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Robert Skrob – Associate Marketing
Robert Skrob – Associate Marketing


Contents: 6 DVDs (AVI) MP3 Files Manuals PDFs

I’m REVEALING the closely guarded SECRETS I use to give info-marketers INSTANT CREDIBILITY, NEW CUSTOMER acquisition programs and create

On Tuesday, September 18th , at 11:35 a.m. I decided to hold my first during the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Peak Performers meeting, three of my friends locked me in the elevator. Yes, it’s hard to call anyone who kidnaps you a friend, but there I was.

They asked me to host a seminar to reveal all of my closest held secrets. I had been asked many times before and had wanted to do it, but with everything I have to do in a month, I had never found the time to put it all together. Now everything was different, mostly because this time I was a prisoner.

They refused to let me off the elevator until I agreed to quickly schedule a seminar. This seminar was the ransom. They’d heard about the results I generate and wanted to learn from my success. Finally, so I could leave the elevator, I said yes.

ASSOCIATIONS Are Info-Marketing
Hi, I’m Robert Skrob, president of the Information Marketing ASSOCIATION. I’ve been in the ASSOCIATION industry my entire career. Many ASSOCIATIONS are facing declining membership, but it’s mostly because they are poor marketers.

When I discovered Dan Kennedy, direct marketing and the info-marketing industry, I applied the marketing techniques I learned to my ASSOCIATION clients with tremendous results. When those results rivaled the best info-marketers, Dan suggested I show them to the info-marketing world. While most ASSOCIATIONS are seen as slow and out-of-date, I have proved that consumers are willing to pay premium dues prices for ASSOCIATIONS that provide valuable benefits.

For two years I’ve been personally building ASSOCIATIONS for info-marketers. Now I reveal all of the secrets I’ve uncovered to help info-marketers achieve the same remarkable results by creating their own ASSOCIATIONS.

Up until today, this information has been available only by hiring me through my $38,000.00 consulting arrangement. Meanwhile, several people have told me they want to implement my secrets themselves, but they have questions about getting member benefits or how to structure their ASSOCIATION to make sure they get the most benefit from their own efforts.

Introduction to the SeminarI created this special report to share the secrets of how ASSOCIATION marketing works and to give you a special invitation. Please note, this report talks about a very specific type of information marketing that may not apply to you. Even if it doesn’t apply, you should find it interesting to read about what some info-marketers are doing. Within the Info-Marketing Insiders’ Journal I focus on more typical info-marketing approaches used by a lot of info-marketers; in this report you’ll get to see some of the strategies a small handful of successful marketers are using to build successful businesses.

This isn’t a strategy I invented. Associations date back to 1782 in England. During my career I’ve seen hundreds of private businesspeople create new associations. However, no one has done more than I have to perfect this process, expand the income opportunities and help info-marketers make money.

Make Information Marketing Easier
Success with AssociationsYour customers are familiar with ASSOCIATIONS.
Although your products are much better, the customer perceives a high level of quality from an ASSOCIATION.
ASSOCIATIONS have an impeccable reputation with consumers. (You run your business with the highest level of ethical standards, and you should reap the benefits of doing so.)
New entrants to business frequently look for the industry ASSOCIATION for information on how to succeed.
Industry members and vendors seek out industry ASSOCIATIONS for sponsorship programs; they don’t usually know to ask info-marketers.
Members are reluctant to give up their ASSOCIATION memberships and only drop out if the ASSOCIATION is completely inept.
Let me quickly explain these 6 reasons …
No. 1 – Customers are familiar with ASSOCIATIONS. They may not be familiar with whatever product or service you’re trying to sell. When customers receive an invitation to join an ASSOCIATION, it’s easy for them to join because it’s something they already do. They’ve never heard about individual info-marketers, but people understand that ASSOCIATIONS are a source of industry information.

No. 2 – Although your products may be far superior to anything an ASSOCIATION produces, that’s not necessarily the public’s perception. With an ASSOCIATION’s offer, customers trust that the products and services have been reviewed and approved by a board of directors.

