Peep Laja – Conversion Coaching Program – ConversionXL

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Peep Laja – Conversion Coaching Program – ConversionXL



Peep Laja – Conversion Coaching Program – ConversionXL
Peep Laja – Conversion Coaching Program – ConversionXL


About: ConversionXL is about turning more visitors into customers.

Description: Actionable conversion rate optimization advice based on scientific research and in-depth industry knowledge.


Online Course with Weekly Coaching Calls, Private Forum

The course will be 100% online – a mix of videos, reading materials, live calls and forum discussions.

At the beginning of each week I send out curriculum for the week: reading materials and videos. During the week we will have forum discussions about it, and the week will end with a live webinar – summing it up, discussing key learnings, answering your questions.

The coaching program will last for 3 months. It starts on Monday, February 3rd and will end May 3rd, 2014. At the end of the program you can take a test, and if you pass it, you will be issued a certificate of completion.



Big Picture, where to start, mindset
Optimization process
How to conduct conversion research
Google Analytics top reports and data interpretation
Qualitative research: interviews, surveys, polls
Heuristic analysis
Mouse tracking and heat maps
Usability and user testing
Managing and selling CRO projects
Best Practice library and checklists
Landing page optimization
Optimizing forms
Conversion copywriting
Images & video optimization
Testing strategies
Numbers & statistics
Prioritizing tests
Developing test hypotheses
Iterative testing and learn from test results
Site speed optimization
Value propositions
Persuasive design
24/7 access to members-only forum
Private and group calls
Guest lectures by other top CRO experts


Three very important parts of this course:

1) There will be weekly live calls for demonstrations, Q&A and weekly topic discussions. All live calls will be recorded, so you don’t need to be online if you can’t make it.
2) You will get access to members-only forum to discuss any CRO related stuff, ask questions about the curriculum, learn from other course attendees.
3) You can apply your new skills on any website, any business. You’re learning the methodology that winners use.


Who This Program is For and Who Qualifies

This program is for people who want to become great optimizers. Key criteria: interest in conversion optimization. Second most important thing: commitment. You need to take this seriously. No point joining if you’re not going to use the training materials, not going to participate in discussions. Either you’re in or you’re not.

I understand that you’re a busy person, so actual hourly commitment per week is not huge. If you can invest at least 2 hours per week in this, you’re all right. As with anything, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Above all, this is for smart people who’ve done stuff and know stuff, people who’ve been around some. There’s an application process that I will use to weed out some people people so that we’d have a (killer) group of people with the right group dynamic and discussions.

That being said, your prior optimization experience is not that important. You can be a beginner at conversion optimization. But you will get even more out of it if you’ve done this for a while. Analytics, design and UX, PPC, copywriting experience are all relevant. Prior experience means you can ask better, more specific questions that relate to what you’ve done in the past. You get to also tap into a pool of conversion optimizers – other people like you – and learn from them.


ROI FROM THIS TRAINING PROGRAM: You will learn skills that the market needs, companies crave.

Think on the return on this investment over 12 months or even 24 months.

Think about this: Bernie Madoff promised 20% ROI from his investment vehicle. People went crazy. And yes, it was a scam – 20% ROI on an investment was too difficult to get.

Not so in conversion optimization. If you increase your conversion rate a mere 5% per month, that’s 80% increase in conversions over 12 months. I’m confident that any attendee who puts these newly gained skills to use will get at least 10x returns (yes, this is 900% Mr. Madoff) on this investment in 12 months or less.

The goal for this training program is to give you a new set of skills. Skills that can transform your career (have you seen the demand for CRO managers and the compensation offered? nuts!), and transform your business (no better way to significantly improve your revenue). You will get the skills that are highly in demand for the next decade. And you will get highly compensated for having them.

Demand for data-driven marketers and optimizers is at a all time high, and there’s a huge talent gap. Conversion optimization has become a top marketing priority for businesses.

If your company is not optimization savvy, it’s going to be left behind. Conversion skills is the new arms race. Join this training program to be on top of the game.

Conversion optimization is going to go mainstream. As SEO is getting harder and harder, PPC more expensive and other types of advertising is ignored more and more, data-driven marketing is going to prevail. My prediction is that most SEO and ad agencies will also try become CRO agencies. But there is one problem.

You can’t learn this stuff anywhere
Conversion optimization know-how is still rare. Most top practitioners are not really keen to share their best stuff. Stuff on the blogs out there doesn’t go deep enough, and doesn’t cover everything. Also, there’s more and more junk information out there. The best way is to learn from somebody who has been doing this for years and years.

Sure – there is no substitution for hands-on experience. You won’t become a conversion god overnight. Like a good college program, this course will set you on the right path to become the master of the trade.
The ROI on this training course is going to be huge.





Peep Laja – Conversion Coaching Program – ConversionXL

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(1 customer review )
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