Product University – Sophie Howard

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Product University – Sophie Howard




Product University – Sophie Howard
Product University – Sophie Howard


What we will learn in Product University?

  • Module One – We’ll cover goal setting, planning for success and getting helpful habits and mindset so you’re working productively and on the right stuff!
  • Module Two – the focus is on the all-important Product Selection Strategy and we’ll start the LIVE product launch I’ll do with you watching over my shoulder.
  • Module Three – This is all about Sales Funnels– leading to Amazon for most of you but we’ll look at a few other options too so you are aware of all the pros and cons and can choose the best option(s) for you.
  • Module Four – This is all about your Virtual Dream Team– giving you sanity, clarity and your freedom. As well as being able to ditch the tasks you hate and recruit a world class team of operators helping you to build your business
  • Module Five – We learn how to SELL ON AMAZON! The whole set up, listing and launch as I do in my own 6 and 7-figure Amazon businesses
  • Module Six – This is a customer centric few weeks – understanding the psychology, behaviors and avatars you need to have to be able to sell easily to your ideal customers. This is fun stuff that most people get wrong. They focus on products not the customers – we’ll leave them in our dust!
  • Module Seven – This is where I share the systems, tools and processes to scale.
  • Module Eight – This is where we get serious and look at how the 7-figure sellers do it and how to up-level your own business and skills.
  • Module Nine – This is a focus on reports, finances and taking a look at the most common mistakes made so you can avoid them and save time, money and embarrassment.
  • Module Ten – This is all about partnerships to grow, reach new channels and save your cash flow pinches by working in smart ways with other people.
  • Module Eleven – We look at exits and next level moves to take your business to new platforms and channels.
  • Module Twelve – We look at your progress and work on your plans for the next year ahead.







Product University – Sophie Howard


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