Dr. Barry Lycka launched an association and an area-specific coaching program that allows cosmetic surgeons to differentiate themselves. Only one surgeon from each community can be listed as a provider on the Ethical Cosmetic Surgery Association’s consumer education website.
No. 3 – ASSOCIATIONS don’t have consumer problems. They are not haunted by the Better Business Bureau. ASSOCIATION members assume products will be shipped. They don’t worry that an ASSOCIATION’s staff person will steal their credit card number. With an info-marketer, customers don’t have that predisposed trust.

No. 4 – ASSOCIATIONS enjoy a huge bias: When you’re in business, you join your trade ASSOCIATION. This bias is actually waning, so it’s becoming less of a factor; however, three quarters of the members of an ASSOCIATION join because “it’s what you do.” Unfortunately, the info-marketing industry doesn’t yet enjoy this bias.

No. 5 – Industry members and vendors seek out the ASSOCIATION. When people go into a business, they try to find the ASSOCIATION that represents them, and vendors look to ASSOCIATIONS to promote their products to the market’s niche. They don’t seek out info-marketers.

No. 6 – Members are reluctant to give up their ASSOCIATION membership. They want that long-term relationship; ASSOCIATION membership makes them feel like they are an active member of the industry. Even if they feel superior to the rest of the membership, they want to remain a member.

4 Reasons Why the Smart Info-Marketer
Incorporates ASSOCIATIONS Into the Info-Business
Inside Association MarketingInstantaneously achieves the ultimate credibility for your info-business
Generates a steady stream of new customers for your info-business–effortlessly and at no acquisition cost
Puts an “iron cage” around your members so they stay longer and pay more money
Creates higher priced products and services that you can offer to your customers even if you didn’t think it was possible before

The Best Independent Restaurants Association endorses Rory Fatt of Restaurant Marketing Systems.
First, let’s talk about the increased credibility through endorsement. The Edelman Trust Barometer reports that ASSOCIATIONS are trusted above all other organizations, institutions and governments. When customers see an offer from an ASSOCIATION, they are going to believe the benefit claims more than they would from an individual or from a company.

It’s clear that having the ASSOCIATION’s endorsement gives you a competitive advantage within a niche; the trouble is it’s a total pain to get. ASSOCIATION staff members tend to think if they endorse one, they must endorse all, so they throw up roadblocks. That leaves you having to train staff that endorsing you is the right thing to do so they will go to their board of directors to make your case. Of course, the board meets only every three months, and when you finally get to the decision point, one of the board members has a brother-in-law in the same business, so he gets the endorsement instead of you. It’s a hard process, and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

I work with info-marketers to create their own ASSOCIATIONS to give themselves an endorsement. We create an entire entity and presence and then provided an endorsement for the info-marketer.

Here is a lead generation ad appealing to members’ desire to be part of an exclusive club. Scott Tucker runs this successful lead generation ad in trade journals; it gives him a different persona to complement his “rebel” image.
One of the first things to do when you create your ASSOCIATION is to choose a name that gives you the ultimate advantage. You want a name that will magnetically attract members to your organization. You want potential members to look at your ASSOCIATION’s name and say, ”You know what? That’s the group I want to be a part of. That’s the team I want to be on.“

Here are some examples of ASSOCIATION name models that get results:

National ASSOCIATION of Responsible (Name of Industry). Any industry that has regulatory oversight or concerns is perfect for this name model. For example, ASSOCIATION of Responsible Real Estate Agents or Responsible Business Opportunities or Responsible Internet Marketers. If you can provide a vehicle that allows your members to differentiate themselves from their competitors, you’re going to attract members to your ASSOCIATION.
(Name of Industry) Bureau. For example, the Consumer Real Estate Investment Bureau is an ASSOCIATION that reviews real estate investment opportunities and provides analysis and information for potential investors. You can use this model for many different industries. For example, the Consumer Automotive Bureau. Really, the Better Business Bureau is just a chamber of commerce with a great PR program. You can create the same thing within your own industry–niche by niche.

