Paul Scheele-4 New Paraliminals

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Paul Scheele-4 New Paraliminals



Paul Scheele-4 New Paraliminals
Paul Scheele-4 New Paraliminals


Paul Scheele releases 4 brand new Paraliminals to make your life easier, richer, and more interesting

“Truly nothing gets results like a Paraliminal.” That is why there are over 1,000,000 in circulation today.

And now you can get the four newest titles…

These four new Paraliminals are straight-to-the-benefit difference-makers for your life. Everyone can benefit from them…quickly and easily. All you need to do is close your eyes, listen with stereo headphones, relax for about twenty minutes, and let Paul guide your inner mind. And then notice as powerful change takes place in your life.

Abundant Money Mindset

Intuition Amplifier


Sleep Deeply / Wake Refreshed

New Paraliminal #1
“Abundant Money Mindset”

Move beyond limits and build financial strength
This Paraliminal is about money. Cash. Financial support. It helps clear away any blocks, fears, and hang-ups you have about money, giving you the freedom to make your life easier, more interesting, and extraordinarily fulfilling.

Your new Abundant Money Mindset will help you:

Earn more money, build financial strength, and use money in ways that serve you.
Release thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that limit you.
Adopt new choices and habits that expand your abundant money mindset.
Capitalize on your innate creativity and brilliance to build your financial security.
Bring more passion and joy to what you do.
Create more value for everyone you serve.
Profit from the infinite possibilities available to you.
Feel and experience your expanding gratitude for your own abilities.
Trust in your worthiness to receive from an infinite universe.
Become a masterful steward of your riches for the benefit of your world and generations to come.

New Paraliminal #2
“Intuition Amplifier”

Bring clarity, trust, and power
to your inner knowing
Intuition is more than a hunch. It’s a powerful, useful, natural gift that can lead you to better decisions, healthier living, richer experiences, and more fulfilling relationships. (Pretty much everything.)

Intuition Amplifier helps you use the vast amount of information and perceptions hidden from your everyday awareness, even if you think you have never had an intuitive thought, feeling, or insight in your life.

When you live on the intuitive edge, you will:

Trust your instincts.
Find it easier to make decisions.
Know the difference between intuitive insights and internal noise.
Bring clarity and guidance to uncertainty.
Find creative solutions to problems.
Achieve your goals with greater purpose, power, and passion.
Enjoy fulfilling and joyful interactions with friends, loved ones, and colleagues.
Refine your powers of perception and heighten your awareness.

New Paraliminal #3

Follow through with consistency and determination
The new Self-Discipline Paraliminal is here to help you!

With it you can hardwire your inner drive and determination to take action and follow through on the things you need and should be doing…with unwavering consistency.

Self-Discipline helps you access a source of inner power and commitment to effectively accomplish your tasks and goals in the most efficient ways possible.

But here’s the kicker: in the past you may have thought that self-discipline was a process of working with grim determination to correct weaknesses in performance or plough through tasks. Not at all! You see, those who have it naturally—and I’m sure you know people like that—find that true self-discipline is actually positive, powerful, playful, and consistent with a healthy life. No dread. No self-guilt.

True self-discipline flows naturally from the strength of a clear purpose and living in alignment with your values. That’s where the Self-Discipline Paraliminal comes in. It helps you tap into powerful inner resources to increasingly recognize the power of your determination, the steadfastness of your perseverance, and the gentle guidance of your patience.

Yes, self-discipline is more than self-control. It is a process of channeling your intentions, values, actions, and habits to create the life you choose to live.

New Paraliminal #4
“Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed”

Gain rest, healing, creativity,
and energy
Getting good, sound, restorative sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and your overall success.

Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed has two sessions and will help you fall asleep easily, sleep soundly, reconnect with the source of tremendous healing, balance, and well-being, and then awaken refreshed and energized, ready for your new day.

This Paraliminal removes conflict by providing a positive mindset of thoughts and feelings that ensure you receive the highest possible value from your sleep. It helps you set the right conditions for sleep.

The other session, “Wake Refreshed,” helps you awake gently and purposefully so that you remain connected to your rich internal resources you accessed while sleeping.



Paul Scheele-4 New Paraliminals


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