Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss – Secret Selling System

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 Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss – Secret Selling System




 Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss – Secret Selling System
Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss – Secret Selling System


Perry Belcher Co Creator of Digital Marketer has created and sold more than $200M in products and services. Perry is an author of 11 books and courses on business and he is a strategic investor in many industries. He currently speaks at seminars, related to: business business growth, investing, publishing, sales strategies and online media/marketing.Partner with Ryan Deiss, he has created and mastered online digital marketing to reach millions of people, keeping up to date with trends and the strategies in internet marketing.Perry Belcher’s Career didn’t start in digital publishing, or buying and selling businesses. It would be hard to imagine that Perry Belcher at age 30 was driving a Taxi Cab and owned the best damn Hot Dog Cart business in Florida. Now his successful strategies are published and used by business owners and inside his organization, for multi-million dollar products and live events.Today, Perry shares his story and relentlessly, and has become a motivation for startups and entrepreneurs. As a talented marketing resource, publisher, and speaker he has distinguished himself beyond his beginnings and has passed his strategy to millions of people.Perry Belcher 2012
Perry Belcher is a serial entrepreneur.  His goal for 2013 is to launch two more businesses off the ground, and continue growth in his own businesses in manufacturing, importing, marketing and publishing. 

He is a talented author and publisher.  He has provided insight at many speaking seminars and relates his copy writing experience to many successful authors.  His publications have inspired many new writers and authors and helped them create successful publications., marketer, SEO expert, importer and business coach from Austin, Texas.

Perry has imported, manufactured, created and sold merchandise, information and services during his career.  He has developed his strategy of import and export thru many years of experience, and has precise logic to how and why this business is successful.  Today, Perry spends most of his time these days consulting with and investing in mid-sized businesses where he can add the greatest value.

Perry is an author of 11 books and courses on business in just the past few years.  He currently speaks at seminars, related to: business, business growth, and investing, publishing and creating marketable copy, and online media/marketing. Just to name a few.

How to Start a business from home
Import and Export Business
Membership Sites that Make Money
How to Raise Money For Your New Business
How to Start a Start-up

He is a devoted husband and father to two daughters and two sons, and he is the worst guitar player in all of Texas.

In addition, Perry has been a keynote speaker at many business and marketing functions.  With countless books, on Amazon, Lightning Source & Kindle. Along with having many published printed books, Perry has shared his story and motivation as a talented marketing resource, publisher, and investor.


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The Call out.
When you’re just starting in a business.  You need to create a customer avatar. Write a sales letter that is about your product and services that fits directly with your customers.Write a letter as if you are talking directly to that person. Explaining what your business does and how it benefits the audience. Make it look customize and personalize as if you have written it only for that person.
Here is the catch, you have to write a sales letter as if you are directly speaking to the person, but you have also have to be broad enough that you’re not excluding some people that you may want.Define Your Target Audience first before doing anything else. Know what your business is all about. For instance if you’re in a computer gaming business, your target audience should be teens ages 15 – 25 years old. Typically, ages like these mostly boys are into spends much more time in computer games.Once you already have a decent idea of your audience and customers to target, the next plan is to write them a sales letter. But how would you be able to write an effective sales letter that will catch the customer’s attention? The best way to do that is to write it with having one person, your avatar on your mind.Perry Belcher Explains the Call Out
HEY! ATTENTION!  All people looking for less expensive insurance!  Create a memorable tagline!  Call Out to your audience and i assure you the people that respond will not only be your direct audience, but they will be interested in the product.  If your product helps people in internet marketing space, you might have a Headline that reads, “Are you looking for the best place to find Internet Traffic!” 

If you don’t have list of audience yet, below are some ways on how to find them:

Personal Contacts
Personal contacts include your families, relatives, friends who are most likely to purchase something from you. Let them know about your business, they might avail or recommend you to someone who is in need.

Events and Trade Shows 
Watch out for events which could bring your own potential industry together. Get in touch with the particular organizers in the celebration and give away your own products or services to be a award throughout the celebration to encourage you in their campaigns. If you are a B2B-focused business, searching through other business exhibitors will generate results. If your business focuses on consumers (B2C), try exhibiting.

Research in the Internet
Look for local businesses online that fits your criteria to generate leads. Directories are good source for finding business you can target.

Social Media / Social Networking
Does your business have a social media account? Or do you have a personal business account? You can list down those people in your list, those how liked your business. You can contact them and market your products. Social media sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest are good source of social media sites that you can find audiences.