Here is a lead generation ad appealing to members’ desire to be part of an exclusive club. Scott Tucker runs this successful lead generation ad in trade journals; it gives him a different persona to complement his “rebel” image.
International ASSOCIATION of (Name of Industry). For a business opportunity info-marketer I created the International ASSOCIATION of Moms Working at Home and the Opportunity of the Year Award that we sold to other business opportunities. All participants receive the International ASSOCIATION of Moms Working at Home Opportunity of the Year honorable mention seal on their marketing materials and websites. The entry fees pay for a celebrity to endorse the ASSOCIATION and the winner of the contest. This is a creative way to bring attention to the ASSOCIATION and build credibility for the business opportunity. This contest 1) provides more credibility to all of the participants within the contest; and 2) it provides a customer acquisition opportunity for these business opportunities through the celebrity endorsement, directory and the publicity this ASSOCIATION creates.
The ASSOCIATION of Forward Thinking (Name of Industry). You could use this model for any number of industries: ASSOCIATION of Forward Thinking Real Estate Agents, ASSOCIATION of Forward Thinking Jewelry Stores, ASSOCIATION of Forward Thinking Tax Accountants, etc. The same is true of the following:

Excellent Marketing ExampleWhenever you can create a way for your members to distinguish themselves from all of their competitors, you have not only created an ASSOCIATION worth participating in, but you’re helping your members get more money and differentiate themselves from the marketplace. Not only are you creating a way for you as an info-marketer to differentiate yourself within your market to your customers, but you’re providing your customers an opportunity to set themselves apart from everyone else within their marketplace.

How ASSOCIATIONS Can Create a New
Funnel of Customers for Your Business
This funnel shows you the typical information marketing funnel that we’ve grown accustomed to working through. At the top, there’s a huge pool of prospective customers. All of those prospective customers get into the top of the funnel as leads.

These leads may come from website visits, calls to toll-free numbers or telemarketing calls. However they are found, they go from this massive population of all of your prospective customers and filter down into leads.

With an association, you have another way for members of your industry to find you and participate in your continuity programs. I’ll show you how to structure your association so you don’t have to do any additional fulfillment to service those members. Instead, some members join through your existing marketing and another stream of new customers joins through your association without any additional monthly fulfillment.

If you don’t have a continuity program at all, you will want to create an ASSOCIATION just so you can create a continuity program for your business–even if you never thought you could in the past.

ASSOCIATIONS Generate Dues Revenue
You have your info-marketing funnel, and now we’re going to add the ASSOCIATION funnel next to it. Your current sales materials stay the same, generating leads and customers for your info-marketing business. In addition, we will create an entirely new ASSOCIATION funnel to generate customer leads, but they will go through a membership sales process. When members join your ASSOCIATION, they become a part of your monthly continuity program as a membership benefit. This is a terrific way to go back and get those customers that have not yet converted, and it’s also a great way to get a lot of quick cash because this is an offer they haven’t seen before from an entity that they’re predisposed to join.

Puts an Iron Cage Around Your Members,
So You Keep Them Longer and They Pay More

Creating Lifetime CustomersSeveral info-marketers created ASSOCIATIONS to endorse and generate leads for their coaching members. In these cases there are national directories of providers, so the coaching members want to retain their membership so they can keep getting the leads from participating in the membership directory. Plus, they know if they give up their coaching program, a competitor from their area will take their place in that directory.

Many other info-marketers have created marketing materials for their coaching members using the ASSOCIATION’s identity. By participating in the ASSOCIATION and coaching program, members are able to use the direct mail pieces; these are extremely successful with prospects because of the trust factor.

Creates New Businesses
For Info-Marketers to Sell at Higher Prices

The International Association of Close Combat Instructors allowed Chris Pizzo to upgrade customers of low priced products by offering a certification program and a business opportunity.
Create industry accreditation programs. All of the current programs–from the ASE certified mechanic to the health programs to the police accreditation programs–all of the industry accreditation programs are created by an ASSOCIATION or a private entity that’s doing the certification. There’s no reason why you can’t create your own industry certification. You can create the standards, the curriculum necessary for participants to learn for the certification as well as the maintenance requirements and programs for certified members to retain their designations.

