Richard Roop & Dan Doran – Bootcamp

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Richard Roop & Dan Doran – Bootcamp



Richard Roop & Dan Doran – Bootcamp
Richard Roop & Dan Doran – Bootcamp


Dear fellow real estate investor,

Dramatic changes in housing and lending nationwide markets have created exceptional profit opportunities for real estate investors.

Once you discover our unconventional investing approach and super profitable business models you can start generating immediate cash and tremendous wealth buying properties from all the sellers who need solutions… but without using any of your own cash or credit.

·        Would you like to buy more deals with bigger profit spreads?
·        Tired of dealing with sellers with little or no equity?
·        Would you like to quick-turn or occupy your houses faster and easier?
·        Would you like to fix any of your challenges generating monthly cash?

Good News!  Now you can systematically:

1) Enjoy large cash paydays whenever you buy whether you flip or hold…
2) Collect real monthly cash flows on any property in any price range, and…
3) Lock-in guaranteed profits of $20,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 per deal while protecting yourself… especially in today’s uncertain markets.

You can close 1 to 3 deals just like this each month simply by applying our unique investing strategies and proven success formulas. Just use the “done for you” marketing campaigns, deal structuring formulas, negotiating tactics and exit strategies we’ll share with you when you enroll.

Start generating substantial CASH profits like never before! Here’s some attendee feedback and… What YOU can expect:

1. The best boot camp ever offered?
2. Incredible up to date content and agenda
3. Missing link for newbies and seasoned pros
4. Comprehensive and revealing insights
5. Takes you to the next level
6. Greatest people and awesome networking
7. Phenomenal boot camp gets better every time
8. Dan and Richard’s dedication to your success
9. Success through inner game and coaching

5 entire days of Richard Roop’s Bootcamp on 28 CDs.  Awesome real estate investing education!






Richard Roop & Dan Doran – Bootcamp


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