Pam Hendrickson – Marketing Roadmap + Bonus

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Pam Hendrickson – Marketing Roadmap + Bonus



Pam Hendrickson – Marketing Roadmap + Bonus
Pam Hendrickson – Marketing Roadmap + Bonus



Pam Hendrickson – Marketing Roadmap


Are you overwhelmed by all the “got-to’s” and guilt around what you’re not doing in your business?
Do you know you need to market yourself to attract more customers and sell more stuff—but have no idea where to begin? Want results, yet strapped for time?

Marketing Roadmap is your solution to cure overwhelm and open up the door for more freedom and fun in business. It’s a four-step system to help you organize your marketing around your customers. By delivering the right message to the right people at the right time, you’ll discover how to get better results from your content, product creation and marketing—with less effort. You’ll have a simple, organized marketing plan (that we’ll help you create, step by step)! You’ll spend less time in the “got-to’s” and guilt—and discover what owning your business should be like: fun, financial freedom, family, and friends.’

Here’s What You’ll Receive:
4-Step Marketing Roadmap Physical Training Kit
Your training system includes these Fill-in-The-Blanks, “Let’s Make this Fun” modules:

Step 1: The Customer X-Ray (aka “5 Core Problems”) — When you know your customers—really know them—creating offers they can’t wait to buy is simple. We’ll go beyond those “ideal client” exercises that only just scratch the surface and show you how to leverage concrete data to get a deeper understanding of your customers and their top 5 problems. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to create the marketing messages and offers that thrill your clients—and make you money.

Step 2: “Take the Stress Away” Content Plan — “Content marketing” is one of the hottest strategies out there right now—but what good is content that doesn’t turn your audience into buyers? We’ll show you a quick and easy way to create a content marketing plan that’s 1) easy to manage, 2) attracts a constant flow of leads and 3) turns your audience into buyers.

Step 3: “Create Passive Income” Product Plan — Consistent, escalating revenue is the key to building a successful business—and the financial freedom you’ve always wanted. We’ll show you how to design and implement the right product suite to turn one-off customers into long-time clients by meeting their needs with the high-value, high-dollar offers that fund your business for years to come.

Step 4: “On-Demand Income” Marketing Plan — Combine the best of the best strategies from Internet marketing, corporate marketing, direct response marketing and social media marketing in a concise, easy-to-implement marketing plan. We’ll show you exactly how to use your time to maximize your sales—and your impact.

Each Step Includes:

Video training modules, audio of each session for on-the-go listening, worksheets to help you apply your insights immediately, and fill-in-the-blank templates for fast implementation. You also receive a 162-page Summary Book to help you review and employ the strategies in each module.
Training From Our Dream Team
You’ll also receive training from our Dream Team — the people we trust to help us run our businesses:

Ed Rush: — (former fighter pilot, presentation and sales expert)

Ed will show you how to get more sales while being 100% congruent with who you are and your brand, because it’s based on authentic connection instead of some slick sales technique.

Robert Rose: — (Chief Strategist, Content Marketing Institute)

Robert helps you nail down your content marketing message and story, which will become the foundation of all your content. It’s what allows you to do so much more with less.

Amy Porterfield: — (co-author Facebook Marketing All-In-One For Dummies)

Amy will share how to set up and use your Facebook page the right way to drive leads and convert sales.

Mike Koenigs: — (Founder, Traffic Geyser)

Mike shows you how to take your content and distribute it to over 6 billion devices simultaneously.

Karen Davis: — (marketing strategist for start-ups to Fortune 100 companies)

Karen gives you her proven marketing templates and shows you how to use them in your own business, or if you’re a consultant, with your clients. (You may not know Karen, but she’s the secret weapon that huge companies like HP bring in the back door to help when their strategies just aren’t creating results!)
Plus, all of this training is collected in one, convenient box for easy lifetime access to the tools and strategies of the Marketing Roadmap.





Pam Hendrickson – Marketing Roadmap + Bonus


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