For Chris Pizzo, the International ASSOCIATION of Close-Combat Instructors was his opportunity to create a high priced, area exclusive coaching program for the martial arts industry. While most info-marketers in the niche are competing based on price for instructional videos, Chris created a coaching program that turns enthusiasts into business owners. As a benefit of the ASSOCIATION, Chris provides a certification process with an established curriculum that coaching members must follow to become a certified instructor.

By forming an ASSOCIATION, Chris created a high priced coaching program in an industry dominated by inexpensive DVDs, locked in customers for a long period of time with an established curriculum and completely changed the economics of his info-marketing business. Because of this high priced product, Chris can afford to run more marketing than his competitors and sell more of everything he has to offer.

Using these strategies, your ASSOCIATION will:

Give you the ULTIMATE CREDIBILITY for your info-business;
Generate a steady stream of new customers for your info-business–effortlessly;
Produce increased revenue for your business through sponsorships and other steady streams of passive income;
Lock your members into your continuity program forever; and
Create new businesses opportunities with accreditation programs and member marketing materials, giving your members tools to use, resulting in additional value for them, increased credibility for you and, ultimately, new customers for everyone.
1. Building Profitable Associations Quickly Home Study Course. In November I held a small group, high-results workshop for 10 people. This environment allowed me to work with real implementers, business owners who were already successful, but were looking for this specific details of how I create successful info-marketing businesses through associations.

For a limited time, I’m making the complete DVDs, audio MP3 files on CD, manuals and handouts available. Seminar attendees paid $5,000.00 for this information, plus airfare. You get the complete seminar experience delivered to you via Fed Ex 2nd Day shipping for only $3,495.00 or two easy $1,797.50 payments.

2. Revised and Expanded Building Profitable Association Quickly, limited to 12 registrants. I planned and held the November seminar within 6 weeks. There wasn’t a lot of time for individuals to change plans and there were 3 dozen that told me they wanted to come but couldn’t schedule it on such short notice. Also, after I delivered the seminar I found several files I’d been looking for before the seminar. Just last week I found an old computer back-up tape I thought I’d lost so I was able to restore a bunch of examples, templates and content that were previously lost. So, even if you attended the first seminar, or especially if you watch the seminar on DVDs, there is a lot of additional content I have for you in the May 14-15, 2008 seminar.

I’m accepting only the info-marketers for this seminar I deem as having the best opportunity for success. Don’t be disappointed if you cannot attend; more will be turned away than I can accommodate.

So, let me summarize your choices:

Option #1 – Everything you need to create a successful association, templates, sales messages, and samples – Associations for Info-Marketers Home Study DVD, audio MP3 files and Manual of Entire Training Program. Get the home study course in one convenient package delivered to you via Fed Ex 2nd Day shipping for only $3,495.00 or two easy $1,797.50 payments.

Option #2 – In-Person Training and Personal Help, plus the training to get started now. Apply to be one of the 12 individuals at the newly revised and expanded high-results workshop on May 14-15, 2008 in Tallahassee, Florida. Plus, you’ll immediately receive the home study course from the November work-shop to begin your association training immediately. You get the seminar and the DVD’s from the home study course for only $6,997.00 or four easy $1,797.50 payments.

