Richard Roop – 2011 Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind

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Richard Roop – 2011 Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind



Richard Roop – 2011 Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind
Richard Roop – 2011 Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind



How to own and operate a million dollar
real estate investing business for cash now, cash flow and cash later that leverages
all your time, money and efforts!

The Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind Retreat was a 4-day live seminar held in January 2011 designed to take the mystery out of starting and growing a successful “recession proof” house buying business — a REAL business that generates consistent and reliable cash profits — regardless of economic climate — and without you having to do all the work!

The audio collection of this event walks you through a proven, comprehensive system for:

* Getting started and growing on a shoestring budget
* Attracting all the leads and deals you need
* Constructing and presenting profit-guaranteed offers that get accepted
* Collecting cash on the same day you buy
* Growing and maximizing your monthly passive cash flow
* Funding all your deals without any of your own capital or credit, and
* Rapidly building equity to create a solid financial future

This revolutionary program is not about teaching you HOW to do everything required to buy and sell incredible deals yourself. Instead, it’s about revealing the step-by-step actions needed to find, fund and close on great houses with average profit over $50,000 each — but with you ONLY doing what you love most — and then delegating, outsourcing and systemizing everything else!

Think about it. Running and operating a super successful business takes time, money and effort. But the Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind Retreat reveals how to leverage your time, reduce expenses, maximize profitability and focus all your personal efforts in exciting new ways.

Here’s what this 4-day live event audio recordings cover:

Day 1:

Finding Deals, Generating Leads
and Building Relationships

The number one key to any entrepreneurial endeavor is effective, consistent cost-effective marketing. Learn the steps for getting ready to launch powerful new marketing campaigns. Discover the best online resources for choosing your farms areas, finding the best mailing lists, accessing pubic records, and setting up your response handling systems including phones, email and web sites. Then know how to research property values and history online once your leads are coming in.

You will also learn how to get lists, send direct mail, create new web sites, setup a lead management system  — all done for you. You can always do everything yourself but you’ll discover how to delegate, systemize and outsource as much of your marketing that you want. These marketing strategies, systems and resources can be used for finding deals, building your buyers list and raising private money.

Day 2:

Analyzing Deals, Structuring Offers
and Negotiating with Sellers

Get more “profit-guaranteed” deals accepted and under contract. Build your skills and become a pro at handling sellers — especially important if you decide this is a part of the business you don’t want to give up or delegate — as this is truly where the big bucks are made.

Learn the steps for successfully analyzing deals, determining your exits, constructing offers, presenting them to sellers, uncovering hot buttons and getting your offers accepted. Improve your ability to systematically convert your contracts into cash, follow-up with prospects, occupy your houses faster and handle the paperwork needed to buy, fund and sell houses.

Day 3:

Generating Cash, Funding Deals
and Raising Private Money

Investing or tying up your own money or credit in properties you own is simply not necessary, or recommended. Learn how to raise and collect all the money you need to find, buy and occupy every deal including funds needed for buy costs, hold costs, marketing, repairs, down payments to sellers, and an extra cash of $5,000 to $30,000 to put in your pocket on the day you buy, not sell.

Learn the proven strategies to fund all your deals without any of your own capital or credit. That includes finding and using private lenders, negotiating and creating owner financing and taking over existing loans without bank qualifying.

A lack of private money might make you gun shy about getting your marketing out, returning phone calls and making offers. What a way to sabotage your success! Let us help fix that.

You’ll also discover how and why I can provide you with private loans on properties in all 50 states, and how to line up your own private money at annual rates as low as 6 or 7%.

Day 4:

Selling or Occupying for Top Dollar
and Maximum Cash Flow

You’re going to know exactly what it takes to “buy houses right” so that selling and occupying houses becomes the easiest part of your business when you buy the right properties… in the right areas… with the right price or terms.

It still takes effort getting houses ready for sell, locating qualified buyers and managing your cash flow so you’ll learn the step-by-step process for systematically selling or occupying all your properties quickly and easily — whether you want to do it yourself or have someone else do it for you — having a lot of this work completely delegated, systemized and outsourced.

This is your
“Real Estate Millionaire”
executive training!

Our focus and agenda during this training program is on showing you exactly…

What critical actions have to happen to buy and sell single family houses with average profits over $50,000 each.

How to start focusing on growing and operating a true real estate investing business only doing the work you choose to do, delegating or outsourcing everything else. You’ll be writing your own ideal job description!

How to manage your marketing, buying, funding and selling systems for maximum results, efficiency, profitability and time freedom.

How to design your preferred lifestyle that balances both work and play, and how to start investing your time, attention and creative brain power on achieving that lifestyle.

If you want to achieve your income and wealth building goals
running and operating a creative house buying business,
arguably one of the best entrepreneurial
endeavors you could ever pursue.

Which of these outcomes would you like to achieve?

Start earning $500 an hour operating your house buying business

You can do this business investing just 5 hours a week and create an extra $10,000 a month in profits simply redirecting some of the time you now squander. Or you can decide to invest 20 hours a week, even if you have a full-time job. That could spell $40,000 a month in cash and equity out of buying less than one house a month.

How many months of consistent results like this would you need to experience before it’s time to quit an unfulfilling job, or rid yourself of an underperforming business pursuit?

Become excited and passionate about doing your real estate every day

Imagine knowing exactly what you want, and exactly what you want to do each day, and focusing only on the highest level and most productive activities that are aligned with your goals. Creating a super profitable and successful business of your own is one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate negative thinking, stress in your life and being controlled by outside influences (naysayers, economy, a boss, etc.).

Raise new cash profits and pay off all your debts

It’s time to concentrate not just on making money but growing your net worth. Your house buying business is perfect for increasing your assets and reducing your debts. After you generate all the cash you need to run your business and write yourself a sizable paycheck, what are you going to do with the excess cash profits and cash flow? We’ll help you create this extra cash as well as your plan on how to use it.




Richard Roop – 2011 Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind


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