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ROAR Local – Advanced Traffic Mastery
ROAR Local – Advanced Traffic Mastery


The Problem With Facebook Ads

Discover the ONE Thing You Need to Do Now or
Risk Your Entire Marketing Strategy Dying a Slow Death

Dear Business Owner,

Have you noticed the same thing I have?

Every morning when I log into Facebook, I am bombarded with ads!

Chances are you know what I’m talking about. The ones that say things like:

“Buy a Property for a Pound”

“Make a Million Quid in a Week”

“Trade Stocks Online like Warren Buffett”

“Lose 10 Kilo’s in a Week”

“Like My Page”, “Use This App”, “Play This Game”…it goes on and on.

Facebook has become the marketers default platform of choice when they want to sell their stuff online.


I bet, if you’re like me, you’ve realised something’s wrong…

There’s Too Many Ads Now!

We’ve become immune to them on Facebook, and just like me, I bet you hardly even read them anymore.

We’ve become blind to them….

and guess what?

So have your customers.

Even though the internet marketing gurus that sell their Facebook marketing courses will try to tell you otherwise, the real truth is that Facebook’s ad revenues are actually shrinking in most western markets. That’s right – shrinking!

According to Facebook’s annual report, they’re losing 18 – 25 year olds in droves who are switching to the latest apps, such as Snapchat and Instagram.

So it’s fair to say that unless Facebook can come up with another strategy to get teens to start using their platform, then it will be dead in 7 years.

Worse still is the fact that Facebook has become “Ad-book” ever since their stock market listing.

In a brave attempt to make money from the users, Facebook has sold more and more of our data to advertisers. This has resulted in a significant increase to the ads you and I see on Facebook.

in the right hand column

Now there’s no getting away from it. Facebook is awash with people trying to sell their stuff.

This has disastrous consequences for you if you’re trying to sell online. As more people try to sell something on Facebook, the less people will look and pay attention.

Think about it.

When was the last time you clicked on a Facebook ad and purchased something? It’s probably been a while, if ever, and it’s likely you’ll take less notice of these ads as time goes on.

Of course, Facebook’s mobile ad revenues are stable. But have you ever purchased a product on your mobile from a Facebook ad?

I haven’t.

It’s clunky and I still don’t trust the technology, and the data from Facebook backs that up.

How about you?

So that means people are clicking on ads but those clicks are NOT leading to sales. That’s a recipe for losing a ton of cash.

Why Facebook is No Longer Cool

I know what I’m saying goes contrary to most of the internet marketing gurus who will happily tell you Facebook is “killing it” for them.

But honestly, look at the data yourself and you’ll see a much different story.

Who do you see on your Facebook wall selling stuff?

I’ll wager there’s a lot of those same gurus selling their over priced courses that try to teach you how to make money selling stuff on Facebook.

But let’s look at the actual data from Facebook and as you’ve seen, they’re losing ground not growing.





ROAR Local – Advanced Traffic Mastery


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