The Essential Information You Need to
Create a Profitable ASSOCIATION Quickly
Add “stick” to a coaching program by generating business for coaching members–I’ll show you how info-marketers make their ASSOCIATIONS into lead generation resources for their members. This keeps coaching members longer.
Give members a way to break through gatekeepers–I’ll show you what info-marketers license to their members as part of their coaching programs. These tools help you keep members in your coaching programs.
Make your coaching members the trusted source–Members get more customers; you win.
I can save you a lot of
false starts and unforeseen mistakes.I’ll give you the tools info-marketers use to generate publicity for their members through their ASSOCIATIONS.
Get your members to refer more–Finally, members want to refer you to others, and I’ll show you an example of member-get-a-member programs.
Quick course on operation details–As quick as is possible to give you the details of setting up procedures so you don’t make a mistake, but we’ll need to move on to other issues ASAP.
Robert’s ASSOCIATION template to get started immediately–I’ll give you the process I developed to get these ASSOCIATIONS started quickly, the entire training manual. It’s like an Owner’s Manual for your ASSOCIATION.
Where to get all of the member benefit programs, including Robert’s rolodex–I had an employee work for 18 months to create this list of benefit programs; it’s yours as part of this workshop.
Easy member benefit guide–Let me give you my template so you can get this done, have it printed and move on to other things.
Creating more additional value than is possible with standard info-marketing programs–Make your members the obvious expert with their customers.
Certification programs–How ASSOCIATIONS create certification processes and how you can do this within your industry. Imagine handing out initials that people place behind their names!
Get attention when you are launching an info-marketing business/ASSOCIATION.
How ASSOCIATIONS help info-marketers present their sales message to prospects instead of getting ignored.
Techniques to get other industry vendors to promote your ASSOCIATION. It’s amazing how vendors and media will give away to ASSOCIATIONS what they would charge info-marketers to do, even if they agreed to do it.
Membership sites–I’ve been hosting membership sites since 2001. I’ll show you what I do to keep members engaged and coming back.
The 5 business structures of ASSOCIATIONS with the benefits of each, so you can decide.
A budget of what to expect when you create your ASSOCIATION–most of it is marketing–the rest is inexpensive.
My website templates so you can create your ASSOCIATION website quickly.
The major mistakes I’ve seen info-marketers make when creating ASSOCIATIONS over the last 10 years and how to avoid this yourself.
Certification ProgramsMaking your ASSOCIATION look like it’s been around for 10 years on the day you launch it; this gives you more credibility.
How to make money–the models of dues income.
The essential tools to give members that help them generate new business, plus three optional tools some info-marketers created that I hadn’t even thought of before.
The coaching model that ASSOCIATIONS use that has never been discussed within the info-marketing community before.
You Walk Away With a Detailed Plan
Created for You by Robert Skrob
While there is a lot of information for me to teach, as a special bonus for seminar attendees I’ll dedicate up to three hours on the last day to a workshop discussion. I’ll personally work through your ASSOCIATION game plan and give you a detailed template you can follow. You won’t leave with just information–you’ll leave with a step-by-step action plan for creating a profitable ASSOCIATION quickly, custom created for you.

Plus, you’ll understand the information I’m teaching better because you’ll get to see it applied to the other attendees’ ASSOCIATIONS. A lot of opportunities are uncovered when you analyze someone else’s business from the outside. Too many times we are so focused on the details of our market that it’s difficult to see the big picture. In this unique workshop environment, the principles for ASSOCIATION success will be reinforced with real-life case studies from the other attendees.

Act Before You Are Shut Out
I’m severely limiting attendance. While you’d expect me to take the maximum number of 12 people, I am seriously considering accepting only four to six attendees. Each person needs to get their personalized business plan, so I’ll only accept the attendees I know I can help within the limited time we’ll have over the two days. The only way to ensure you are considered for this workshop is to get your application to me today.

Best wishes,

Robert Skrob
President and Founder
Information Marketing ASSOCIATION

P.S. I’m surprised I forgot to mention this, but you’ll walk away with a complete reference manual with everything I’ll teach, plus my actual templates. I’ll give you the exact files I give to my web master to create the ASSOCIATION websites. You can do the same search/replace I do to create brand new ASSOCIATIONS from scratch or simply enhance what you are already doing. But only if you register now.
P.P.S. I’m making up the rules for this Quick Profits ASSOCIATION Workshop as I go along. When I receive the attendees that I’m excited to work with, I’ll shut the door and won’t allow anyone else in. Your only guarantee that your application will be considered is to get it to me immediately. Once I receive it, I’ll make responding my top priority–you can expect an answer within 48 hours.
P.P.P.S. When I first came across Dan Kennedy, I decided to guarantee everything I do, and this workshop is no exception. If after the first day you aren’t totally thrilled with everything I’ve taught or you aren’t satisfied for any reason, just ask and I’ll give you a complete refund. Heck, I’ll even reimburse you up to $500.00 for your documented travel expenses. This will be a small-group, high-results program.





Robert Skrob – Associate Marketing

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