Attend Meetings and Seminars

Meetings and seminars can help you find your target customers. Attend meetings and seminars that are related to your business. Talk to them about your common interest and if you’ve got a chance, introduce your product or services.

The important thing to help promoting properly should be to make ensuring leads as a swap for the money you spend. To do this, it helps to present not only on your own goal consumers, but also displays the worthiness and value you’ll be able to offer them.

Finally Building a Emailing List:
Buy mail campaigns and have an optin form on your website.  Pay for traffic to hit your website then count the conversions.


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How to write a Sales Letter! The psychology of selling. Customers have underlying psychological needs that they get fulfilled, when they buy something. The ten things that you should know about your customers, to propose an irresistible offer.How can you make your offer an opportunity, that customers will buy? An opportunity is what prospects are looking for. You will have to emanate that with your pitch, this is the first thing that will take place, either they will take it, or not respond.Want, people want to believe that you have the magical formula. That not only do they not have to worry about a repair, that they will get BRAND NEW, worthy opportunity. This is the psychology behind giving a prospect what they need, and offering it too them. They need to recognize it as a MUST HAVE. They want to believe that the glue will hold over 600 lbs. They want to believe that they can lose a miraculous amount of weight. It is a new opportunity, it is being optimistic.Some sales pitches start with an improvement. This can be a challenge. First you have to make your customer admit they have a problem that needs fixed, which most people are not going to do that willingly or with a smile on their face. Then you have to take action with your customer, especially if you are selling an information product, it is hard to create an offer for a prospect to improve something. They want new, they don’t want to think about the failures of other products, or services, or the failure in their own methods without your solution. They want that greener grass on the other side, handed to them. Make it easy for them and understand that the opportunity is what they buy, not the improvement offer. It is all in how you sell it. 

Desire, is something that you have to admit is utmost important as a salesman. People desire something that is why they are buying. Desire is strong powerful and controls the prospects actions. When you ask yourself, what are my customers utmost desires, what do they want, and what are they trying to obtain, propose your own desires in social influence or status. Am I buying this to gain more status? These questions are underlying in the psychology of sales.

Building your own confidence and having faith in yourself. They are looking for something, that you can give them.

You want to feel good when you buy something. As people we all do the same thing.

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Perry Belcher Co Owner of Digital Marketer, has used this formula for over 8 years and has literally made over 200 millions of dollars over the last few years. “I’ve changed and perfected a few points of this formula over time.  I use this with every product launch I do with Digital Marketer.”  Watch this excerpt from Traffic and Conversion Summit.I’m working on a new book on the subject and would love all your feedback questions and comments. I’ll be answering all these personally to please fire away.1.     Call out to the audience.2.     Use an attention-grabbing headline.3.     Back it up with a sub-headline. 

4.     Identify the problem.

5.     Provide the solution.

6.     Show the pain and cost of development.

7.     Explain the ease of use.

8.     Show the speed and result.

9.     Futurecast for them.

10.  Show your credentials.

11.  Detail the benefits of the service.

12.  Get and show social proof.

13.  Make your offer.

14.  Add the bonus.

15.  Build up your value.

16.  Reveal your price point.

17.  Inject scarcity if there is any.

18.  Give a guarantee.

19.  Make a call to action.

20.  Give a warning.

21.  Finally, you close with a reminder.


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Perry and Kate.pngFounded in 2005, Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher created a digital on line resource for entrepreneurs and “Digital Marketers”  Lead generation, internet marketing, and online sales.The business model started the idea to help people start businesses Idea incubator, in Austin Texas.   This business took small projects and helped people realize their selling potential creating a new business and marketing plan for them.Digital Marketer sells information products and learning software consisting of of audio, video, tutorials, and Guides.  This is delivered in membership form to help online marketers, and business owners grow, thru Digital Marketers experience of online conversion using statistics and split testing.  Digital marketer established a low cost, high delivery business model to millions of users.Video sales and training courses: Jody Underhill, Kevin Wilke, Ezra Firestone 

From a month subscription service to an online Magazine, designed for readability on tablets, and mobile devices.  The subscriptions include
Established Traffic and Conversion Summit, one of the Largest Media Conventions for Internet marketing of 2013.  Trends, data, and strategies are summing up the challenges and providing solutions to the most asked SEO questions.

Digital Marketer Publishes Ryan Deiss book, “How to Sell 100 Books a Day,”  an Amazon ebook, popular on Kindle.

New Social Media Kate Buck Jr, established KBJ Oneline a social media services company specializing in managing the social presence for corporations, small business owners & entrepreneurs.


 Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss – Secret Selling System


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