Rob Swanson – Blitz Wholesaling Real Estate Course

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Rob Swanson – Blitz Wholesaling Real Estate Course



Rob Swanson – Blitz Wholesaling Real Estate Course
Rob Swanson – Blitz Wholesaling Real Estate Course



You Get The Entire 6 Module Blitz Wholesaling System TodayVALUE $2,382 — YOURS TODAY Just $497
Module 1 | Quick Start Guide – VALUE $397

Blitz Wholesaling System Module 1In Module 1 of the Blitz Wholesaling System you are going to see the “start to finish” business you can build as a real estate wholesaler.

I see a lot of folks that want to make extra money and completely miss the exciting business of wholesaling real estate using none of your own cash, no credit and even with ZERO previous experience.

Successful real estate investors will see how to scale their existing real estate investing business to new and exciting levels while getting their “life back” — working less and creating a more consistent stream of income.

Module 2 | Blitz Research, Choosing The Right City – VALUE $397

Blitz Wholesaling System Module 2You’ve heard it said that real estate is all about location, location, location and yet, most “gurus” tell you that you should never do deals outside of your local area. Why?

It’s simple, because they don’t know how to do it. BUT…that single failure is the #1 mistake of most “would-be” real estate investors. If you find yourself “beating your head” against the wall trying to find deals in your local area, it’s as easy as picking a city that is “stocked with deals” and overflowing with “cash buyers” to turn everything around for you.

Module 2 teaches you a completely straightforward, FREE and simple approach to market research and city selection that will have you asking yourself why no one ever taught you this before.

Module 3 | Blitz Research, Creating A Local City Grid – VALUE $397

Blitz Wholesaling Module 3Truthfully, whether you ever decide to wholesale houses outside of your local area or you just make it happen in your own “backyard”, learning how to create your own “city grid” will give you market insight you’ve never before had.

Using my simple City Grid process, you’ll be able to analyze (in about 2 hours) any city in the country and know exactly what the best deals are, where they are, who’s buying them, what price you should be paying and how big of a profit margin you can make on most deals.

If you’ve never created a City Grid, this is going to be the most exciting Module you’ve ever seen. No body teaches this.  Creating your city grid allows you to:

  • Make offers on any house without ever looking at it (you won’t believe this until you see it)
  • Make ACCURATE offers on any house without ever estimating the fixed-up ARV value
  • Make offers that get accepted and never estimate repairs on any house ever again
Module 4 | Blitz Acquisitions, Top 4 Deal Getting Strategies – VALUE $397

Blitz Wholesaling System Module 4If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money. It’s as simple as that. I learned that first-hand over a decade ago when I jumped into this business full-time.

The BIG DIFFERENCE is most people tell you that you need to look at houses, estimate repairs, and determine the properties fixed-up value (the ARV) before making an offer. That’s a waste of time and it’s precisely why I beat my competition to the best deals time and time again.

When you follow my Blitz Acquisitions System you will get results. You’ll learn 4 underground ways to get the best deals. I give you my daily “to-do checklist” and you’ll realize that everything you ever learned about getting the best deals and beating your competition was dead wrong.

This will transform your business.

Module 5 | Blitz Selling, No Websites, 6 Proven Strategies – VALUE $397

Blitz Wholesaling System Module 5Stop wasting money on websites, social media and other “technology you don’t need” and start finding buyers the smart, fast, cheap and easy way. Blitz Selling is all about simplicity. If you want to sell water, find the guy that’s thirsty. That’s it.

That’s what Blitz Selling is all about. You’ll learn 6 easy ways to find buyers within 24 hours or less that will cost you less that $28.18. If finding CASH BUYERS is one of your biggest struggles, consider your problems “solved”.

I’m not going to “overwhelm you” nor am I going to try to impress you with 38 ways to find buyers. I’m going to teach you my TOP 6 that work EVERY TIME in every city. Get ready.

Module 6 | Team Integration, Your Team Does All The Work – VALUE $397

Blitz Wholesaling System Module 6This is one of the most important Modules you could ever study. If the idea of building a team that does 93% of the work for you sound appealing, the Blitz Wholesaling System is for you.

Here’s the beautiful thing. My team are rockstars. They kick-butt becuase I’ve put the right people in the right roles and I have them doing the right things. When that happens EVERYONE wins. Sure, we could all “do it alone” but guess what? We’d all make less money.

Building a team is one of the most powerful advances you can make to make extra money. You get my EXACT 4-step hiring process, my simple interview sequence, THE EXACT ads I run to find the best people and the daily “to-do” items for every member on your team. Plus, you get my complete HIRING PACKAGE so you can build, train and get your team up and running fast.



Rob Swanson – Blitz Wholesaling Real Estate Course


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