program, you’ll notice virtually instant results that will only get better in the coming weeks and months. Our biggest passion is helping you to get the results you want and deserve, so we’ll do whatever we can to support your success.

guarantee heart 

Guarantee 3: Impact

This program will empower every aspect of your life, and help you experience optimal states of body and mind. We stick by our claims. If for any unlikely reason this training doesn’t live up to any of these promises, drop our team an email and you will be refunded 100% of your investment up to 30 days from your date of purchase. There’s nothing to return, and no effort required at all.

Don’t Decide Now. You have 30 Days.

We stick by our claims. If for any unlikely reason this training doesn’t live up to any of these promises, drop our team an email and you will be refunded 100% of your investment up to 30 days from your date of purchase.


Our Award-Winning 
Customer Support Is Here For You

As head of Mindvalley’s Customer Support, it’s my goal to ensure you get the best experience with this program. We consistently rank among the top 2% of all American companies using NiceReply. This translates to nothing less than your unquestionable happiness with us.

You can reach me and my team directly at

wowsupport signature

Kristi Anier

Customer Happiness Team Lead

You Are at a Fork in the Road… Which Path Will You Take?

If you have read up until this point, you are clearly drawn to this program.

Trust that instinct.

It is your inner guide, telling you to STOP trying to beat it over the head with “affirmations’ and seek advice the right way… using Afformations®!

Some people never truly “live” their lives. They never live up to their full potential and they wonder why they have to struggle while others prosper.

This is a tragedy, because you have everything you need within you to live a life of amazing joy, contribution, meaning, and true abundance.

You just need to let that infinite wisdom out, and with the Afformations® Mastery Program you will be able to do that.

And when you do, the results can be truly spectacular

See you on the inside,
Noah St. John

aff signature

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aff elula products

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… turning your regular exercise routine into a learning experience…

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… turning your grocery shopping into a learning experience…

… turning your cafe-latte moment into a learning experience…

Can you see how your life will be impacted by this in the next 5, 10 or even 50 years?





Noah St. John – Afformations Mastery Program


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